Sunday, July 13, 2008


Real change, hope and good news is just around the corner. Read at bottom of article...

Congressman Dennis Kucinich just introduced another Article of Impeachment. It is imperative that we get this process started for the sake of our children -- to reveal the stunning betrayal of our Constitution.

In the Audio Archives: Don't miss our interviews with Congressman Robert Wexler (twice!) whose new book FIRE BREATHING LIBERAL is astonishing and funny! He has hilarious stories about his appearances on The Colbert Report. We also had a great time with award-winning journalist Naomi Klein, author of SHOCK DOCTRINE on the Basham and Cornell Radio heard weekday mornings at 8 a.m. on 1230 AM KLAV in Las Vegas and worldwide on the web.


American ingenuity can create new industry, rebuild our infrastructure, (my idea is to build water pipelines to funnel flood water to Nevada, California and al the states suffering from severe drought. We could also start desalination of ocean water. Could this possibly bring down the levels of rising oceans due to global warming of polar ice caps? Either way, we should be doing mass desalination. We can also attract capital with American-made products, transform our banking system..

Clif on the Blog says: Lydia one of your comments on the post if unscientific.

There is no way humanly possible way we could affect the ocean levels by desalinations efforts because we could never use enough water and KEEP it out of the Oceans to make any difference.

All most all of our water usage returns to the oceans with in a couple of months, a year at best.

What we could draw out would either be used for human consumption .... and we aren't good at retaining water, or agriculture which sends the majority of their water usage right back into the enviroment and in the end the ocean.

Add to that the requirements of the energy needed for mass desalination, and we are sort of caught in a bind.

We haven't enough spare electrical capacity (it is what would be used for energy) in the places where the desalination could reasonably be attempted.

It won't work, and would be a nightmare if tried.