Sunday, March 22, 2009


On Monday March 23, 2009, Michael Lux will be the guest on the Basham and Cornell Radio Show at 8 am Pacific Time on AM 1230 KLAV in Las Vegas.

Lux was a member of the Obama/Biden Transition Team. In that role, he served as an adviser to the Public Liaison on relationships with the progressive community and gave strategic advice on structuring the Office of Public Liaison based on his past experience working on the Clinton/Gore Transition, as well as in the White House.

Mike Lux is the co-founder and President of Progressive Strategies, L.L.C., a political consulting firm founded in 1999, focused on strategic political consulting for non-profits, labor unions, PACs and progressive donors.

His first book is titled “The Progressive Revolution:How the Best in America Came to Be.”

Previously, Mike was Senior Vice President for Political Action at People For the American Way (PFAW), and the PFAW Foundation, and served in the Clinton White House from January 1993 to mid-1995 as a Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison. He also played a role in five different presidential campaign teams.

In recent years, he co-founded the influential progressive blog, and served in a key liaison role to the progressive community upon being named to the transition team for Barack Obama.

Mike serves on the boards of several important organizations, including the Arca Foundation. In addition to serving on the board, Mike was also a co-founder of Americans United for Change, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Center for Progressive Leadership, Grassroots Democrats, PoliticsTV, Progressive Majority, and Women's Voices Women Vote.

He also played a role in helping launch the Center for American Progress and Air America.

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Need a break from politics? The world is going through a cleansing now, and all the ego-driven, archaic ways are ending. There are so many wonderful things on the horizon. I have to tell you about an amazing trip I took to Pompeii with a Shakespearean actor who was starring in an Italian Zombie movie years ago. We travelled up the Amalfi Coast. Someday soon I want to visit Switzerland: St. Moritz where there is sunshine 322 days a year. It would be great to check out the biosphere in Entlebuch - a totally sustainable idyllic village. You can get "Hay Soup" there. Another place I'd love to go is Iceland, to an Ice Hotel!!!To clear the mind, take a look at these gorgeous places in the world:


1. Norway: Fjords and the Preikestolen cliff

2. France: The Versailles Palace, South-west of Paris

3. Zimbabwe-Zambia: Victoria Waterfalls

4. Vietnam: The Halong Bay, Gulf of Tonkin - East of Hanoi

5. Pakistan: The Badshahi mosque at Lahore, south-east of Islamabad

6. Germany: The Neuschwanstein castle

7. Brazil: Aerial view of Rio of Janeiro



I just heard an amazing interview with Anne Rice (the author of "Interview with the Vampire", etc.) discussing her latest book "Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana." She reminded me that good always wins, and we have to stop giving the bad guys equal power.

We have to stop acting as if evil has power equal to good. It does not. I am going to stop pretending to be afraid of the "evil doers" like Rush Limbaugh, Cheney, and the mindset of those who will not see their crimes. We have to stop being afraid of the crooks; we're giving them too much power. They are paper dragons.

Obama is our president for a reason now. Enlightenment is here. We are on the way back to a great world, where fair is fair and truth defeats lies. This is America. We don't have a caste system as India has. We are the great hope for mankind; we are the brave new world. As a reminder of the good in life, take a look at some of the most beautiful places in the world.

How can anyone be depressed?

Eckhardt Tolle was suicidal and said to himself, "I can't live with myself anymore." He heard himself say these words and suddenly woke up. "Who am I talking to? Maybe only one of me is real. I have a choice. Maybe only the good is real." He chose life and from that moment on had a revelation: he would live in the moment only. He would not worry about tomorrow. He spent 3 years being homeless but ecstatically happy, living at peace with himself. Of course now he's a multi-millionaire having written two books that sold over 8 million copies.

We have everything we need at every moment. We just have to wake up.