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There are no words to describe how under-qualified and BAD a choice this woman is.
and how bad John McCain's whacked judgment was that he would actually hire this woman.

Her record is overwhelmingly mixed in Alaska. In a time when the state is having a boom because of the oil industry.

So stop with how popular she is...she is popular because of huge oil windfalls affording the oil companies being okay with getting taxed more and the return flowing into her state.

This is not the local Town Board Chair election!!!!

This is the person who should known and have known the Bush Doctrine and all of that recent history...and the details of Israel...and known what answering like that about Israel does to our job in the middle east peace process...and how it complicates it...

This is ridiculous. That woman you saw last night really think she should be deciding if we go to war or deciding whether "nucular" missiles should be launched or American commercial jetliners should be be shot down over NYC

Gov Palin what if it were a Russian commercial airliner? or British? or Pakistani? Would you know the ramifications of such a choice?

You all should be feeling nauseous from that interview last night.

Absolutely ridiculous that that person on that interview ...would be close to any position of leadership...never mind the Leader of the freakin free world... like was said before...this is not some Disney movie.

Jesu$ how stupid can we be for a third time."
Posted by: dl | Sep 12, 2008 9:01:26 AMComment on ABC Newt Gingrich article:

SPECIAL: According to Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin was coached by Randy Scheunemann, McCain's lobbyist and campaign adviser who campaigned for the Iraq War and the recent Georgia crisis, in her interview with Charlie Gibson. She was obviously coached to repeatedly say "We cannot second guess Israel if they want to bomb Iran" (paraphrase) She repeated one answer like robot. This is frightening. She is being briefed with key words and is already a tool of the neocons. Pat Buchanan is more worried. He thinks "this is the real Sarah Palin."

Whatever the case, it became clear on Friday that there was a general consensus among observers: Palin failed to present herself as the strong leader many hoped she would be. On the other hand, she did not ‘flunk’ the test either. Gibson, most agree, purposefully tried to corner the Republican running mate. Although Palin did not deal with this as well as someone in her position should, she did not entirely allow Gibson to blow her away either. She made the points she wanted to make - a hawkish politician, believing Islamic extremists to pose a serious threat to America - and let the conservative base hear what it wanted to hear.

Her performance will, it seems likely, bring an end to Palinmania in so far that voters have now also seen her weaknesses at display. She was shortly presented as a political genius, single-handedly able to crush Barack Obama. The interview put her solidly back on earth.

In the meantime, her nomination has achieved what it wanted to achieve in the short run; two weeks of positive coverage, and a significant boost in the polls for John McCain. It is now up to him to win the battle with Obama.

Today, September 11, we have a day of peace and reflection. This is a memory day and we all need to go within, quiet ourselves, stop hating, stop fighting and stop harboring revenge for our "enemies." I honestly believe our biggest enemy is within. We have to consider that we, the people, are the only ones that can really destroy ourselves. A divided country will not stand.

For John McCain to use the slogan "Country First" without acknowledging that our country is comprised of both Democrats and Republicans — makes me think he is talking about country music first. What country is he talking about? Is he only referring to the America that loves war and guns? Are these the only real, valuable Americans in his eyes? I still cannot understand how a true Christian can think guns are even an option! Jesus was the Prince of Peace. But these gun-loving, Bible-toting, Republican Christians have completely thrown Christ away. They have left out love, the only thing Christ ever cared about. He commanded us to love one another — and to love our enemies as ourselves. He blessed the Peacemakers, not the warmongers. The number one law is love.

In a recent speech, John McCain said he was the one who knew how to get Osama Bin Laden. He implied he had inside information and was the ONLY one who knew how to get Bin Laden. The implied threat was "If you vote for me I will go get Bin Laden." As Keith Olbermann questioned, "Does this mean McCain won't go get Osama Bin Laden unless he wins the election?" How is this putting country first? This sounds like putting the Republican party first. Putting SELF first. But it is by "self-forgetting" that one finds.

If you really put your country first, you seek first to understand rather than be understood. You reach out to your fellow Americans, the ones Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and Dick Cheney constantly bash and systematically destroy by using what they consider the dirtiest word in the English language: "Liberal." You don't lie, slander and smear your fellow American's good name by calling him a "pervert" for wanting to teach kindergardeners about how to say NO to sex predators.

As I said on our radio show this morning, being kept in fear for 7 years is the exact objective of terrorism. Bush, Cheney and McCain have kept us in fear, the way terrorists would — as a deliberate method of retaining power. While America implodes from within — economically and physically (our infrastructure, schools, hospitals, health care system, banks, military and cities left in despair like New Orleans) this is a form of terrorism they helped to create. Do you feel safer?
God Bless America - love, Lydia ...September 11, 2008 I am 14 years sober!

Sean Hannity, who just got a 100 million dollar deal from Clear Channel, shows how fair and balanced he is. And honest.


Multimillionaire Sean Hannity proved last night (9/10/08) on Hannity & Colmes he’s not just a loudmouthed blowhard but seriously out of touch with everyday Americans. As author and economist Robert Kuttner politely tried to discuss the economic challenges Barack Obama would face as president, Hannity had a bullyboy meltdown at the suggestion that the economy is in trouble and that ordinary Americans are in dire economic straits. But Kuttner kept his cool and refused to be intimidated. He challenged Hannity with comebacks like, “I don’t spew any goddamn line... Do you want to deny (the economy’s in dire straits), you fool?” He’s our latest top dog. With video.

The interview started out pleasantly with Alan Colmes probing the thesis of Kuttner's new book, Obama's Challenge, that Obama will need to be a “transformative” president in order to effectively address American’s economic woes. “The economy is in such dire straits for most people,” Kuttner said.

Kuttner continued, “If people vote on whether Sarah Palin is better at shooting a moose, the Democrats are toast. And if Obama and Biden can bring the election back to the fact that the Republicans have had their shot at experimenting with letting Wall Street go nuts and it’s really harmed ordinary people, then the election turns on the economy and the Democrats win. So this is a fight about whether the election is about culture or about pocketbook issues.”

Kuttner thinks there is a narrative Democrats should use, “a narrative of the ordinary, hard-working family just getting the short end of the stick. Everything from subprime to health insurance to your pension blowing up, of your job not being secure.” He added, “And that’s a narrative that affects ordinary people. If that narrative is persuasive, the Democrats win.”

Apparently, that was just too much for Hannity’s sensitive widdle feewings. But with Hannity, sensitivity is always a one-way street. He welcomed the guest by beginning his portion of the interview by saying bombastically, “Oh, stop it. Oh, stop it. This is garbage you’re spewing here.”