Thursday, October 04, 2012


We’re here for this short time on this earth, and obviously and death happens to everyone. And look at how many young people and big stars are dying, giving up, petering out, checking out. It’s as if many of them just gave up and decided life was too much trouble. Fleetwood Mac's Bob Welch, Whitney Houston, Davy Jones, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Nora Ephron, Robin Gibb, Ben Gazzara, Peter Falk, Peter Jones, John Ritter, Levon Helm, Tony Scott, Lupe Ontiveros, Natalie Wood, Ron Palillo, Don Cornelius, Leslie Carter, Sherman Helmsley, Chuck Brown, Bruno Kirby, artist Mike Kelley, the sweathog from Welcome Back Kotter, several friends of mine, Sage Stallone, Donna Summer, Michael Clarke Duncan, John Lord, Miss Melodie, Yvette Wilson, Dick Clark, Phyllis Diller, my college roommate Pam, Johnny Lewis, my precious brother Paul,… 

The gang at Pink Taco after stalker hearing. 

So if Death is inevitable, and this is a temporal zone that we’re just sort of hanging out in, then why can’t we just enjoy this amazing earth experience with all its colors and flowers and creatures and pleasures? Why are we setting ourselves up to suffer and compete and live in misery wanting and striving for “things” and position and acclaim? Why not just be creative and joyous and childlike and gleeful every day of our lives?  Why struggle?  Why so many “shoulds” about how to raise our children, how to get into the best colleges?  Why not explore the world and travel and live off the land. Why NOT HAVE FUN?  It’s a short ride and we’ll miss the scenery if we don’t relax and experience this amazing planet.