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This is the TRUE spirit of Christmas

expect miracles:
worry and anxiety actually prevent success. In the gap of surrender, between the dream and action, is where 'miracles' happen. "In all creative work mental effort defeats itself. Creativity cannot be forced. Creativity inevitably favours the relaxed mind.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Listen to my interview with incredible businessman, entrepreneur, inventor, innovator HAPPY DAYS's star, my costar on Dick Clarks Rockin' Eve, and director of Melrose Place and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ANSON WILLIAMS, author of the new bestselling book SINGING TO A BULLDOG - an inspirational book about triumph and overcoming hardship. 


From Lydia Cornell:  "When I first came to town I sneaked onto the Paramount studios set of Happy Days and met Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Donny Most, Garry Marshall, Jerry Paris.... "  


Listen to my interview with incredible businessman, entrepreneur, inventor, innovator HAPPY DAYS's star, my costar on Dick Clarks Rockin' Eve, and director of Melrose Place and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ANSON WILLIAMS, author of the new bestselling book SINGING TO A BULLDOG - an inspirational book about triumph and overcoming hardship.


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Safe Passage - helping abused women
Christmas Caroing for Seniors

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SCRIPT FRENZY   Lydia Cornell shares her thoughts on writer's block.
(This is a reprint of the original article which appeared on Script Frenzy published by the Office of Letters and Light. SCRIPT FRENZY collapsed its website in 2014)
In March, during the storms of divorce, faced with looming book deadlines, I had been avoiding work, sitting in a catatonic state, staring at the TV, watching episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. I couldn't get enough of the brilliant David Suchet and his mustache. Now I have to enter a 12-step program for addiction to this detective mystery that plants clues backwards and rarely has a linear plot. Poirot of all things!
“For the love of all that is holy,” my son said in his best imitation ofFamily Guy, “stop watching that boring show Mom. Aren’t you supposed to be writing your book?”
Teenagers are not nice people.
After a horrifying week of watching the Japanese nuclear reactor meltdown, our TV finally stopped working. The rainstorms had knocked out both internet and cable, and now I had no excuse not to write. It would have been a good thing if I had only used the storm properly. The day started out gray and cloudy and perfect! A wonderful, dark, rainy writing day. I was so excited, I kept repeating to myself: “I’m going to start writing in a minute… any minute now I’m going to start writing.”
“Okay, I’ll start after I get another cup of coffee.”
That’s when I accidentally wandered into the garage and found another set of unwatched Poirot DVDs buried inside a box of Christmas gifts I had forgotten to return.
“Okay, I’ll start writing after one more Poirot episode.
It was hours before I came out of the garage, having gone on a berserk treasure-hunting binge. We were out of red licorice (the 96 oz size) so I decided to go to Costco in Van Nuys, the end of the civilized world. I was so tired by the time I pulled into the parking lot that I climbed into the backseat of our minivan and took an hour-long nap.
Somehow, despite my son’s judgmental nagging, the writer’s block brought us closer. He actually hung out with me that week, did his homework in my room, and succumbed to the strange pull of Poirot. I think he liked the fact that I surrendered to TV-watching like a zombie, a droid, a neurosis-free blob of a mom.
It’s a good thing he didn’t know the truth: I was so deeply depressed and in such a dark place, I was losing faith in myself. What made it worse was that there were people in Japan who had lost everything, but they had more enthusiasm for life than I had.
At that moment, I sat up in bed and heard a voice, an inner voice, as if it was the most important question in the universe: What are you afraid of?
Writing is a spiritual process of letting go of fear of being judged.Embrace your defects; they are your greatest teachers. So now I view writer’s block as an important part of writing itself. Maybe we should rename it “gestation.” Thinking, going to the fridge, musing over ice cream flavors, watching Poirot— it’s all part of the birthing process.
But in the mortal realm, here is some practical advice: when you’re on a deadline, just sit down and turn on a kitchen timer. Set it for 20 minutes, and do not move until you’ve written a sentence, a paragraph or a page. Act as if a benevolent force of love exists that is always guiding you. Ask this force, the Universe, your Source, your loving higher Power, your inner-self, for the next indicated sentence. Write down the first thing that comes into your mind. This will help you to let go, face your writer’s block, and get back on track.
Heaven for writers must be a place where we get all our unfinished projects done in peace; a place where no ego exists, no burden of self, where we can write without worrying about selling our work. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? All the scripts, novels, plays, and children’s books left in closets and drawers that have been haunting us could be set free, if we could write without fear of being judged.

AFI Best Actress nominee and People's Choice Award winner Lydia Cornell is best known for her starring role on the hit ABC series Too Close for Comfort, HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, Red Tide with James Earl Jones, and hundreds of TV shows and films. She wrote and produced the short film Venus Conspiracy, costarring with her TV sister Deborah Van Valkenburgh, and this will soon be a feature film. She has her own comedy channel and live talk show with Hell's Kitchen chefs, MTV stars and sports broadcasters 'Beats and Eats' a highly rated iTunes podcast and Stitcher award nominee. Cornell is an award-winning blogger, writer, director, playwright, comedienne, talk show host, teen mentor, and inspirational speaker. She is also women and children's advocate. Her articles have appeared in A&E Biography, Huffington Post, Editor & Publisher, Macon Daily, and Lone Star Icon. She is currently working on a series of books, which will be out in 2015.

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We are back together: Lydia, Nick and T'y on

How can the TMZ  get away with this? Please LISTEN as we discuss my Secret Agent stalker, predators, help for women with cyberstalkers.. AirBNB, Interstellar, Portlandia and turning tragedy into comedy; net neutrality, politics by accident; The Girls Scandal Lena Dunham and our road trip to NEW ORLEANS!!  The truth is about to come out -- all about the criminal mind who stole my sanity and inserted himself into our case against organized criminals. This convicted felon/stalker/predator actually sued Kelsey Grammer and used my name for publicity -- convincing the press that I was suing Grammer — when I NEVER SUED KELSEY GRAMMER!  Because of the hardship, fraud and losses I was going through -- in addition to the gag order I had received from my own attorney — I was unable to talk about it until now.

Listen by clicking on any of these links:


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Southern California Motion Picture Council 

A Sparkling Celebrity Event!
Monday October 13, 2014 7pm-10pm
Our Golden Halo honorees will include:

Lydia Cornell - Golden Halo Lifetime Achievement Award 

An AFI Best Actress nominee and People's Choice Award winner, women and children's advocate; international star of over 250 TV shows and films, best known as the star of ABC's hit series Too Close for Comfort as TV legend Ted Knight's daughter, Sara Rush. Her credits include HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, Twilight Zone, Simon & Simon, Full House, Knight Rider, Love Boat (5), Hexed, T.J. Hooker, A-Team, Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, Dukes, Monsters, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve (co-host). She is a mother, author, teen mentor, talk show host, comedienne, producer, director, and award-winning writer. She is a women and children's advocate and also works on behalf of domestic abuse victims.

Mary Gregory - Golden Halo Lifetime Achievement Award
Her film credits include: Sleeper (1973), Coming Home (1978) and They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) Mary is also known for three "Twilight Zone" episodes: "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street", "The Lateness Of The Hour" and "The Shelter". In a career spanning 60 years Mary has appeared on nearly every Television show imaginable from "Gunsmoke" to "Perry Mason" to "Cannon".

Christopher Riordan - Golden Halo Lifetime Achievement Award
Stage, Screen,Television, Choreography, Directing Discovered by Fred Astaire, his film credits include Somebody Up There Likes Me, Raintree County, My Fair Lady, The Cincinnatti Kid, The Loved One, The Great Race, Goodbye Charlie, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls.

TV Credits: The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The Bing Crosby Show, Batman, Perry Mason,The Andy Griffith Show, The Lucy Show, The Monkees, Get Smart, Gidget, Hogan's Heroes, My Three Sons, The Fugitive and Ugly Betty.

Debra Tate - Golden Halo Lifetime Achievement Award

Actress, author, model, and victim's advocate, Debra Tate has worked to bring about change in human rights legislation. She has been interviewed by Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer, and Matt Lauer and has appeared in numerous documentaries and shows including Good Morning America and Dateline. Debra Tate captures her sister’s life in “Sharon Tate: Recollection” published by the Running Press. This book celebrates her sister actress and includes memories from Roman Polanski, David Niven, Warren Beatty, Jane Fonda, Joan Collins and Lee Grant.
 (4 photos)

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benefactor is donating $1 for every online selfie using "#FSHDselfies". If you have social media, we would optionally ask that you allow us to shoot the 'selfie' with your own smart phone as well as that of the participant and ask you to post it to your FB, Twitter & other media fan base with the following 140 characters. We'll bring a copy with us for you to post.

Celebrity Walk n Roll #FSHDselfies for FSH MD. @WhereOC join me tomorrow at Heritage Park #Irvine at 10 am for #FSHD.

                    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12  - HERITAGE PARK, IRVINE
Directions to Heritage Park will be at the front desk for you when you check in.

10:00 – Registration
10:30-  Start of Walk
11:30 – Introduction of celebrities and FSH dignitaries.
12:00 – Lunch provided by Dave “n”  Buster’s.
12:45 – Games, Raffle and Silent and Live Auction.
2:00 – On your way home.

You can stop at K1Speed Only 10 minutes from the Park.
The address is 17221 Van Karman Avenue- Irvine
Your name will be on our master celebrity ID list at the check in counter. It is a great experience if you haven’t gone before. Check it out at

In addition to the Walk we will have fun competitions for all of the celebrities and walkers.
 If you have children please feel free to bring them as there are two big children’s playing areas right there in Heritage Park.

HERITAGE PARK (14301 Yale Avenue)
You will see balloons at the entrance to the parking area. Tell the parking person you are one of the celebrities. We will have spaces reserved for our celebrities.

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Lots of cool stuff!

I have been watching back-to-back episodes of X-Files while shredding love letters.

In this house I raised three boys and two dogs, including my husband, who they were all going through puberty at the same time.

This is the house where I discovered the ghost, a hidden room and a fig tree. I also found my soul. It's where the children jumped off the roof like a herd of elephants into the swimming pool. It's where I broke down in sobs when my marriage ended. It's where I did an exorcism on one roommate by throwing holy water on her —  and I'm not even Catholic.

The other day, I sat down to read all the love letters from my marriage, and the hate letters. And the beautiful cards my children wrote me. 

I've been working with Nanette of  "Above All Else Sales" wonderful estate sales team  has gone through every corner of the home. I finally am leaving it all behind and lightening my load.  Check out the photos here:!beverly-hills-moving-sale/c17ra

Tiffany, Waterford, Spode, Steuben, Apple, Schwinn, Yugioh, Pokemon, Nintendo, X-Box, 4 pianos, furniture, Transformers Robots, I-Robots, Sharper Image Robots, bikes, flute, violin, electric guitars, skis, surfboards, tennis rackets, art - Steve Kaufman, Kluge, Picasso, Mont, BB King, Jimmy Connors, Ida Bohatta, rare books, hundreds of DVDs, CDs and vinyl.

Schwinn, Gucci, Ann Taylor, Bowflex.. basketball court, air hockey table, TVs, stereos, tools, buzz saws, power tools, wagons, sculptures, Tiki god, boogie boards, ski parkas, drum sets.. gold gowns, sequins, leather, vintage clothing, jewelry 

Friday is a private sale by appt. only and a cappuccino party
Saturday and Sunday are open house. 

300 S. Crescent Drive
Beverly Hills, CA. 90212

(This is NOT a celebrity memorabilia sale) 

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Check out Lydia Cornell's Comedy Therapy on HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS and Indie films, original comedy live here:

After a bizarre few years hiding from a stalker, going through a divorce, raising children and going underground to write, I finally came out of hiding this year.

I'm looking for a new packaging agent and manager for several properties I'm producing. Have 5 shows, 3 scripts and 5 books in the thriller, comedy and feminist genres. 

Cornell has been invited to contribute her writings to The International Museum of Peace, which houses letters from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou & Sir Edmund Hillary.

About Lydia Cornell

  • With 20-34 million viewers Tuesday nights on ABC primetime, AFI Best Actress nominee and People's Choice Award winner Lydia Cornell grew up in America’s living rooms as the star of ABC's hit series Too Close For Comfort opposite TV legend Ted Knight’s (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Caddyshack) virginal daughter Sara Rush
  • Currently in talks with Dancing with the Stars, her show is back on TV daily in 84 million homes on Tribune Broadcasting’s new comedy channel Antenna TV, on WGN and in top markets nationwide.
  • Starred in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David; Kelsey Grammer Comedy Hour; Host of Variety’s Power of Comedy with Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Aziz Ansari, Dylan McDermott and Sarah Silverman. In July 2014, starred on stage at the Whitefire Theatre in Hollywood Shorts with Hallmark Channel’s Mark Steines.
  • Cornell’s fan base exploded last fall when she shot onto Google’s Top Trends[1] and Yahoo! Finance News’ Most Viewed News Stories[2] right behind William Buffet. Yahoo! Finance News: Lydia Cornell interviews World Leaders, Pulitzer Prize Winners, White House and Presidential Candidates for new morning drive AM radio show
  • Lydia is known for her voice; has her own national radio show with MTV stars, Hell’s Kitchen chefs and CLNS Sports network which was nominated for a 2013 Stitcher Award. She starred in Hagar the Horrible and booked dozens of commercials before Abrams Rubaloff disbanded. She stopped to raise children, write and produce.
  • Lydia currently co-stars with Robert Downey, Jr., Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi and Gary Oldman in “Me, Miami and Nancy” new indie winner of Park City Film Festival, and in acclaimed director Jordan Alan’s Cats Dancing on Jupiter with The Mentalist’s Amanda Rhigetti
  • Cornell is now a mother, teen mentor, women and children’s advocate, talk show host, author, award-winning writer, blogger.She recently spoke at Texas A&M on overcoming domestic violence and did a documentary for Safe Passage, a battered women’s shelter.
  • Buzz: In talks with Dancing With the Stars and is producing a top-secret show for a network.
  • She received the USO Distinguished Service Award for Beirut war zone trip.  
  • Too Close for Comfort has been in worldwide syndication for 25 years.

  • Venus Conspiracy – written and directed by Lydia Cornell, costarring Deborah Van Valkenburgh, who played her sister on Too Close for Comfort
  • Pain is Inevitable, Sex Optional – on stage in her original three-woman show
  • Political Voices of Women Best Writing Awards ~ World Report Award, Thinking Blogger Award; Weblog Award and Double Koufax Nominee.
  • Standup: Improv, Laugh Factory, Las Vegas at the Riviera, Sahara; opening for Paul Rodriguez at Pechanga 1500 seat theater
  • Cornell has written over 350 articles on politics, women’s issues, pop culture, spirituality, religion, sex, divorce. Has written an international thriller on the Trotsky assassination
  • Known for her knife-sharp humor on HBO, in standup comedy concerts, and on morning-drive radio, Cornell has been called: “A fresh voice; one of the most original voices in America today.”
  • Credits: Guest starred in Quantum Leap, Full House A-Team, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, Full House, Quantum Leap; Hunter; Simon & Simon; Love Boat (5) Fantasy Island; Hotel (2); Hardball; The Red Tide with Oscar winners James Earl Jones and Jose Ferrer and Lila Kedrova.
  • Teen Mentor - Mentors teens; Hosts “The Answer Room” for troubled youth. Volunteers with sons for Red Cross, Imagine L.A., homeless children, and houses a domestic abuse survivor.
  • Raised sons, including a special-needs child with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease)   
  • Public speaker on Domestic Violence; hosting Oxygen Network Safe Passage documentary on battered women.
  • TMZ: Lydia Cornell was the first celebrity profiled this year on TMZ. “In the '80s, Lydia Cornell became famous as Ted Knight's blonde daughter on the TV series Too Close for Comfort. Guess what she looks like now? “Fergie from Black Eyed Peas!”
  • Had a hilarious feud with Ann Coulter; Interviewed Elizabeth and John Edwards.
  • Lydia interviewed Pulitzer Prize Winners, White House advisers, presidential candidates, Senators, Congressmen and women, and bestselling authors for her award-winning radio show
  • Founder of Comedy Dance Film Festival co-sponsored by Saturday Night Live alum Jon Lovitz, in conjunction with CityWalk Universal in 2011 (*TBA)
  • Lydia Cornell's blog - a triple Koufax nominee for best writing, recipient of the Thinking Blogger Award and winner of the Freedom Award and three World Report Awards, is “a consistently thought-provoking firecracker of pointed socio-political commentary and observant, caustic wit.” (Yahoo News; Shotgun Reviews.)

"Lydia Cornell is an award-winning actress, writer, comedienne, and talk-radio host best known for her role as "Sara Rush” - Ted Knight's dazzlingly beautiful yet stereotypically dumb blonde daughter on ABC's '80s hit sitcom, “Too Close for Comfort.” Lydia starred in over 250 TV shows & films including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Full House, Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, A-Team, Hunter, Hardball, Hotel (2), Love Boat (6), Fantasy Island, T.J. Hooker and the pilot of the cult series Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. She signed hundreds of autographs at their convention earlier this year in Los Angeles. She co-starred with three Oscar winners James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer and Lila Kedrova in The Red Tide, shot in the Greek Isles. 

[1] Google Hot Trends: Google Hot Trends: What is popular/what is hot Lydia Cornell in Google’s top 100 trends when a cover story on Cornell coincided with the news that her show was coming back on the air. Cornell wrote over 175 spiritual-political articles on government, politics, Obama, the election, sex and religion.
[2] Breaking Yahoo! News: Too Close for Comfort actress Lydia Cornell interviews world leaders, presidential candidates and Pulitzer Prizewinners for new radio show.