Monday, May 07, 2007


The political catch phrase of the 1980's was something Ronald Reagan called "Trickle Down Economics." This brand of economics was said simply to make the richer even richer, and their wealth would trickle down through the economy to the less fortunate class of people.

Throughout the Reagan years, the poor and middle class waited patiently for the trickle down to get to them, but it seldom did. Trickle Down Economics worked very well for the wealthy Americans, but it had an adverse reaction for the rest of society.

Today there is a new version of the Trickle Down Theory. This version also involves the Republican party, the same party Ronald Reagan was so proud of. This theory is called Trickle Up Economics and like cream, it always rises to the top.

One example of the Triple Up theory involves Jack Abramoff. Abramoff never held an office in the White House but his bribery and scandals rose from the visitors area that Abramoff occupied, to the President's closet ally.

Next in the Trickle Up scenario is Scooter Libby. Libby was the close confidant to the Vice President, and helped his ally spread the name of a covert CIA agent for political gain. This scandal has slowly "trickled up" to the hallway of the President of the United States.

The Trickle Up theory raised eyebrows again as Alberto Gonzales became embroiled in firing U.S attorneys because they wouldn't indict Democratic candidates before an election. As the evidence unfolds the deeds once again have risen to the Presidents door.

As more and more revelations unfold, from the scandals of Republican Congressmen, or the disappearance of millions of dollars meant for the people of New Orleans and of Iraq, the cream always rises to the top of the U.S government.

The lying and trickery that brought a war in Iraq to the wounded soldiers lying in blood and urine at Walter Reed, the evidence once again "trickles up" to the Oval office.

The past six years have brought lies and wars, death and deception to a country that was once unified as one. Some call it treason, some call it shame, but the past six years have brought the Republican version of Trickle Up Economics, from the lowest of White House aides to the occupant of the nations highest office.

Our soldiers will not be safe and America will not be secure until those in Congress allow impeachment proceedings to "Trickle Up" to the top two people in the United States government.

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