Monday, October 22, 2012


Want to laugh? I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe:

Please don't forget to register to vote ONLINE!  It is your right and privilege as an American Citizen. Everyone who is an American citizen has a say in choosing our elected officials. No matter who you vote for, please VOTE.

Check the deadlines in your state.

If you live in California, GO HERE:

Mike Love of The Beach Boys with Lydia Cornell at
party for Global Giving Literacy

Love you ALL!

Watch the debates, and get involved. Politics may be ugly, but it's really about YOU. Government is by  the people, for the People. OF THE PEOPLE

The Commonwealth: All the common things we share are affected by your vote: public parks, public schools, arts and music programs, clean water supply, fire, police, publequal wages for equal work, gender equality, oil drilling, pollution, wildlife, military spending.. these are the things we HAVE IN COMMON.

For the common good, we need to help each other and "help those less fortunate."

when your neighbor has no food, you share with him. This is the GOLDEN RULE.

Please vote wisely.

Rome wasn't destroyed in a day. Nor was it built in a day.