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All this talk about the Rapture is very strange to me. I believe that when humans can love each other unconditionally — love their enemies and their neighbors as themselves — then the “Rapture” will happen. It will not be a big Broadway show; it will be a change in consciousness. This is the Second Coming. It will occur in the hearts of men. - Lydia

A man arrives at the gates of heaven. St. Peter asks, "Religion?" The man says, "Buddhist" St. Peter looks down his list, and says, "Go to room 24, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."

Another man arrives at the gates of heaven. "Religion? “Muslim.” Go to room 18, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."A third man arrives at the gates. "Religion?" "Jewish." "Go to room 11, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."

The man says, "I can understand there being different rooms for different religions, but why must I be quiet when I pass room 8?"

St. Peter tells him, "Well only Christians are in room 8, and they think they're the only ones here."

I am writing an article for The Nation about modern-day fundamentalists. I do not believe in an anthropomorphic God or devil, or in heaven as a "place" but I do believe in the law of love, the Christ Truth - which is to love our enemy and our neighbor as ourself. Our enemies can be our worst thoughts about our fellow man, and ourselves. We must realize that our thoughts create our reality. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Late in life when Gandhi was asked if he was a Hindu, he replied, “Yes I am. I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew.”

I hate to break the news to certain Christians who are waiting for the Rapture, but Jews, gays, Muslims, abortion doctors, and even liberals, are just as welcome in heaven as you are. God will welcome all his children, regardless of whether or not they have accepted Jesus as their savior.

A mensch like George Burns is not burning in hell on a technicality just because he’s Jewish, or just because some fundamentalist Christians say so. And can you imagine Billy Crystal, one of the nicest humans on the planet, burning in hell? Or Larry David, creator of the funniest TV series in history — going down in flames with all his Seinfeld episodes? I just thought of a line from Curb Your Enthusiasm when Larry David asks his father-in-law “Do Catholics say grace for snacks?” His father-in-law answers, “It doesn’t apply to snacks.”

I highly doubt any of these gifted funny-men are going to hell just because they weren’t raised as Christians. The Jewish people often have a better understanding of God’s will for us than the modern-day evangelicals. They believe we should make this life count by doing good deeds.

For all of those who use the LaHaye-Jenkins "Left Behind" books as their bible — the only people who are going to be “left behind” are the ones who think others will be left behind! I don’t say that to be cruel, but here’s how it works: since God is Love, and the kingdom of heaven is within you, then it’s obvious, isn’t it, that those who don’t have love in their hearts will not be “entering heaven?”

Since God is love, the people whom these militant “Christians” ostracize and judge so harshly — in other words, the pacifists, the anti-war activists, poor, the meek, the outcasts (meaning gays and liberals) and anyone who loves his enemy — will all be in heaven before the exclusionists will be. To attain heaven means filling our hearts with so much love, love is all we see.

This, by the way, is what the new bestselling book The Secret is all about. But it’s nothing new; it’s ancient metaphysics. It’s how Christ healed. He saw man through God’s eyes: as a perfect reflection of God. He saw no sickness, sin or death. Even Shakespeare knew this secret when he said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Our thoughts create our reality. God is Love and the Kingdom is within us.

There are seventy million Evangelical Christians in America right now, and many believe in the Left Behind revenge fantasy books, which hope to hurry up the end of the world in a blood bath of catastrophic proportions. These books promote the theory that good Christians will be raptured or “caught up” with Christ in heaven, leaving their eyeglasses and everyone else behind — everyone who didn't technically declare Jesus Christ as their savior. I guess that includes the unborn! This theory, believe it or not, might actually be determining America's current foreign policy in the Middle East. The Evangelical market is so big now corporate America doesn't dare ignore it. But I believe this brand of evangelism is not only severley misguided, but dangerous and sophomoric.

There is a panicky website for Dominionist Christians called I read a comment there from a woman who her hair and nails done for the Rapture, because she had no idea when she would be ‘caught up’ to heaven and had to be ready at a moment’s notice for Christ, her bridegroom. Another woman said she had stopped giving to charity, and instead was investing all her money in the Rapture Ready website to warn others of the end of the world.

All this talk about the Rapture is very strange to me. I believe that when humans can love each other unconditionally — love their enemies and their neighbors as themselves — then the “Rapture” will happen. We will then see heaven as we “become one” with God, or love. It will not be a big Broadway show; it will be a change in consciousness. This is the Second Coming. It will occur in the hearts of men.

As the Native Americans reminded us: "No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves."

I have to praise Richard Belzer for his fantastic new book "I AM NOT A COP." Belzer is scheduled to be on our radio show sometime next week. I hosted the World Travel Awards in 2005 with Belzer, Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) in 2005, Greg Proops, Davy Jones (The Monkees!) and Martha & the Vandellas.

Also ran into Larry Charles, the brilliant comic director of Borat, Bill Maher's "Religulous," Seinfeld, Cheers, Curb, etc.. Larry Charles is one of the greatest comic minds of our time, and we hope to have him on our show soon with Bill Maher.

Quick note: Respected writer, friend and Progressive Democrat Linda Milazzo wrote a brilliant piece, " What I Learned at the Sarah Palin Rally Before They Threw Me Out!" I will publish the entire article later this week, but here is an excerpt:

By unleashing Sarah Palin, John McCain has reinvigorated the anti-choice/anti-woman/anti-reproductive rights fanatics, who not long ago were at the forefront of domestic terror. Interesting that Palin insinuates Obama when referring to: "terrorists who would target their own country"when it's those who share her ideology who have committed heinous domestic crimes. Let us not forget the health-care workers who were murdered by anti-choice radicals who share Palin's no exceptions for abortion beliefs. Let us not forget the women and family clinics that were bombed. Let us not forget Eric Rudolph - the anti-abortion terrorist who killed two people and injured 100 others during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. The same Eric Rudolph who bombed abortion clinics that killed even more people. The same Eric Rudolph who sadistically attacked a gay bar. Let us not forget that the Sarah Palin wing of anti-choice fanaticism victimized America for years, committing crime after heinous crime. What John McCain has unleashed on America with his choice of Sarah Palin is an outright invitation to these cults to wreak havoc all over again.On Saturday I got a taste of this anti-choice fanaticism as Palin's zealots shouted "baby killers" at the pro-Obama activists outside.

So, Where's That ACORN 'Voter Fraud'?! It Doesn't Exist, But That Fact Won't Keep the Wingnuts From Claiming Otherwise...
-- Brad Friedman

So far, nobody's been able to offer us a single instance of voter fraud as committed by ACORN, or even by any of the 1.3 million registered by them over the past two years. You sure wouldn't know it if you listened to the crazed rightwingers...

** McCain Was ACORN Keynote Speaker in '06: (Video) Tells crowd they are "what makes America special"

* Brad at UK's Guardian: 'The Republican Voter Fraud Hoax'
* 1.3 Million Reasons for the GOP 'Dixie-Chicking' of ACORN
* IRONY ALERT: FL's 'Vote-Rigging' Feeney Alleges 'Voter Fraud'
*E-Vote Company Added 1000s of Extra Votes in D.C.
* November Surprise: 1000s Illegally Purged From Voter Rolls

So Where's the ACORN 'Voter Fraud'?
It Doesn't Exist, But That Fact Won't Keep the Wingnuts From Claiming Otherwise...
-- Brad Friedman

So where's the "voter fraud"?

Fox "News" and its Rupert Murdoch-owned print brethren, the New York Post, continue to bang the GOP's phony ACORN "voter fraud" drum, but as far as I can tell, they've failed to come up with a single incident of any actual voter fraud committed by the dastardly "left-wing extremists."

Yes, Ann Coulter has committed felony voter fraud, but neither of the Murdoch outfits has yet to note that point, even while they go wall-to-wall with misleading reports claiming that ACORN is committing massive "voter fraud" on behalf of the Democrats.

So, as it's now been revealed that John McCain himself was a keynote speaker at a 2006 ACORN rally (on immigration reform) in Florida, where he declared to the ACORN volunteers in the room that they are "What makes America special," and as I've been going back and forth with commenters on my "Republican Voter Fraud Hoax" piece at the UK's Guardian (which today has shot up to one of their most read items), still, nobody seems to be able to show me an instance of any actual voter fraud committed by ACORN, or even anybody who registered via ACORN, for that matter.

Those who wish to believe in the hoax, however, attempt to link to article after article about allegations of voter fraud carried out by ACORN. And yet, the articles themselves --- if one bothers to actually read them --- reveal that either 1) They describe allegations and investigations brought by Republican agents, with little or no evidence of any wrong doing, and certainly no "voter fraud," 2) Where voter registration fraud has occurred it has been by rogue ACORN employees, originally reported to authorities by ACORN themselves (who are the actual victims of any such fraud by their employees), or 3) Smoke and mirrors are used to cloud the fact that not a single fraudulent vote has actually been cast by anyone.

Let's take a look at just two recent, oft-linked, oft-quoted New York Post articles from today and last week to give you an idea of how the scam works, and how the rightwing suckers fall for it. Every time...

--- Click here for REST OF STORY!...


The What ‘IF's’ on Obama & McCain

What if the Obamas had paraded five children across the stage, following the debate, including a three month-old infant and an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter?

What if John McCain was a former president of the Harvard Law Review?

What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his college graduating class?

What if McCain had only married once, and Obama was divorced?

What if Obama had met his second wife in a bar and had a long affair while he was still married?

What if Michelle Obama was the wife who not only became addicted to pain killers but also acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?

What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard?

What if Obama had been a member of the Keating Five?(The Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s.)

What if Obama couldn't read from a teleprompter?

What if Obama was the one who had military experience that included discipline problems and a record of crashing seven planes?

What if Obama was the one who was known to publicly display a serious anger management problem?

What if Michelle Obama's family had made their money from beer distribution?

You could easily add to this list. If these questions reflected a reality, if the tables were turned, do you really believe the election numbers would be as close as they are? This is what racism does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative characteristics in another when there is a color difference.

And, think of this: the candidates' educational backgrounds:

Barack Obama:

Columbia University - B.A. Political Science with a Specialization innternational Relations.
Harvard - Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude

Joseph Biden:

University of Delaware - B.A. in History and B.A. in Political Science.
Syracuse University College of Law - Juris Doctor (J.D.)

John McCain:

United States Naval Academy - Class rank: 894 of 899

Sarah Palin:

Hawaii Pacific University - 1 semester
North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study
University of Idaho - 2 semesters - journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester
University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in Journalism

Education isn't everything, but this is about the two highest offices in the land as well as our standing in the world.

"At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by, 'I was hungry and you gave me to eat. I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless and you took me in.'" - Mother Teresa

For SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS to the world crises, along with some amazing prayer miracles in the next few weeks, please check out my other blog THE PEACEMAKERS* LIGHT OF TRUTH


  1. Hey Lydia did Belzer cuff you and your crew ?


  2. I promise you if you interview Bill Maher, I'll be listening.

  3. Lydia this is the last time the right wing will be able to USE the right wingers people like Alberto Gonzolas and Monica Goodling put in the DOJ, at Karl Rove's bequest, to try to foist the "voter fraud" scam on the US citizens so they are going all out with the skimpiest of evidence.

    The entire attorney-gate scandal in 2006 was directly connected to this style of using the DOJ to improve their chances by breaking the law;

    Short Memories

    Most reporters were slow to catch on to the significance of the US Attorney Firings story. And though it eventually became a big scandal, it seems most of the reporters have now more or less forgotten the whole thing since we're now seeing a replay of the offenses no more than two years later. And rather than calling the bad actors out, most of them are whooping and hollering and going along for the ride.

    We've already discussed the fact that most of the US Attorney firings stemmed from particular US Attorney's refusal to use the power of their office as an adjunct of the Republican party by mounting trumped up vote fraud investigations. In recent election cycles, Republicans have used the last several weeks before federal elections to whip up a storm of interest in phony charges of 'vote fraud' by groups like ACORN and others. And what one of the players in the scandal, Bradley Schlozman, got in trouble for was using his powers as a US Attorney to pull together a made to order investigation and subsequent indictments to add more credibility to Republican charges. That violates DOJ guidelines which are in place to prevent the party in power from using the DOJ to manipulate elections. And now we appear to be witnessing a replay of Schlozman's scam, though perhaps on a much larger scale.

    Keep your eyes out. The Bush crew at the DOJ may not want to leave without a fight.

    They have a few voter REGISTRATIONS by the people ACORN hired to register voters, but these workers tried to scam ACORN by filling out bogus registrations and get paid for work they never did.

    They have a few registrations BUT NO votes cast fraudulently, and the difference is large.

    They have a few pieces of paper even ACORN noted to state officials they didn't think were good, however they LACK anyone breaking the law voting.

    It isn't about anyone breaking the law here,

    It is about keeping honest people who would most likely vote for a democratic party candidate from voting so the GOPers might have a chance to steal another one.

    Like they did when Kathrine Harris BROKE the law by fraudulently removing tens of thousands of mostly democratic party affiliated voters to give Bush a 276 vote supreme court mandated win in Florida 2000

    When Ken Blackwell broke the law by dis-enrolling over a hundred thousand people and then sent results through computers controlled by an operative who also hosted the RNC websites and including ones Karl rove and the White house used to break US law.

    After their historic losses this year the GOPers will not have any power to steal another one and like the former trolls from here, will slink into the shadows of a generation of minority status.

  4. If you get a chance watch the Barack Obama speech from the Alfred E Smith memorial foundation dinner,

    it is funny.

  5. Belzer cuffed you?

    Nah, too easy.

  6. Here's what gets me about the whole ACORN thing. When has a president EVER been elected from registration rolls? Who cares if Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo are registered to vote in Kansas City? It's not like they're going to show up to vote on Nov 4.

  7. Buffet says 'Buy American'

    NEW YORK (AFP) –

    Warren Buffett, the world's richest man according to Forbes magazine, said Friday in a newspaper commentary that he is buying US stocks even though the American economy is in a "mess".

    Buffett, 78, who has become known as the "Oracle of Omaha" because of his fortune building skills, said he has been buying into US companies even as "fear spreads".

  8. Monday, stocks climbed higher in one day than ever before in US history.

    Seeing this return of investor confidence, congress and some agencies decided that it would be a good idea to release reports written so as to discourage investments.

    For example, on Tuesday, sales reports (that could have been held for a week) were released and written in such a way as to spread fear.

    They "hyped" a relatively TINY decline in sales figures into "worse than expected slumps".

    The facts of course were sales were down by only 1.2 percent in September. About 40 percent higher than supposedly "expected" but nonetheless not a dramatic figure to say the least. But the report of course worded it such as to frighten investors into withdrawing from stocks and giving up some of our one day gains.

    All week the markets been up as investors rally their courage and then down as some idiot releases a report written in such a way as to instill panic, instead of fear.

    Braindead media cohorots in turn write story after story with headline after headline determined to paint a worse picture than actually exists, so as to further frighten wall street.

    The fact is we're not doing to bad, and smart guys, like Warren Buffet, know that.

    But the rest of us, fueled on by media idiots and congressional cronies with their fearmongering, don't seem to get it yet.

    Fear is the only enemy here.

    And its time we start "stopping" the fear.

  9. So lets see.

    I could listen to the fearmongering of guys like Clif, Mike, JR, and others, who between them likely don't comprise a half a million dollars.

    Or, I could listen to Warren Buffet... the richest man in the world.


    hmmmmm.... tough call

  10. "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful."

    Warren Buffet

  11. Fear is the enemy.

    Rumors, negative thinking and over inflated hype are the enemy.

  12. "Most certainly, fear is now widespread, gripping even seasoned investors."

    Warren Buffet

  13. fears regarding the long-term prosperity of the nation's many sound companies make no sense

    Warren Buffet
    October 17th, 2008

  14. Interesting, the Obama campaign is asking the special prosecutor investigating the politicization of DOJ if the Bush Administration on behalf of the losing McCain campaign is using the DOJ and FBI to help suppress democratic voters by making up a large national conspiracy where NONE exists which is probably why voltron a week or so ago seemed so excited about it.

    Too bad like the other dishonest unAmerican voter suppression tactics of the GOP the last decade or so this one is failing as badly as McCain and Palin are.

    Um Gopers;

    It is going to be President Barack Obama get used to it ...... and get over it.

  15. That crap McCain is doing right now claiming voter fraud for Acorn and such is just a way for them to try and soften the charges of voter fraud for the fraud they're planning on perpetuating, like voter suppression, which is their mainstay.

    It is a sad thing that a man like John McCain, a man I "once" respected, could come to his twighlight years and abandon all his morality and decency and build an entire campaign on lies.

  16. Here, heres an interesting piece of information for you.

    You want to know when McCain's lying? Watch his eyes. He does something with them when he's lying.

    Everyone has a 'tell' which gives them away when they are lying. All you have to do with any person to know whether they are lying is first, learn their tell.

    Learn the tell, then you learn how to tell.

    And here is McCains "tell".

    When McCain is telling the truth, his eyes get narrow and soft looking, and a warm natural smile usually accompanies that.

    But when he's lying, his eyes get WIDE. Really wide and he gets this "no not me" kid caught in the cookie jar look.

    Thats his tell.

    The wider his eyes, the bigger the lie.

  17. I'm Bartlebee and I approved this message.

  18. Did anyone see that horrible Congresswoman from Michigan on Chris Matthews!!! She is exactly what's wrong with America.

  19. Klink must think if BHO is elected his welfare payments will increase.

  20. Just what do you people think BHO will do to make your lives better?

    Free health care? Lower taxes? Bring the troops home?Raise corperate taxes?Redistribute the wealth?Who's wealth?

    Now just where is all that money coming from?

    How stupid can you be?

  21. Well we've tried to be as stupid as you cRusty, but our brains got in the way.

  22. Lydia Cornell said...

    Did anyone see that horrible Congresswoman from Michigan on Chris Matthews!!! She is exactly what's wrong with America.

    I saw her Lydia, and she's as close to a modern day Nazi in office, as you'll ever see.

    And whats worse is she says it with a smile. She's Joseph McCarthy, reincarnated and she should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

  23. She actually called "liberals" unAmerican.

    She actually claims half the country is "unAmerican" because we don't agree with her braindeadyness.

  24. A petition to Censure Congresswoman (Unterfuhrer) Bachmann for these Facist remarks, and you can sign it here.

    Censure Berlin Betty here

  25. "She actually called "liberals" unAmerican."

    No, she said "many liberals hold anti-American views".

    And they do.

    She also said that "journalists should do an expose' on members of congress views"

    And they should.

    That won't happen though because many journalists hold anti-American views.

    And regarding McCarthy, just remember he was right...

  26. "...she should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail."

    You for instance, don't seem to believe in freedom of expression.

    That would make you anti-American.

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  30. Not that you have any teeth in that pugmug of yours anyway.

    They say we get the faces we deserve, and your mugshot proves it.

    You look like a frazzle headed inbred panfaced, pugnosed hayseed with an overbite.

    Its too bad no one warned your mom that making a baby with her brother would breed in the flaws.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. So now McCain has crashed 7 planes? Come on, Lydia, you just can't make this stuff up. And the "what if" stuff goes both ways; what if John McCain had uttered, "typical black people"? Look, McCain has run a crappy campaign and probably does deserves to lose but Obama isn't perfect, either (in case you hadn't noticed). A semblance of fairness, is that too much to ask? Sorry, I don't usually comment but the 7 planes.....

  33. "Oh and nothing personal Volt."

    No offense taken Bart.

    I actually like provoking your responses. They highlight for any viewer the typical liberal mindset.

    After reading that, I'm sure they're running out to vote for you guys.

    You're a credit to liberals everywhere.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Hey you got a picture of your mom Volt? If so put it up.

    I'd like to see where you got your looks from.

  36. Did it bother you going through life looking like the northbound side of a southbound mule?

    I mean seriously, no offense mind you but I've seen some ugly motherf$#kers before, but holy crap.

    Your face looks like a manhole cover with a pushmop pasted on.

    Were your folks as ugly as you too, or was it the inbreeding?

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Bart,

    I'm not going to stoop to your level of discourse so you might as well stop trying.

  39. You already did asswipe, when the anus in your face opened and crapped out "McCarthy was right".

    I'm just meeting your "level of discourse" with an equal level of discourse.

    No difference between what I'm saying, and what you said.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I will admit you seem to do SOME good around here.

    You certainly got rid of MCH and Sara.

  42. Did the rash ever clear up?

    I'm just asking because John McCains looking for somone to "console" him next month.

    Thought they might be a perfect fit... what with them both being inbred and all.

  43. "Your moms a whore"

    "McCarthy was right."

    Same sentence.

    Just different words.

  44. He who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

  45. The McCain/Palin rallies have become spectacles of white racism, ignorance and hatred. They're practically Klan rallies without the robes.

    I can only respond with my own tasteless little joke.

    What's the difference between the Nuremburg rallies and Sarah Palin rallies?.....Lipstick.

  46. Yesterday, Barack Obama drew a crowd of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND in St Louis.


    Lets see Boris and Natasha top that.

  47. "Lets see Boris and Natasha top that."


    That would make Obama and Bidet "Moose and Squirrel"?

  48. Sure.

    They were the smarter ones after all.

  49. Bullwinkle you might recall attended the prestigious College of "Whats-a-motta U".

  50. And Governor Palin was overheard saying recently at a campaign rally;

    "queeek....bordis......itz da mooose!"

  51. Gee Bart, were you afraid someone would see those comments?

    LOL, Delete away!

  52. :|




  53. Oh where to begin?

    First off, need to clear up a misconception. Bart did "get rid" of me ... I changed my mind and decided my affection for Lydia overrode my differences with Bart. And come on, Voltron, I thought we had a certain amount of disagreement-yet-respect going on here.

    As for this morning's 100,000 crowd at the St Louis rally, I was among them. My wife, kids, and I were about 8 people back from the stage and it was positively incredible! Here is a little snippet from a news piece about it:
    "Obama was introduced by Missouri Attorney General -- and gubernatorial candidate -- Jay Nixon, who predicted more problems at polling places in Democratic areas on Election Day than Republican ones, and by Sen. Claire McCaskill. McCaskill responded to a comment McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin made recently the seemed to question the patriotism of Americans in certain places.

    “It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small town in “Missouri or whether you’re right here in St. Louis -- show America right now how we all are proud Americans!,” she said, prompting chants of U-S-A. “We have reached a new low in American politics when someone dares to say that one part of America is more pro America than another part of America!”

    I was the one who started the USA chant :) I told the guy next to me I was sick and tired of Republicans being the only ones to chant that.

    Conservatives need to realize that liberals love this country too. We have fought the wars, paid the taxes, helped to make this country what it is. If it wasnt for liberals, we would all be bowing to the Queen of England and drinking tea served to us by our black slaves.

    Liberalism is what made this country great, what has kept this country going, and has kept this country strong ... and all despite the contributions of the pretend-patriots: The Republican Party.

    Get used to us, Voltron, Rusty, FreedomFan,and WIll Hart ... we're going to run the show from now on and save your pitiful sorry undeserving asses from the mess your heroes have gotten us into.

  54. "And come on, Voltron, I thought we had a certain amount of disagreement-yet-respect going on here."

    Come on Voltron?

    You must have Bart on "ignore"...

  55. "Liberalism is what made this country great, what has kept this country going,..."

    That was called "CLASSIC" liberalism.

    Which USED to be conservatism until the term was misappropriated by your side.

  56. That was in response to your Brt-doing-some-good-by-getting-rid-of-me-and-Sarah line, as well as the post in your own blog that Im a pretty good guy

  57. "Get used to us, Voltron, Rusty, FreedomFan,and WIll Hart ... we're going to run the show from now on and save your pitiful sorry undeserving asses from the mess your heroes have gotten us into."

    If only...

    I'm really going to be sorry to see your disappointment IF your messiah does win.
    (not Bart's or Cliffy's though, they've earned theirs)

  58. " well as the post in your own blog that Im a pretty good guy"

    LOL, sorry if I ruined your reputation.

  59. Oh, and the Bart getting rid of MCH and Sara line was a jab at Bart.

    In case you hadn't noticed, he tried to drag me into the gutter with him earlier.

    I trying to imply he ran off reasonable posters.
    (although I can't imagine what was going through my mind to include Sara in that)

  60. Voltron said...

    In case you hadn't noticed, he tried to drag me into the gutter with him earlier.

    You were already there.

    I just helped you realize that.

  61. When you walk into a liberal blog, and say a man who made his 15 minutes of fame by persecuting and even imprisoning liberals and democrats and anyone who wouldn't turn on their neighbors in his hate filled nazi style witch hunt, ...was "right", then you are not even at gutter level.

    You're in the sewers.

    Where rats like you belong.

  62. I just made a contribution to Elwyn Tinklenberg's campaign, and i urge you guys to as well............he's the one running against Michelle "Joe McCarthy" Bachman..............contribte whatever you can.

  63. You might as well have said Adolf Hitler was right.

  64. Like you do at your rally's.

  65. he's ALLREADY raised $400,000 because of that IDIOT bachman!

  66. Thats a good idea Mike.

  67. In light of the release of the Venona intercepts in 1999, I fixed this for you:

    " persecuting and even imprisoning liberals and democrats who were communist spies..."

  68. Hey be proud of your history! Even back during the civil war your "Copperhead" brethren were demanding surrender to the south...

    LOL, I just noticed MCH that this applies to you as well...

    "If it wasnt for liberals, we would all be bowing to the Queen of England and drinking tea served to us by our black slaves"

    Actually if liberal Democrats had had their way during the civil war we WOULD be sipping tea served to us by our black slaves.
    (Thank god Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN eh?)

  69. Voltron, you misread or misinterpreted what I said.

    You are correct that there was a change -- Republicans used to be more liberal and Democrats used to be more conservative. That's why I was using the "Liberal" term, not Democrat.

  70. Lincoln was a Republican but he was also a liberal. For that matter, Jesus was a liberal.

  71. (Thank god Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN eh?)

    He like most of the more moderate republicans wouldn't be today (you reich wing clowns would have thrown him under the bus and called him a RINO). Like Susan Eisenhower and Colin Powell, he would have been standing behind and endorcing Barack Obama NOT the KKK-reich wing hater backed Mccain. (If he hadn't already left the reich wing kool aid drinking neo-con GOPers).

    What's the difference between a Klan Rally and Palin rally?

    the sheets

    Just the sheets

    Hope you got a good support group for after November 5th son.


  72. Like this former republican;

    Yesterday, Falls Church City Councilman David Snyder, a former mayor who's been on the City Council since 1994 and is the most prominent Republican elected official in the City, announced in a letter submitted to the News-Press (printed elsewhere in this edition) that he's disassociated with the Virginia GOP. Snyder accented his letter with angry comments made to the News-Press in a phone interview yesterday. He said that well-publicized comments by GOP Presidential candidate John McCain's brother, Joe McCain, in Alexandria last weekend was the "final straw." Joe McCain, speaking at a rally in support of his brother's campaign, said that Northern Virginia is a "communist country." "Such a label is deeply offensive for all of us," Snyder said in his letter. "This is yet another reminder of the neo-McCarthyism now so much a part of the political debate." He concluded, "The Virginia Republican Party, under whose tent these comments were made, is not a party with which I wish to be associated for this and many other reasons, unless and until it returns to the principles of its once revered former leaders, such Abraham Lincoln and Dwight David Eisenhower."

    Abraham Lincoln would never have agreed with Joesph McCarthy or the ignorant boobs like you or the ever ignorant coulterguist, who try to make a hero out of that drunk and traitor to the US Constitution who was censured by a republican lead senate ......

  73. MCH,

    From Wikipedia:

    "Classical liberalism (also known as traditional liberalism[1], laissez-faire liberalism[2], market liberalism[3] or, in much of the world, simply liberalism) is a doctrine stressing individual freedom and limited government. This includes the importance of human rationality, individual property rights, natural rights, the protection of civil liberties, constitutional limitation of government, free markets, and individual freedom from restraint as exemplified in the writings of John Locke, Adam Smith, David Hume, David Ricardo, Voltaire, Montesquieu and others. As such, it is the fusion of economic liberalism with political liberalism"

    This was the type of "liberal" which worked for all the rights people have today and your side takes credit for...

    (I know that was redundant, your side takes credit for much that they had no hand in)

  74. More from Wiki:

    "The qualification classical was applied in retrospect to distinguish early nineteenth-century liberalism from changes in liberal thought during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, especially the "new liberalism" associated with Thomas Hill Green, Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse,[6] and Franklin D. Roosevelt,[7] which grants the state a more interventionist role in the economy, including a welfare state. Classical liberalism is not to be confused with the ideology that is commonly called "liberalism" today in the United States, as "classical liberalism" is closer to being a current of contemporary "conservatism" in the U.S."

  75. Clif,

    yeah, and Bart often states he lives in "inbreedia"...

    -go figure.

  76. sucks ass don't it duncetron, you assclowns are LOSING big time.

  77. But unlike you LOSERS I have doors to knock on and people to ask if they need help getting to the polls, to make sure Mitch "the traitor to Kentucky" McConnell is defeated here.

    later bozo.

  78. "But unlike you LOSERS I have doors to knock on and people to ask if they need help getting to the polls..."

    Hey while you're at it maybe you can register Mickey Mouse and the starting lineup for the Dallas Cowboys too...

    Oh just for the record Cliffy, at this same point pre-election Kerry and Gore were ahead in the polls too.

    Remember the exit polls showed Kerry winning in a "landslide"?

    But keep on believing whatever gets you by eh?

  79. Did you see that Obama raised 150 million in September,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is that alot?

  80. Yeah Mikey, that's a lot.

    Of course if it were McCain who raised that much you'd be crying about "rich Republicans" trying to buy the vote...

    Maybe you could help Clif get a wealthy Democrat businessman elected in Kentucy?

  81. Oh and never mind Obama flip flopped on his promise to only take public funding.

    Or that his contributors like "Will Good" and "JKJG" have given well over the allowed amount.

  82. Voltron supports McCarthyism.

    What more does anyone need to know about him to know he's rotten to the core?

    He's a liar. He serves liars (services them is more like it) and he worships evil.

    What else is there to say to him, or about him?

  83. When he awakes from this dream and sees the master he truly serves, he will have his reward.

  84. Notice his campaign doesn't base itself on anything positive about John McCain or the rube that is Sarah Palin.

    His campaign relies on hate, fear and lies.

    Which is fitting since he serves the father of lies.

  85. Oh just for the record Cliffy, at this same point pre-election Kerry and Gore were ahead in the polls too.

    Oh right duncetron, here is the how the map stands from Real clear politics right now;

    Obama/Biden 286, McCain/palin 155, toss ups 97.

    Here is RCP map today;

    no toss ups,

    Obama/Biden 364, McCain/palin 174


    In 2004, it stood;

    Kerry/Edwards 228, Bush/Cheney 183, toss ups 127

    Here is a map which shows the race on October 19th 2004, (and yes I know it uses the 2008 candidates names but the status of the race between the parties is correct for this date 4 years ago)

    no toss ups

    Kerry Edwards 284, Bush/Cheney 247

    map (yes the names are wrong here but the status of the parties is right)

    Not even close.

    Obama/Biden are up by 60 more electoral votes and even hold a winning lead even with toss ups and McCain/palin are down by 30 electoral votes.

    When you go to the no toss ups maps, the elections aren't even comparable at this time son.

    Cause Bush/Cheney won 75% of the toss ups states, and only flipped two toss ups where Kerry held a 1 point lead each, Florida and Nevada, but if McCain does that this time he still LOSES.

    To win McCain has to win every toss up state AND flip a couple Obama is far ahead in right now, ain't gonna happen duncetron, ain't gonna happen.

    The vaulted GOTV effort of 2004 ain't there fur McCain but Obama has an awesome ground game this time, (thank you Hillary for making Obama to go all the way in the primaries),

    Even Roves math don't thunk McCain can win this one.

    But keep drinkin' the kool-aid son it worked soooo well in 2006 fur ya.

  86. Yes Bart, OBVIOUSLY anyone who disagrees with YOU is certainly in league with the devil...

  87. No asswipe.

    Anyone who calls the foul, anti-American evil that was Tailgunner Joe, "right", is evil and a liar.

  88. And you are evil, and a liar.

  89. BTW duncetron Frank rich about sums it up best;

    The election isn’t over, but there remain only three discernible, if highly unlikely, paths to a McCain victory.

    A theoretically mammoth wave of racism, incessantly anticipated by the press, could materialize in voting booths on Nov. 4.

    what you secretly hope fur son]

    Or newly registered young and black voters could fail to show up.

    what the latest reich wing voter suppression efforts are trying in vain to produce]

    Or McCain could at long last make good on his most persistent promise: follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell and, once there, strangle him with his own bare hands on “Hannity & Colmes.”

    What the faux noise insane clown posse would jerk off too because sarah palin would be cheer leading, which is all that TWIT was ever good fur anyway.

    ginnin' up the reich wing jerk offs.

  90. Obama has already won.

    He drew 100,000 people this weekend in St Louis to his rally.


    Meanwhile, McCain was exchanging yuk yuks with 13 grumpy geriatrics at a supermarket.

    Obama's won. And the sad, tired, angry, liar that is John McCain, can now slip into his twilight having sold his last modicum of decency, for a position he'll never have.

  91. BARTLEBEE said...
    She actually called "liberals" unAmerican.

    She actually claims half the country is "unAmerican" because we don't agree with her braindeadyness."

    That anti American type nazi demagoggery baby talk is the lowest of the low America's sick of it and i'm sick of it it turns my stomach..............I have NO tolerance anyone usining that slimy nazi demagoggery is an enemy...............I contributed to the guy running against that imbecile Bachman and I will continue to support people running against little cowardly nazi's like here that loathe free speech SO MUCH that she uses demagogery to try and stifle free speech.

  92. And I would say anyone who would through either political bias or intellectual laziness smear someone is either evil or a liar.

    And in YOUR case we don't have to rely ONLY on McCarthy.

    You've done it to people of lesser status which makes YOU even MORE evil.

  93. Obama has already won.

    Don't tell the reich wing,

    Cause if God didn't give them the rapture they thought Bush could deliver,

    They are at least hopin' and prayin' McCain gets a miracle ....

  94. The entire country is literally "coming alive" over Obama.

    He instills "HOPE" whereever he goes.

    Meanwhile McCain only spreads hatred and fear at his "rallys".

    HATE and FEAR are all you hear at McCain rallys.

    HATE and FEAR.

    McCain is an ugly little man with an ugly little heart. Palin is a perfect match for him, because she likewise is an ugly little woman with an ugly little heart.

    They spread hate, fear, rage, and all of the emotions on which evil thrives.

    Obama spreads hope, faith, encouragement, and positive belief, all emotions on which GOOD thrives.

  95. HATE and FEAR are all you hear at McCain rallys.

    HATE and FEAR.

    What's the difference between a Klan Rally and palin rally?

    the sheets

    Just the sheets

  96. Now I understand what McCain meant about inviting Obama to "TownHall Rallies".

    He meant "BEERHALL RALLIES".

    Just like his role model, the little corporal from Austria, who like McCain, was mediocre at everything he ever did.

  97. Clif, don't profess to tell me what I "secretly hope for". You don't have a clue and couldn't buy one.

    As for the youth vote, historically it's never been there. Suppression isn't required. (you'll note that even the Obama girl didn't vote in the primary)

    As for the black vote, 97% claim they will vote Obama. So whose a racist?

  98. Adolf Hitler was a war hero. He fought bravely in WWI, in the harshest of conditions, known as "Trench Warfare".

    So we see, that having experienced combat, is not in and of itself, a token benchmark of character.

    But its the ONLY one that McCain turns to.

  99. Fareed Zakaria, just endorsed Barack Obama on his program.

    He trashed both McCain's claims of cutting taxes while balancing the budget, which Reagan lied about also, and really destroyed McCain insane foreign policy claims of taking on Iraq, Iran, Russia and China to promote the same spreading democracy lie Bush used.

  100. Voltron said...

    Clif, don't profess to tell me what I "secretly hope for". You don't have a clue and couldn't buy one.

    You hope for evil. You spread hate, fear, lies and corruption.

    You are as foul and corrupt as the evil you service.

  101. "Obama spreads hope, faith, encouragement, and positive belief, all emotions on which GOOD thrives."

    Does that include FALSE hope Barty?

    Your messiah is a false prophet.

  102. Getting testy duncetron?

    Because when you check the FACTS about how large a lead Obama has in many places, combined with the massive war chest Obama built from millions of online donors, not fat cat lobbyists like McCain has turned his campaign over to, you realize your as far off in 2008 as you were in 2006.

    sucks eh duncetron,

    Where oh where is Tallltexan to bet on this one?

  103. Remember the FISA vote?

  104. Your messiah is a false prophet.

    Not a messiah, you clowns are the fooles who fell fur that one in 2000 with thunkin' Boosh would save the country instead of trashin' it worse then even Hoover ever did.

  105. Voltron said...

    Does that include FALSE hope Barty?

    Your messiah is a false prophet.

    He's not our messiah asswipe.

    And he's not a prophet.

    He's just a GOOD man.

    Something you, and John McCain, are not.

  106. Voltron said...
    "She actually called "liberals" unAmerican."

    No, she said "many liberals hold anti-American views".

    And they do.

    She also said that "journalists should do an expose' on members of congress views"

    And they should.

    That won't happen though because many journalists hold anti-American views.

    And regarding McCarthy, just remember he was right..."

    First of all Joe Mcarthy was a fascist demagogue piece of human shit and only a fascist imbecile could "like" McCarthy" or think he was "right"

    Second of all and this goes for Bart and Sara as well as Voltron Tt and FF the MSM and the blogs SHOULD BE instruments of truth and free speech not instruments of propaganda....these riddiculous assertions by you people that the blogs or MSM should ONLY say what the masters of the universe BELIEVE they should say and free speech and the truth should be shackled and held hostage for peoples protection is just that riddiculous.

    This lame view that blogs are to be used as a means of propaganda to deceive or influence a particular demagraphic is loathesome and laughable just as is the idea that what is said on blog by an anonymous idiot impacts the reputations of political candidates the blog owner or the stock market..................blogs should be for truth and open discussion where the best arguments and ideas win out BECAUSE of free speech and open discussion..............this trying to stifle or limit free speech and the truth is crap.

  107. Looks like duncetron is even worse this time defending the goosesteppers, and the insane clowns they back fur office.

  108. Your too inbred stupid to see how bad your going to lose by duncetron take your inbred nazi talk and go slither off because I have NO TOLERANCE whatsoever for that inbred fascist demagogerry BS.

    You idiots keep babbling your baby talk that your masters spoonfeed you that Obama's the Messiah, he's Jor el from krypton , you cant trust him etc........

  109. The repug party is doomed..........liker i said in 2006 it will likely fracture into two or three seperate partyies and eventually become extinct like the whig party.

  110. The republican party was doomed when they were stoopid enuf to choose boosh in 2000.

  111. Voltron said...
    "I love how Lydia constantly focuses on Obama's Ivy-League background and how intelligent he is."

    Yeah, kinda like how the 9/11 terrorists were all college educated and from well to do families.

    She also calls him "The Real Deal™".

    I can almost guarantee you if we EVER get a "Real Deal" he or she isn't going to come out of Chicago politics.

    Of course if by "The Real Deal™" she means "The Real Socialist", she MAY have a point."

    look at how this piece of fascist human pond scum compares Obama to the terrorists when its the repugs that seem to want to USE the terrorists to scvare the American people into voting or them...........the terrorists attacks happened on GWB's watch just like the current socialism duncetron screeches about is happenined under GWB.

    So duncetron Bush has been a failure since he has done the very things YOU decry and loathe the terroprists attacked on Bush's watch and the economy and economic system faltered on Bush's watch and your hero BUSH was the one that turned his back on free market capitalism and embraced socialism.

  112. Mike, duncetron has always been about putting lipstick on the reich wing turd, and smearing shit all over anything that isn't reichwing.

  113. That is all his blog has ever been about.

    Which is why his fellow traveler there is the big fraud GAYDALF, of false generalizations and reich wing spin.

    That is all they really got left.

  114. Mike. I've never been about silencing free speech. I merely wanted people to focus on the positive, instead of the negatives.

    In a crisis, its always best to focus on what works, instead of whats not working.

  115. DNC Raises Nearly $50 Million In September.

    The DNC announced this morning that they raised $49.9 million in September, and had $27.4 million cash on hand at the end of the month. Together with the Obama campaign's haul of more than $150 million, the combined Democratic fundraising total for September was an astonishing $200 million, far ahead of the RNC's $66 million and the McCain campaign's $85 million in one-time federal grant money.

    You know what is really amazing the GOPers couldn't even beat the DNC let alone Obama.

    Out registered, out financed, out mobilized, and out classed, the reichwing has nada left but smears personal attacks and out right lies left.

    But duncetron thunks they can win with that again,

    Bhahwhahwhwhahwhaswhahwaaa he is funny in a sick sorta way.

  116. Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president


    Colin Powell, a Republican who was President Bush's first secretary of state, endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president Sunday and criticized the tone of Republican John McCain's campaign.

    The former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said either candidate, both of them senators, is qualified to be commander in chief. But he said Obama is better suited to handle the nation's economic problems as well as help improve its standing in the world.

    "It isn't easy for me to disappoint Sen. McCain in the way that I have this morning, and I regret that," Powell, interviewed on NBC's "Meet the Press," said of his longtime friend, the Arizona senator.

    But, he added: "I think we need a transformational figure. I think we need a president who is a generational change and that's why I'm supporting Barack Obama

  117. Hurry Voltron. Better get Bob Dole to call him a piece of shit.

  118. Powell expressed disappointment in the negative tone of McCain's campaign, his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a running mate and McCain's and Palin's decision to focus in the closing weeks of the contest on Obama's ties to 1960s-era radical William Ayers

  119. "I don't believe she's [Sarah Palin] ready to be president of the United States,"

    Colin Powell
    Oct 19, 2008

  120. "In the case of Mr. McCain I found that he was a little unsure as to how to deal with the economic problems that we were having..

    Almost everyday there was a different approach to the problem and that concerned me, sensing that he doesn't have a complete grasp of the economic problems that we had."

    Colin Powell
    Oct, 19 2008

  121. Well i'm certainly hopeful and positive when thinking about an Obama presidency..............think of all the smart people he surrounds himself with, can you picture Warren Buffet as Treasury Secretary, Paul Volker as head of the Fed, Jonathan Turley as head of the DOJ, Colin Powell head of the DOD,........etc

    Then think of all the Green jobs created in alternative energy this REALLY gets me excited.

    1) because it is NEEDED to lead us out of this downturn and create good paying middle class jobs

    2) cause I really believe Obama is committed to it.

  122. I saw Powell this morning and he was great!

  123. The repugs are too dumb to deal with Obama they dont even see Obama's moves coming.

  124. You should see some of the crap the braindeads like Voltron are spewing on right wing sites like "NEWSBUSTERS".

    They're claiming Obama and Ayers were close friends and Obama is either a terrorist or has radical ties to terrorism.

    They're also calling him the Anti-Christ.

    Check this comment out.

    I'm not a prophecy nut but it is very interesting to watch this man who closely resemebles the Bibles' description of the anti-Christ come into our world with the charm, heritage and suprising influence predicted. And 2012 is interestingly just 4 yrs away. Very sad indeed.

    The right wing is lost in a sea of lies, deceit, hate and idiocy.

  125. Whats funny is these rubes don't even know WHAT the bible "predicted" or didn't predict about the so called "Anti-Christ".

    They're just uneducated rubes like Voltron, talking about things they know nothing about and spreading fear and hatered born out of their own ignorance.

  126. Or this comment.

    Obviously Obama is a terrorist...

    THIS is what the right wing is about.

    Fear, hate and lies.

  127. Or this comment, by a blogger calling himself "iveseenitall".

    Barry Obama is a dangerous man. He wants to "change " America, but he's only a puppet for more sinister forces. As a young man in the 60's and 70's I witnessed his type first hand. We are in deep soup, folks. The 60's radicals have brainwashed the likes of Barry and Michelle for years. Be warned, although it appears to be too late. Sad.

    NEVER,NEVER trust a "liberal"

    You can't make stuff like this up.

  128. Here is the break down of Powell's endorcement;

    Mccain didn't get it because;

    1. McCain does not understand the economy

    2. Palin not ready to be POTUS

    3. Lying about the depth of the Ayers link

    4. Party drifted too far to right ... somewhat anti-American and exclusionary

    5. Does not want any more conservative Supreme Court justices

    Obama did because;

    1. Obama is intellectually curious and rigorous

    2. Inspires and is inclusive ... right person to bring the country together

    3. Substantiative

    Sounds like a senior officer break down of the situation,

    With a good recommendation for a plan of action;


  129. What John McCain and Sarah Palin are doing now is ensuring a divided nation in light of their impending defeat.

    Apparently they've decided on a "Scorched Earth" policy.

    If they can't have the presidency, then they're going to make sure that enough people out there fear and hate Obama so there will be non stop assasination attempts on him from their wingnut fans who they are encouraging with their speeches.

    I used to think John McCain was a good man.

    Now I know better.

  130. Bart here is the most insane comment by a reich wing troll ever;

    John McCain is a modern day King Arthur. Instead of pulling a sword out of stone, he has performed the modern day equivalent of surviving relatively unscathed five plane crashes including being shot down over Hanoi. Thousands of pilots have died in plane crashes and it takes real skill to crash land a plane and survive. If you look at the now defunct ValueJet 592 crash in the Florida swamp that killed everyone on board, it did not take a lot of skill to fly the plane nose down straight into the Florida swamp. The 911 United Flight crash in Pennsylvania is also proof of an unskilled crash landing where everyone was killed going nose down first. So John McCain’s having survived those crashes is a testament to his flying skills.

    Surviving crashing a plane is a testament to flying skills?

    Comparing crashing planes WITH ejection seats where you have a personal parachute and rocket motor in your seat to get outa the soon to crash plane quickly to planes with NO ejection seat or parachutes for the pilot shows he is ready to be president.

    So according to him the best presidents are those who have the most time riding an ejection seat all the way down after watching millions of tax payers dollars crashing because of their inability to actually fly the damn thing in the first place?

    Simply amazing.

    Of course this is from faux noise webblog on the Powell endorses Obama story.

  131. Bart said "Apparently they've decided on a "Scorched Earth" policy.

    If they can't have the presidency, then they're going to make sure that enough people out there fear and hate Obama so there will be non stop assasination attempts on him from their wingnut fans who they are encouraging with their speeches.

    I used to think John McCain was a good man.

    Now I know better."

    Told you Bart............McSame might have been a good man and an honorable man at one time.............but he's clearl sold his soul and drank the Neo Con koolaide of hatred and nazi demagoggery and he is a a vile slimy piece of human shit in my mind when i hear people blindly parrot Mcsame is a good man or honrble man like its an unassailanle fact i sneer at their stupidity and blindness.

  132. Thats funny stuff Clif.

    McCain was perhaps one of the worst pilots of all time.

    He was at the BOTTOM of a class of 500!

  133. Thank god the Reich Wing isnt going to win this one the LAST thing we need is a dumb as dirt power mad little brute like Commodus running the show...............GWB way to stimulate the economy is starting wars he has SAID looks like McSame believes the same bankrupt ideologies as GWB a McSame win would likely be bombing Iran to start WW3 to stimulate the economy.

    Isnt it sad these inbred hacks believe wars are GOOD for the economy..............the little brutes must think natural disasters like hurricaines and floods are good for the economy also.............after all Palin and her religious pastor weirdo b elieve in witch doctors or is that just a Reich Wing tactic theyuse to STEAL elections.

  134. You have GOT to hear our interview with's MAX BLUMENTHAL this morning. Listen in the archives. He wrote a piece about Sarah Palin's right-wing radical pals and a riveting expose on her connections with the Alaska Independence Party (whose founder wanted to use nuclear weapons to obliterate the glaciers blocking roadways to Juneau..)

    They bury weapons in their front yards, and are members of many neo-racist groups in 48 states.

    Yes, this is Sarah Palin's group. She speaks at their rallies and conventions and allows their leaders privileged access to her Governor's office.


    Voter fraud arrest made;

    Arrest Made in Widening GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal

    The owner of a signature-gathering firm that works across California was arrested in Ontario today on suspicion of committing voter registration fraud, Secretary of State Debra Bowen announced.

    Mark Anthony Jacoby, who owns the firm known as Young Political Majors (YPM), was arrested after allegedly registering himself to vote, once in 2006 and again in 2007, at an address where did not live. An investigation by the Secretary of State's Election Fraud Investigation Unit revealed that Jacoby twice registered to vote at the address of a childhood home in Los Angeles although he no longer lived there....

    "Voter registration fraud is a serious issue, which is why I vigorously investigate all allegations of elections fraud," said Secretary Bowen, California's chief elections officer. "Where there's a case to be made, I will forward it to law enforcement for criminal prosecution."

    But much to duncetron and the rest of the reich wings dismay he never worked for ACORN.

    Wanna bet the Bush lead DOJ don't investigate this voter fraud any more then they investigated anny tranny's voter fraud crimes.

  136. Please read the article I just posted on Fundamentalism at the top of blog. I will take it down soon, but had to put it up because I have readers today who are questioning this issue.

    Clif - I know this is amazing about the GOP ELECTION FRAUD - in California and all over.

    They have been in trouble before for this. Several GOP operatives were imprisoned in Vermont in other elections.

  137. Well, I wonder how Rush will spin this one;

    First Colin Powell, Now…

    by George Packer,

    Ken Adelman is a lifelong conservative Republican. Campaigned for Goldwater, was hired by Rumsfeld at the Office of Economic Opportunity under Nixon, was assistant to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld under Ford, served as Reagan’s director of arms control, and joined the Defense Policy Board for Rumsfeld’s second go-round at the Pentagon, in 2001. Adelman’s friendship with Rumsfeld, Cheney, and their wives goes back to the sixties, and he introduced Cheney to Paul Wolfowitz at a Washington brunch the day Reagan was sworn in.

    In recent years, Adelman and his friends Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz fell out over his criticisms of the botching of the Iraq War. Still, he remains a bona-fide hawk (“not really a neo-con but a con-con”) who has never supported a Democrat for President in his life. Two weeks from now that’s going to change: Ken Adelman intends to vote for Barack Obama. He can hardly believe it himself.

    Adelman and I exchanged e-mails today about his decision. He asked rhetorically,

    Why so, since my views align a lot more with McCain’s than with Obama’s? And since I truly dread the notion of a Democratic president, Democratic House, and hugely Democratic Senate?

    Primarily for two reasons, those of temperament and of judgment.

    When the economic crisis broke, I found John McCain bouncing all over the place. In those first few crisis days, he was impetuous, inconsistent, and imprudent; ending up just plain weird. Having worked with Ronald Reagan for seven years, and been with him in his critical three summits with Gorbachev, I’ve concluded that that’s no way a president can act under pressure.

    Second is judgment. The most important decision John McCain made in his long campaign was deciding on a running mate.

    That decision showed appalling lack of judgment. Not only is Sarah Palin not close to being acceptable in high office—I would not have hired her for even a mid-level post in the arms-control agency. But that selection contradicted McCain’s main two, and best two, themes for his campaign—Country First, and experience counts. Neither can he credibly claim, post-Palin pick.

    I sure hope Obama is more open, centrist, sensible—dare I say, Clintonesque—than his liberal record indicates, than his cooperation with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid portends. If not, I will be even more startled by my vote than I am now.

    I asked Adelman whether Iraq had turned him against his party and thus McCain. No, he said, McCain’s criticisms of Rumsfeld and the handling of the war had made him admire McCain more, not less. But Adelman added:

    The Republican handling of the war made me value “experience” far less. If Cheney, Rumsfeld & Powell are the epitome of experience, I’ll take the alternative. They’ve given experience a bad name.

    Further thought: McCain’s campaign soured me a lot. His hiring of the Bush attack squad, South Carolina 2000, made me view this honorable man as heading a dishonorable effort. And that’s still the case. It’s pretty disgusting, what he’s doing…

    Hmmmmmmm ......

    Since Ken Adleman isn't guilty of being born black, I wonder how Rush will spin this one in his drug addicted haze he bloviates from?

  138. Add Micheal Smerconish, to the list of people, Rush has to find reasons to explain why they are voting for the person guilty of being born black when they aren't guilty of being born black.

    Micheal Smerconish has said for the first time in 28 years he is voting for the democratic party nominee for president.

    He is openly backing Barack Obama because he thinks Obama could better handle the problems in the middle east and the economy.

  139. WOW !! Great reporting Clif. This is quite amazing.

  140. Lydia, I have to add my name to Rush's list also, because I am not guilty of being born black but I am voting for Obama, so Rush needs to explain my apparent contradiction in his drug addled ways of thunking also.

    Poor, poor, Rush so many drugs, so few brain cells left.

  141. Lydia bradblog has much more about the GOPer criminal who is gonna have a hard time 'splaining his voter registration fraud,

    He is MUCH worse then ACORN ever was accused of being.

    He most likely WILL go to jail.

  142. OOps the GOP was wrong AGAIN;

    RNC On New Mexico "Voter Fraud": Never Mind

    As if you needed any more evidence that the Republican effort to tout voter fraud is less about legitimate claims and more about a political agenda, consider this sequence of events:

    Last week, as we noted at the time, the New Mexico GOP had publicly claimed that 28 people voted fraudulently in the Democratic primary, held in June, for a local race.

    Then this morning, the RNC sent out a press release announcing a 3pm conference call with reporters "on the recent developments in New Mexico regarding ACORN."

    But at 11am, ACORN -- the community organizing group that Republicans have been trying lately to turn into a voter fraud boogeyman -- held a conference call of its own, asserting that local election officials had confirmed that the 28 people in question, mostly low-income Latinos, were valid voters.

    but were guilty of being born brown]

    So here at TPMmuckraker, we wondered what the RNC's response to this would be. And on the 3pm call, we asked party spokesman Danny Diaz.

    Diaz dodged the question. He talked about an incident with ACORN in Washington state, then referred us to an October 9th
    Wall Street Journal story, which did not address the allegation made last week by the state GOP about fraudulent voting in the Democratic primary. (Instead, it reported that the FBI had opened a preliminary investigation into thousands of fraudulent registration forms submitted in an area near an ACORN office.)

    When we tried to follow up, Diaz cut us off and shifted the discussion toward a general attack on ACORN for submitting fraudulent registrations.

    In other words, it looks like the RNC had scheduled a call to tout evidence of voter fraud -- not voter registration fraud, mind you, but actual voter fraud -- being perpetrated by ACORN in New Mexico. But when ACORN appeared to come up with compelling evidence that no such fraud had occurred, the RNC held the call anyway, simply shifting the focus to other vague allegations against ACORN -- then refused to address the New Mexico situation when asked.

    Looks like a lot of reichwing hot air but NO real facts as usual.

  143. Morning Joe gets schooled

    In some ways this is even better then Colin Powell's endorsement, because it shoot down more reich wing cries and lies.

  144. No John McCain's campaign is not desperate, or in need of cash, just ignore news stories like this;

    McCain Solicits Russian U.N. Ambassador

    That news story is just a vicious rumor based on the truth.

  145. In all of this talk about voter fraud, the MSM seems to know nothing of the Gopper disenfranchisement scheme underway in several states. They flat-out ADMIT to it in this link. But somehow, REAL disenfranchisement isn't as important as chasing the SCORN fairy tale.

    Wonder why that is?

  146. So many dolty outrages to rebut, it's just too much; I'm just going to call him an idiotic inbred and be done with it.

  147. Well I voted for Obama today...............AND I contributed to Elwyn Tinklenberg's campaign to drum that fascist idiot Michelle Bachman out of office.

    Like I said Americans are sick and tired of that nazi fascist "anti-American" baby talk the only people who could remotely be considered anti american are the little nazi fascists slithering around calling other Americans Anti American...........USUALLY Congressional races are funded by local contributors thanks to Eva Brauns big fat mouth some guy named Elwyn Tinklenberg a guy i had never heard of no less considered giving money to has raised close to a million dollars.

    I've had ENOUGH of that fascist talk ANYONE running against one of these iDIOTS will get my financial support............When Palin's is up for relection i'll fund ANYTHING running against that imbecile!

  148. I HOPE you Reich Wing morons keep flapping your big fat mouths maybe we can purge Congress of you inbred idiots along with the White House and the Agencies and Judiciary.

  149. Senator Barack Obama will suspend his campaigning for more than 36 hours this week to visit his grandmother Madelyn Dunham, who is gravely ill in Hawaii.

    Mrs. Dunham, 85, all but raised Mr. Obama during his teenage years in Hawaii, and he has spoken of her often on the campaign trail. A campaign spokesman, Robert Gibbs, declined to specify the nature of her illness, other than to say it was quite serious. Mrs. Dunham lives in Honolulu.

    My thoughts and prayers go to Barack and his grandmother.

  150. New post is up.
    thank you.
    Luv xo