Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Of course this may not be the stalker's fault. I am just assuming things I know I shouldn't assume. But how can we combat cyberstalking when it interferes with our livelihood, or society's ability to decipher truth from falsehood on the Internet — which is now the portal for everything?

There is a dangerous staker, a convicted felon, a man who made my life a living hell — and who was indicted twice for felony theft and cyber fraud, whom I have a restraining order against. Yet this man is still committing the same crimes over and over again, terrorizing women and whomever he has an imagined grudge against. He uses a computer to do it.

The police say there is not enough money in the budget to really discover which human beings are committing cyber stalking under different aliases and IP addresses. This man, among others, including robots and clueless Wikipedia contributors— is systematically deleting information that took years to gather and vet.  This undermines our credits, reputations, professional achievements..

Why is Wikipedia deleting all the historical, referenced things we do as  public figures, as well as our business and career sites?

This stalker has deleted information on public sites such as Wikipedia, acting as if he's an "Attorney General" or a Secret Service Agent or a JAG-C Federal military criminal attorney!  He poses as an "expert" and even stole my U.S. Trademark "Military Godshots"

I have a Restraining Order that states this man is not allowed to EVER post anything about me or my business or destroy anything on my sites anywhere online or in print. Of course he is also NEVER allowed to come within 100 feet of me, my home or my family and terrorize me.

There is an arrest warrant waiting for him if he steps foot in California for contempt of Court and for stealing the identity of a true war hero and impersonating him in State Court.

But he keeps doing it. And sites like Wikipedia.org -- which I donate money to in order to promote freedom of speech and pubic access — go along with the bad guys. Facebook has done the same thing: they allowed this stalker to keep several fraudulent Facebook pages, yet took mine down simply for having my fans post warnings about him.

What can be done?

Here are Personal and Professional verifiable credits that have been deleted by Wikipedia for no good reason. What "contributors" keep deleting THE FACTS?

  • I have a son and a stepson and I was married from 2002-2010. 
  • In 1982, as part of a USO tour, Cornell went to Beirut, Lebanon to visit American troops in the Multinational Peacekeeping Force on Christmas Eve. Soon after their departure from Beirut, over 250 Marines of the 24th MAU were killed there in one of the first suicide bombings. She received the USO Distinguished Service Award presented by USO of San Diego. She went to the Middle East with Johnny Grant and Kellee Patterson.

Good Morning America Lydia Cornell Back From Beirut - Lydia Cornell USO Tour to Lebanon http://youtu.be/0jXcPn7ozdQ

Literary and journalistic career[edit]

Cornell's articles have appeared in Macon Area Online.[37]
Script Frenzy ~ Writer's Block: Freedom From Fear by Lydia Cornell (Office of Letters and Light ACTUALLY SENT ME A CHECK FOR THIS ARTICLE AND I GOT FAN MAIL for helping students get over writer's block. Just because Script Frenzy went under, does that mean you destroy THE TRUTH?)
Cornell's blog was nominated for two Koufax awards. 

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