Friday, December 02, 2005


I don't want to live in fear, but I got my second death threat today, and also a strange man came to my door. My kids were home from school and almost opened the door. For Coulter to put my FAMILY'S home phone number on her front page, knowing it would incite her fans, is unconscionable, and it continues to get worse. I have run the gamut from feeling horribly guilty, stupid for putting our home phone number on a private letter to Coulter, (but I wrongly assumed she was a normal person with the class to realize this was a private communication) and now -- very frightened for my children -- for writing what I thought was a comedic article about my frustration with this war & utter bewilderment over this new militant form of Christianity. Click here to read my original Ann Coulter article at BRAD BLOG The Coulter fans who have been contacting me are rabid hate-mongers, because every nasty e-mail and call I have gotten has been someone telling me Coulter is "enlightened and speaks the truth and I am nothing but an idiot and a failure whose films & TV shows no one cares about." One guy threatened to shoot me and another said he woudn't have minded if I had been blown up in the World Trade Center attacks. "You liberal idiots and your ilk should have been standing in a line at the WTC when they were hit. I for one would not have minded." I honestly wouldn't think of publishing this guy's e-mail address because I don't want him to get hate mail from wackos like I'm getting. Although I am saving the letter just in case anything happens to me or my family.

We are not all despicable, Godless abortionists. Most liberals are so meek, so full of desperation to help the poor, they come off as a bit mushy and disorganized, wearing bad sweaters. I am new at this but as a mother of boys and a Christian (well, at least I love the Christ truth, but the religious right-wing is turning the world off to Christianity.) I have to speak out against corruption and a truly illegal war that is rapidly killing off our best and our brightest. I wish our troops were home to protect our own borders.

Edmund Burke said, "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." So by speaking out against this woman, I feel I am at least doing my duty to young people. People wonder how the Nazis took over: because good people remained silent early in the game. Fear. But Love casts out fear. And it's not just Coulter alone we are concerned with; it's the fact that she is the most vitriolic voice in support of the lies and the rush to war. She is directly linked to the brain-washing and the smearing of good people who are trying to have an open dialogue. And she wears the cross on TV. These new type of mega-chruch Christians are packaged to believe she is "on the side of good" because they are spoon-fed this new twisted version of Christianity based on this abortion myth -- that all liberals are unborn baby-killers. I am not pro-abortion! I am liberal in my open-mindedness and love for humanity. And I am sad for these wonderful people -- they have good hearts and think this new corporate form of Christianity is truth, but if they really, REALLY study Christ's own words and see behind the letter to the spirit, they will know things in their heart that no fire and brimstone-rapture-invoking preacher can tell them. I always have to look at my hidden motives: what am I protecting and in fear of losing? For example, these dangerous "Left-Behind" books warm the hearts of people who care about eternal life, their own salvation. Looking down on those sinners left behind who didn't declare Jesus as their savior, makes them feel superior. But true Christians would not worry so much about saving their own lives; you have to lose your life to save it, which means get off thinking about your own salvation so much! And do you think a God of Love would really throw one of his own children who had lived a life expressing the very love Christ came to show us -- a person who feeds the hungry, gives to the poor, loves his neighbor as himself -- do you think he would throw him into eternal hell simply because he was Jewish or Hindu... or Ghandi? Simply because this person didn't declare jesus as their savior -- while walking as Jesus walked? Jesus himself said not to focus on the letter (rules) but the spirit of his law. It's LOVE, he himself was pure love. Abide in love is what he meant. He could have cared less if you said his technical name -- because if this is true, what happens to all the unborn babies on the way who never learned his physical name yet? By the way, Jesus LOVED the heathens, the lepers (AIDS victims of this day), the sinners, the prisoners - these are the meek ones no one wanted to touch. Please see "Walk the Line" - the Johnny Cash movie. The best line in the movie is when the record exec says to Johnny (paraphrasing): "Your fans are church-goin' Christians; they wont' like it if you sing to prisoners (at Folsom prison)." To which Johnny says: "They they aren't Christians are they?" It dawned on me that God used Johnny Cash BECAUSE he was broken; the other brother who died as a young boy, was already going to be a preacher, too perfect, too by-the-book. Cash went to hell and back and could serve the world better with his form of "preaching" -- singing to the downtrodden heathens that no Pharisees would touch.

Here is a still from the recent episode I did of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO see "The Christ Nail" video clip right here And you can click on another promo called "Bra Tease" under Featured Clips. Larry David made me laugh so hard I couldn't keep a straight face doing improv with him; he's a comic genius. So was Ted Knight, of course, who played my dad. He taught me wondrous things, like how to do a "spit-take" without drooling. I miss him so much (and Audrey Meadows); we used to laugh until we cried everyday. And I miss John Ritter, who used to pop his head in during rehearsals. Hard to believe all these great comic actors are gone. God Bless Dorothy Knight, Ted's wife, who recently died. My brother Paul died ten years ago yesterday. He was my angel. (I love you and miss you so much.) I remember when he showed me in a vision that there is no death; we are spiritual beings having a human experience and our soul's growth is all that matters.

I do standup comedy and have written comedy for years. Most of what I write has a tinge of humor to it. I wrote a book on Stalin's plot to kill Trotsky. Stalin feared Trotsky because he knew the "pen was mightier than the sword"; Trotsky was a brilliant writer and could sway people to his side. Obviously I am not accusing Coulter of being Stalin or physically killing 60 million people. That was a bit of my humor or "satire". But the dictator was a narcissist (a person so full of self-hate he projects it onto others and cannot bear imperfection). Stalin had no humility or empathy for others, and no true interest in other's lives or opinions. It was HIS way or the highway. You know how wonderful a good conversation is -- when you can share each other's viewpoints and consider new ideas? Well normal human beings that are not sociopaths; they engage in conversation with a certain delighted inquisitiveness and open-minded interest in others. I love people who can admit they're wrong, that they make mistakes. God knows I screw up all the time; I need forgiveness everyday. Admitting your mistakes is a sign of strength, not weakness. Only those who have shaky self-esteem have to always appear to have the upper-hand, to be"right" and in control. There were many qualities about Stalin's personality that were pathological, socio-pathological: an inherent disinterest in other human beings, a disregard for other's feelings entirely. A superiority, an elitism that disdained underlings. Doing research at the library one day I looked in the card catalogue under Stalin's name and the strangest thing came up: Alcoholism. Stalin was a delusional alcoholic who grew power-mad. Other names that came up under alcoholism: famous writers like Dorothy Parker (barbed wit), HItler and Mussolini.

"By their fruits you shall know them". (Scripture-quoting is not really my thing, but this seems relevant.) What constructive thing has a destructive critic ever shown us that she has created with her God-given talent? Destruction -- tearing down others -- to promote a war that has increased our enemies around the world. I love this country. America is the best nation in the world and I am tired of apologizing for being upset over this war! How can anyone in their right mind not want our troops home? I can't bear to hear of another young soldier dying! I fly the American flag, I am a patriot, I have family in the Marines, this beautiful goodness and light we used to represent to the whole world has changed. We are no longer the nation people look to for protection, for moral "rightness", or fundamental laws of faith in the universe. I wanted my children to be able to travel the world someday -- to London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Athens -- even to Egypt to see the pyramids -- without fear of being called the "Ugly American" or worse, attacked. We have carpet-bombed entire cities, white phosphorous on little Iraqi children, ruined ancient Babylonian treasures and glorified corruption in government: these are the fruits of this administration. Corn syrup sweetner and Ambien are not constructive! And Bush has the chance to join the great minds in finding a solution to global warning but he doesn't seem to think its a priority. A new Kyoto treaty -- and we are not involved!

Here is a link to the most inflammatory Coulter hate-speak. The reason we are speaking out, and I am writing this book with a conservative Christian who has been working for over four years on every single statement Coulter has ever put in her "books" -- is because we believe Coulter is the most verbal evidence of what is wrong with our beautiful country. I am frightened for young people to be swept up in a tide of hatred, because young students are so easily influenced by charismatic speakers. I am so sad anyone would hire Coulter to speak -- because her words are very provocative and stimulating and ugly; she incites people to go against an entire group of fellow Americans. A house divided does not stand. This woman is not a patriot; she divides people. My whole point was to shine a light on Coulter's hate-speak (and some of you don't do your research.) And of course her defenders, (who think they are defending America) are turning it around and saying I am spewing hatred toward her. I know my intentions are loving. I intend to show love toward Coulter and pray for her. But first I must speak the truth and not hide what I know. God is very personal to me -- I had a catastrophic spiritual awakening and a series of spine-tingling miracles through prayer. Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God exists -- in fact this may be the only thing I know for sure. But God is love and should never be used to justify war, hatred or judgment by humans. And the bible is still being written because we are still living our history. Why do people think it all ends -- it's still going on! Every godly person is writing the living Bible right now. We are spiritual, not material and our battles are truly within ourselves. Love is the essence of everything.

Others, here on my own site have said I am an idiot to confront Coulter, a person doing this just to get attention." Attention like this no one needs. I have spent all these years staying out of the limelight to find my soul, get rid of my obnoxious ego, fall in love, raise children, gain a real life, experience pain and the death of loved ones, deepen myself -- I have never posed nude, have turned down countless offers to cheapen myself with reality TV or by selling products I don't believe in. I am raising a child with a genetic defect whose mother abandoned him -- and I've had a major crash and burn which turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I figured out the key to life, and I want to share it -- just like other people before me in their own way, but this article came out way before I had a chance to tell the real story. I never intended my article on hate-speech to reach anyone but a few Dems. I never expected anything like this.

Extra stuff: I had no idea the comments on blogs could become so venomous! Some are wonderful, but others are bizarre. But how can one prevent free speech and open dialogue? Actually the ugliest and most personal attacks against me have come from the right-wing, and all I ever wanted to do was shine a light on Coulter's hate-speak. I never call for the hurting of Republicans, I would never incite or jokingly provoke people to hate a whole group of people, but Coulter does this to Democrats.

Frankly I am new at this, and all ever want to write about these days is about God. I have had a remarkable journey of faith, and the last thing I ever wanted to do was create hatred and division.

I read this comment on Huffington Post somewhere: "For perversely hypocritical reasons, the misguided Christian right has convinced itself that the way to emulate the most gracious man to ever live is to be exceedingly ungracious to others." And if I have been ungracious or offensive in any way, I am deeply sorry. I will work on this pundit thing.

God Bless you! Sorry this is so long.