Friday, January 19, 2007


Welcome visitors this past week from the Philippines, Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Senegal, Belgium, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Cambodia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, China, Japan, Kuwait, Palestinian Territory, U.K, Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Singapore, Africa, India, Yemen, Ghana, Senegal, Canada, Hawaii as well as all across mainland United States. This week was an historic day in radio, as Philippines legendary New Wave radio station presented by Sutton Records went LIVE for the first time since it went off the air in 1987.

What's going on in your country? Please tell us what is happening in your part of the world, what you're thinking about and if you are conscious of global warming. I would like to know what other countries are actively doing to help the environment. Also, what trends are popular; whether you have a Wii and an i-pod, we can at least unite the world through music — and connect different cultures with one common goal: to bring hope, love and understanding to each other. We need to join forces.

You can listen right now, LIVE! to the BEST New Wave MUSIC check out presented by Sutton Records. is the most revolutionary radio station in the world and there are great things to come!

Here is a hilarious article from Huffington Post
Bob Cesca: Iraq Is Not Delightful, Mr. President

After last weekend's 60 Minutes interview, I thought perhaps someone somewhere in Washington would inform our chief executive that grinning like a mental patient might not be the best way to express concern over the violence in Iraq. And if someone did in fact mention it to him, he didn't listen. Or he forgot. On PBS's NewsHour, he was doing it again. A lot. But unlike the sly, giggly grinning before, the NewsHour expressions more closely resemble a man who just finished watching a litter of puppies being fed ice cream by floating babies dressed in sunflower costumes.

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