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I was a radioactive drinker and there were times of suicidal depression. I've struggled with low self-esteem, terrifying demons, inability to finish projects, procrastination, self-loathing, fear and the lust for fame. But after a chain of events that can only be described as ‘miracles,’ my biggest downfall turned out to be my greatest gift.

I've spoken about this in recovery circles, and often stopped to wonder ‘how did these seemingly miraculous events happen?’ There was one common element: SURRENDER. When I gave up fighting (and worrying), the outside picture changed. But what is the metaphysics of surrender? How did an inner change affect an outer result? By letting go and tapping into an unsuspected inner resource, I’ve had healings that are beyond human understanding, even major financial ones. I’ve finally figured how to recreate the mind-set necessary to activate these events. What appear to be miracles are actually natural laws according to Quantum Physics. Our loving attention to something literally alters the physical universe. It’s hard to talk about these things because they appear to exist in the realm of the magical. But they are real and everyone has access to them, they just don’t pay attention or take them seriously — and that makes all the difference. As Einstein said, “No problem can be solved on the same level it was created on.” In other words, you can't fight fire with fire; you can't cure alcoholism with more alcohol or drugs; you can’t go to war to create peace — you have to go to a higher level — a spiritual or diplomatic solution. Or as George Carlin put it, “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”

The mainstream media rarely mentions the vital, mysterious spiritual element of 12-step programs. And no one asks the root question: why are so many celebrities either dead or in rehab? What breed of person comes to Hollywood seeking the adoration of strangers? Wanting to be famous is an American malaise. With all due respect to Dr. Pinsky, shows like Celebrity Rehab seem dangerously self-conscious. How can a person heal when he’s playing to the camera? “You can’t save your ass and your face at the same time." - Lydia Cornell

Our society rewards glitz, glamour, competition, obsession with winning and achieving. We never allow young artists to fail and you must be allowed to write, paint and sing badly in order to grow.

“It’s not enough to put down the drug or drink; once you put down the ‘spirits’ you have to fill the void with true spirit, and lasting peace.  You have to go out in the world and live your life with joy."

I found my precious brother’s body after his drug overdose. I, too, have struggled with low self-esteem, demons and the lust for fame. But I would not be alive nor would I have been able to raise children if I hadn't gotten sober 25 ears ago by giving up my self-will and surrendering to a power greater than myself. This is the easier, softer way. Once you stop struggling, everything becomes so calm and sweet. It’s like plugging into an electric socket: once you lean on a power greater than yourself, you have more power. The creative force of love which I call God really exists and is always ready to take care of us completely when we stop resisting. Then we have true power.
You have to take the leap of believing that the Universe, your higher Power, love, God or whatever you want to call it, exists. Then the magic happens.

The creative force that sustains the universe is interactive; it needs our participation. In fact, it can’t exist in our lives without our consent, belief, faith or interaction. It needs playmates. It needs to express itself through us. More and more I’m beginning to believe what Elizabeth Gilbert said in her Ted Talks on Genius -- that  there are no individual geniuses. Mozart, Beethoven, Einstien... we are all just transcribers of creative consciousness – we are taking down God’s thoughts. Some are expressing God through music, some through art, some through writing and poetry and movies, some through comedy, some through tragedy, some through cooking, planting and growing, some through design, building, teaching, science, discoveries. 
What is the point of gaining the whole world if you lose your soul?  After all the years of struggling to make it — to find true love, to be rich, to have a happy family with a lagoon pool and water-slides, to live my dreams in a hammock in Maui — I’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one urgent need of mankind: to find God. But I’m not talking about the kind of “god” you may be thinking of — the kind that divides and judges. I thought I was too hip to believe in God and used to wonder if I find God canl I still have a sex life? I’m talking about unconditional love and an inner peace that is unshakable. 

The word God has become so political and dirty and misunderstood, I’m embarrassed to use it. I feel guilty about being embarrassed, and I’m not even Catholic. Or Jewish. (This is a joke, as in "Jewish or Catholic guilt."All I know is, no human power was able to lift me out of my suicidal despair. The God I’m talking about has no religion attached – no rules, dogma, yarmulkes, pointy bishops hats, long velvet robes, crystals, coins, rosaries, bows toward Mecca or steps to the left. No long, memorized prayers or deciphering of archaic doctrines. Only redemption. 

I have had astonishing results from prayer. I know that prayer actually changes things in the physical universe. But the kind of prayer I’m talking about does not involve begging some anthropomorphic being who rules by fear and punishment. It involves letting go of your fears and worries and truly surrendering them to a loving higher power, whatever your own concept of this is. Substituting your worries with Divine Love, the power of the universe. God is love. It is really that simple. I had to get my intellect out of the way and surrender my doubts first. Then I quietly screamed HELP!

 Addiction is the disease of our time. Alcohol is the number one drug of choice among teens in America, and girls ages 10-15 have the lowest self-esteem and highest rate of suicide attempts of any other group. Add to this the fact that over 85% of violent crime is alcohol and drug related, and we have an epidemic — yet this is rarely mentioned in media reports.

~ Lydia Cornell  Luv xo 11:11

Originally written in 2012: Rest in peace Whitney Houston. You are soaring with the angels now. And as someone posted on Twitter, "another voice was added to Heaven's Choir."  Addiction, suicide, depression are all spiritual maladies that can be corrected by the power of Divine Love. And life is eternal; there is no death. Michael Jackson, Don Cornelius, Elvis, Marilyn, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis, Jim Morrison, River Phoenix, the list goes on... Let's wipe out this strange disease and help our children's generation wake up to the Truth of Being, Light and Love. xo

Cats Dancing on Jupiter cast 

Lydia Cornell, David Faustino at Chiller in New Jersey

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RockStop: Miracles in Sobriety Plus Wild Stories of Showbiz, Working at Caribou Ranch with the Beach Boys, Elton John, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell, America

My interview on The RockStop from Chicago with Chris Contra ~ Miracles of sobriety plus wild stories of showbiz: working at the famous Caribou Ranch with the Beach Boys, Elton John, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell, Jack Nicholson. Getting the job on Too Close for Comfort and much more! *Timestamps below 0:00 - Intro 1:08 - Early success of Too Close For Comfort 2:49 - Epic Records A&R/Caribou Ranch 5:57 - Drug & Alcohol Dangers/25 Years Sober 13:29 - Aaron Spelling/Early Acting Roles 16:31 - Breaking Stereotype 18:32 - Larry Flynt's Sleazy Offer/Bloodtide (1982) 23:33 - Too Close For Comfort becoming The Ted Knight Show 26:36 - Ted Knight/Merv Griffin Show 30:50 - Curb Your Enthusiasm/Larry David 34:16 - Too Close For Comfort Re-Boot Possibility 35:49 - Deborah Van Valkenburgh & Jim J. Bullock 37:13 - Phil Hartman/Brynn Hartman 40:05 - Reality TV 42:35 - Lydia's Upcoming Book "Hiding My Brain in my Bra" 44:57 - Wrap-up

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I'm on ATOMIC PODCAST TODAY. Surviving Hollywood and turning tragedy into comedy: Overcoming depression, addiction, fear, failure, loss ~ #iTunes
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"Lydia joins me this week and we talk about her early life and road to Hollywood. In this in- depth conversation we talk about her sobriety, overcoming depression and her passion for helping others."  #SoundCloud
 #iTunes  #Actor #toocloseforcomfort #addiction #stitcher#Author Episode #266 Lydia Cornell with Host Efren Guzman

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On Homelessness

Today I was walking the dog behind Trader Joe’s and I passed a shady alcove bordering the alley, in the center of which was a large tree. I peeked into the bushes and saw a grocery bag. This seemed like a private place for a homeless person to rest, but just as I was thinking this, I glimpsed a pair of shoes attached to legs in camouflage pants, standing behind the tree, hiding inside the tree — as if they were hoping not to be seen, trying to blend in with the shrubs. I could hear the owner of this pair of legs trying desperately not to breathe. Was it a homeless person, or just someone who was trying to go to the bathroom in the bushes?

As I passed by, I said to the bush: “God Bless you.” I kept walking. Then I realized that I was holding in my hand two sticks of Mozarella string cheese, so I circled back to the bush and offered it to the person hiding. “Would you like a piece of cheese? It’s wrapped in plastic, it has its own wrapper," I said. A woman’s voice, shaking, rang out, “No, no thank you.” Then, the voice said: “You're very sweet.” I could see a pair of glasses and dark hair through the leaves.

I walked away and said, “You are sweet too.”

Then I started crying; I couldn't stop. It has been dawning on me more and more how truly tragic it is to be homeless — and especially to be a homeless child. Can you imagine what it’s like to have no place to rest, no privacy in going to the “bathroom”... no clean, safe, or soft place to lay one’s head. No place without bugs or flies, mosquitos or rats… no place to get dressed, to bathe, or to bring friends home for ice cream. No place to do homework. No place to have dinner or play Monopoly or take piano lessons. No dinner. Imagine being a woman going through the change of life, depression or cancer. God bless these poor lost souls.


A great wind blew, enveloping and penetrating me. To me, it was not of air but of Spirit. Blazing, there came the tremendous thought, "you are a free man." ~ Bill W.

My energy dropped when I forgot to be grateful today. Then of course, like clockwork, I saw a person with no legs in a wheelchair.

You wouldn't put "Dishonesty" on your resume would you? Then don't walk around discouraged, disheartened, disinterested, diseased, dissatisfied. Don't 'diss' yourself. Believe it or not, the thoughts you think are taking you to places you would never let your kids go. Everything starts wtih a thought. Uplift.. You can train your brain like a dog: to behave. You can line up your thoughts with the truth: Keep your thoughts on the good in yourself.

I really think that being a compassionate listener is the key to healing. Most people manifest disease according to the thoughts they hold, subconsciously. For example, if you have back pain, consider what you are holding onto in your past: regret, shame, guilt? If you have foot pain, are you walking on eggshells? If you have heart pain, or a heart attack, are you giving enough love to others? Or do you feel unloved? Most stress comes from fear. Fear is "False Evidence Appearing Real" It's not real. there is never anything to fear. Acceptance is the key to serenity.

The most valuable gift is to be a good listener. To give someone the time to really hear them and understand them. 

Love and service. If everyone was less self-centered, wouldn't this be a great world? Humility is my favorite virtue. I have never liked show-offs. But it's hard her on Facebook! You can't really help others until you love yourself first -- but often this comes from being selfless - which doesn't mean being a doormat. Just stop looking in the mirror and asking others to validate you, me, us.. we are all one and I am the walrus..


 It's an Inside Job: Bill W. talks about his spiritual experience.

In December 1934, I appeared at Towns Hospital, New York. My old friend, Dr. William Silkworth shook his head. Soon free of my sedation and alcohol I felt horribly depressed. My friend Ebby turned up and although glad to see him, I shrank a little as I feared evangelism, but nothing of the sort happened. After some small talk, I again asked him for his neat little formula for recovery. Quietly and sanely and without the slightest pressure he told me and then he left.

Lying there in conflict, I dropped into the blackest depression I had ever known. Momentarily my prideful depression was crushed. I cried out, "Now I am ready to do anything - anything to receive what my friend Ebby has."

Though I certainly didn't expect anything, I did make this frantic appeal, "If there be a God, will He show Himself!" The result was instant, electric beyond description. The place seemed to light up, blinding white. I knew only ecstasy and seemed on a mountain. A great wind blew, enveloping and penetrating me. To me, it was not of air but of Spirit. Blazing, there came the tremendous thought, "you are a free man." Then the ecstasy subsided. Still on the bed, I now found myself in a new world of consciousness which was suffused by a Presence. One with the Universe, a great peace came over me. I thought, "So this is the God of the preachers, this is the great Reality." But soon my so-called reason returned, my modern education took over and I thought I must be crazy and I became terribly frightened.

Dr. Silkworth, a medical saint if ever there was one, came in to hear my trembling account of this phenomenon. After questioning me carefully, he assured me that I was not mad and that perhaps I had undergone a psychic experience which might solve my problem. Skeptical man of science though he then was, this was most kind and astute. If he had of said, "hallucination,"  I might now be dead. To him I shall ever be eternally grateful.

Good fortune pursued me. Ebby brought me a book entitled "Varieties of Religious Experience" and I devoured it. Written by William James, the psychologist, it suggests that the conversion experience can have objective reality. Conversion does alter motivation and it does semi-automatically enable a person to be and to do the formerly impossible. Significant it was, that marked conversion experience came mostly to individuals who knew complete defeat in a controlling area of life. The book certainly showed variety but whether these experiences were bright or dim, cataclysmic or gradual, theological or intellectual in bearing, such conversions did have a common denominator - they did change utterly defeated people. So declared William James, the father of modern psychology. The shoe fitted and I have tried to wear it ever since.

For drunks, the obvious answer was deflation at depth, and more of it. That seemed plain as a pikestaff. I had been trained as an engineer, so the news of this authoritative psychologist meant everything to me. This eminent scientist of the mind had confirmed everything that Dr. Jung had said, and had extensively documented  all he claimed. Thus William James firmed up the foundation on which I and many others had stood all these years. I haven't had a drink of alcohol since 1934. 

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Carefiver and Compassion Fatigue with Dr. Jamie Huysman
 This is an amazing session:
It's by 'self-forgetting' that we find.. 

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Lydia Cornell Podcast ~ Bowie, Prince, Glen Frey, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds,

Lydia Cornell talks about opiate addiction and Carrie Fisher

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The Rule of Nines Author Kathlyn Helm  



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When I run after what I think I want,
My days are a furnace of distress and anxiety;
If I sit in my own place of patience,
What I need flows to me,
And without any pain.
From this I understand that
What I want also wants me,
Is looking for me
And attracting me;
When it cannot attract me
Any more to go to it,
It has to come to me.
There is a great secret
In this for anyone
Who can grasp it.
– Rumi