Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Support our troops by bringing them home.
Question for open thread: do you believe Congress will pass this new law that makes it a felony to be in America as an immigrant? Are we becoming what I think we're becoming? Please comment on the immigration laws and the borders.

I just found out by accident that we are a Koufax Award Finalist for "Best Post" for my article on Brad Blog. There are 10 finalists chosen out of hundreds, I think. I'm very grateful, but part of me wants to go hide rather than ask you again to vote one last time. If you are so inclined, you can go to: Wampum just scroll down to the bottom and type a comment in the comment section, just type in my name or Brad Blog or the article title: "Death is Sexier Than Sex to Ann Coulter" Thank you, love Lydia

Just did the wonderful Keith Murphy show on XM Radio visit theUrbanJournal.org

I have spent too many nights crying for our troops and the children of this war — but suddenly it became clear that we are not powerless — compassion is a form of prayer, and this "hell" is giving us two choices: love or fear Like Viktor Frankl in the concentration camp; he overcame torture through the power of love, his focused attention on love, which is prayer. Each human life is precious, no matter what tribe, and we must pray for our planet and each other. If you don't believe in God, substitute the word LOVE; dwell on love for your fellow man, and love will be reflected back. Love will rise. I write left-wing political commentary combined with spiritual growth. Like Al Franken's book The Truth, With Jokes, mine is a new kind of "political spiritual therapy comedy". with snacks.

Last week's article "Bush's last Will and Testicle" was just published and you can find it in Macon, Georgia News and in various news/opinion columns on the web.

I have more some startling news coming tomorrow ...

You can read the article that was nominated here: Cornell's BradBlog article Death Is Sexier than Sex