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RESCUE-BAILOUT BILL PASSES BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS. Our hang up is that it doesn't contain provisions to put money back in the pockets of the foreclosed-upon homeowners or people who lost money in their 401-Ks. But we are forgetting that it is only an emergency "stop-the-bleeding" measure. We will pass a new bill to take care of the middle class and taxpayers. We will do it as we go along. This is a living, breathing, elastic bill -- and everything is not contained in it. The "pork" will actually help the American small businesses that have been hurting, and this includes plaintiffs who were owed money from the Exxon Valdez spill.


BIDEN-PALIN DEBATE gaffes and quick takes from HuffPo:

First, my take: This is the best debate of Biden's life and when he got choked up, it was the most honest, pure moment. Everyone went through the roof rating him as the highest score possible on that point. Nothing is more compelling than a strong man who is in touch with his feelings. It was natural and makes me trust him. I do not trust men who cannot be touched and vulnerable. I am so sick of loud-mouth posturing and ego-driven people.

The worst thing Palin did was in NOT expressing empathy for Joe Biden when he mentioned the loss of his wife and daughter. Palin's eye-winks and hickish, corny Joe six-pack dialect in which she dropped all her "gs," was condescending, offensive and dumb-sounding. She has lowered the standard for women. She sounded gimmicky and robotic with her memorized her Republican talking points and didn't show any nuanced judgment. She didn't directly answer the questions either!

You can tell who is the real public servant. Not the one who is ambitious for all the wrong reasons. So having 5 children and running Alaska isn't enough? Does she really think she has anything to offer the world by being Vice President?

Biden hit home hard and really slammed McCain. Biden connected with the American people and was dignified and perfect with his facts.

AND FINALLY SOMEONE MENTIONED - BIDEN MENTIONED- THAT McCAIN VOTED AGAINST LOW INCOME CHILDREN'S HEALTH CARE!! Although he didn't put it in the firm way I put it. If the public heard it said this way, they'd be horrified at McCain.

From HuffPo:

10:35 - Sam Stein: An Obama aide summarizes the night's proceeding as such: Palin did a good job, as expected, but Biden was the star of the evening, hitting the right tones, coming off passionate and informed and not seeming demeaning in the slightest to his combatant.

Moreover, he adds, when you look back at the tape there was little to any substance in Palin's answers.

"She could not articulate one place where her ticket differs from Bush," he writes.

10:25 - Jason Linkins: Interesting Dial Line standard: Focus group approves of Biden defending Obama, but they aren't impressed with Palin talking up McCain. People want to hear Palin be Palin! Not interested in her running a P.R. game for McCain.

10:23 - Sam Stein: Biden gets choked up when talking about the struggles of American families and the trials he himself went through when his wife and young daughter were killed in a car accident.

"The notion that somehow because I am a man I don't know how to raise two kids on my own," he says, "I know what its like to raise a child where you are not sure he's going to make it."

At one point he had to hold back tears, take a breath and compose himself.

On the CNN dials of undecided voters in Ohio, both men and women rate the moment as high as possible.

10:20 - Sam Stein: Not sure if Palin wants to come to Dick Cheney's defense on anything, let alone the carte blanche political powers he has pursued while in office. Asked if she agreed with his interpretation that the VP is part of the legislative branch, she basically says yes.

"I do agree with him that we have a lot of flexibility in there and we will do what we have to do to administer appropriately the plans we have for this nation."

Biden tees off, starting with the blanket statement: "Vice President Cheney has been the most dangerous VP we have had in history."

Uncommitted voters in Ohio absolutely love Biden's response.

10:17 - Jason Linkins: Palin seems to think that the Constitution allows the Vice President to "flex" between the Executive and the Legislative Branch! GAFFE.

BIDEN: “Vice-President Cheney has been the most dangerous vice-president we’ve had probably in American history.’’

Hardblogger msnbc Some comments from regular American people:

As a Republican I really worked hard to like Gov. Palin but this debate has convinced me to vote for Obama-Biden. Palin blew the her pseudo-genuine image on national TV by not even acknowedging Biden when he choked up while speaking of the traumatic death of a family member. Little cracks like this will continue to develop.
Rebecca Russell (Sent Friday, October 03, 2008 12:23 AM)

Watched the "debate" with my husband who is a McCain supporter. We agreed to offer no comments while it was on. After about 25 minutes, he muttered, "I can't take it any more," and left. I stayed through it all and all I could think of was, she really IS a post turtle. You drive down a country road and see a turtle on a post; you know it didn't get there by itself; it doesn't belong up there; it doesn't know what to do now that it's there; and you wonder about the guy who put it there.
Jan Lightner, Federal Way, WA (Sent Friday, October 03, 2008 12:23 AM)

I wish I had thought of Sarah Palin's strategy when I was in high school debate class--just cheat--don't answer the questions. If Gwen didn't have any authority to check that sort of gambit, why not just let both participants do a 45 minute stump speech.
Biden won and I'm a registered Republican.
Ann Turner, Oldsmar, FL (Sent Thursday, October 02, 2008 11:53 PM)

I was frightened by Palin's obvious memorization of set answers to questions she was going to answer whether they were asked or not. I was insulted by her "winking" at the camera so much and her "vacant" smile. What in the world would we be saying if Biden had done that. I was stunned by her inability to really hear Biden when he mentioned HIS FAMILY experience. She seems mean to me and actually sneered at a dignified senator. I was mad that she so easily will lie and I was disgusted that she wants to expand Cheney's role as veep. We are in a lot of trouble if this ticket wins.

I think Biden was clear, passionate and gracious to her. She did not deserve his good manners in retrospect. Eleanor Herndon, Greensboro, NC

How did this play out for the average American voter? I found Governor Palin to be condescending, over-prepared and downright obnoxious from start to finish. While I am sure some will go for the wide smile, winks and sarcasm, I just want her and Senator McCain to know that some of us, in fact, many of us Republican and Democrats alike, are looking for answers...real concrete solutions to the situations we are facing. Style over substance won't cut it this time around.

As a Republican and a woman, I deeply offended by the notion that this is the best we have to offer this point, I say this for the whole ticket. McCain's lack of judgment in choosing Palin (clearly for political gain only) shows that he does not care one iota about putting the "country first".
I have been loyal to this party for as long as I can stand. I hung in there with our President despite the direction of the country and our weakening position globally. I am now at a crossroad where I need to decide should I continue to support McCain in his arrogance and apparent lack of integrity OR do I tow the line and cast my vote despite all that's happened since the RNC, the last 2 weeks of gaffes with Mrs. Palin in particular, and now this over-rehearsed dinner theatre performance tonight. And people wonder why there are so many undecideds...
Karen, Charleston, SC (Sent Friday, October 03, 2008 12:05 AM)

Although I am not a fan of Governor Palin, I was starting to feel sorry for her this past week.....BUT tonight got me off that train. It is frightening to think that there is a possibility of her becoming President. I thought she was disrespectful of Joe Biden and of Gwen by stating that she would not answer the questions the way the moderator wanted. She definitely was just reciting what has been pounded in her head in preparation. There is no way some of the words and thoughts that she spoke were her own. I am tired of her "cutesy" ways and the fact that she stated that she would like the VP to have more power really turned me off.
Betty Jo Soldano, Jamestown, NY (Sent Thursday, October 02, 2008 11:34 PM)

Sarah Palin was a frightening presence tonight. She was overbearing, frenetic, and grabbing for a power grab with her chilling remarks about disregarding the moderator and expanding the role of the Vice President. Her contentions about looking back are also frightening because wisdom says that those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
Worried Voter (Sent Thursday, October 02, 2008 11:50 PM)