Saturday, June 24, 2023


I had this funny feeling last night - that Putin wants out of the Ukraine war (his illegitimate and failed invasion of a sovereign nation) and instead of admitting defeat, he and Prigozhin planned this weird diversion. I know that sounds crazy but ... I know that sounds crazy but ...

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Just discovered these from Getty Images from an event for the Amanda Foundation. They can be purchased here but this is probably for editorial use. What makes me mad is that certain photographers choose the worst photos ever on purpose so TMZ can condemn you and destroy you. This has happened to me many times. TMZ posted the worst pic of me during the most scary time of my life, when the stalker was threatening to 'bash my face in.' It was a a pic taken while I was blinking or moving my mouth or something mistaken. People wrote that I was 'so ugly I deserved to have my face bashed in." That's what being famous gets you. #LydiaCornell Ruben Mazariegos #TMZ

And now photographer Phil Archuleta is doing the same thing. Posting the worst photo possible of me from a side angle that had me in the midst of blinking - that doesn't even look like me. Why would he do this? What is the point of trying to destroy a career?

Tuesday, April 11, 2023


 HI Everyone! 

Hope you are all well and had a happy Easter weekend. I just finished filming a wonderful movie cirected by Millena Gay, written by Noreen McClendon and co-starring Jayne Kennedy, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Cleavon McClendon, Vincent Irizarry, Kathleen Bradley, Christina Childress and our first AD was Satie Gosset, the son of Lou Gossett, Jr. 

Here is pretty unusual interview about some cool things and the first 10 minutes encapsulates a philosophy of life that came off the top of my head. It was a pure godshot interview

Here is the page with all the links and text: 


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

LYDIA CORNELL 2023 PHOTOS ~ w/ Melissa Manchester, Leonard Martin, MIchael Learned at the HOLLYWOOD MUSEUM ~ GETTY IMAGES

Photo of Lydia Cornell and beau Lawrence H. Levy by William Kidston at the Smithsonian event at The Hollywood Museum Mary Pickford’s gown from the movie Secrets, 1933. Leonard Maltin, Jim Colucci, Vin DiBona, oanne Worley, Melissa Manchester, Lawrence H. Levy, Michael Learned, Anson Williams, Stanley Livingston, Lawrence H Levy, Dee Dee Sorvino, B Harlan Boll, Roger Neal, Ann Jillian, Donelle Dadigan

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Lydia Cornell on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm


Comedy Hall of Fame's Grace Fraga and her Hilarious, Life-Changing Cancer Recovery Story

Comedy Hall of Fame's Grace Fraga and her Hilarious, Life-Changing Story

'How to Survive the Worst Day of Your Life' or 'How to Create Miracles in the Midst of a Crisis' ~ A phenomenal show with the hilarious and amazing Grace Fraga. TV producer, standup comedienne, relationship expert, cancer survivor, and bestselling author. Godshots Mental Health podcast with Lydia Cornell and Darlene Sperlazza, R.N.

"My 3 Boobs" (hint: one of them is a guy). 'What foods NOT to eat to prevent cancer?' 'What plant-based body and household products to use?' Einstein said: "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." Mental Health Series

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

How to Combat Depression

 ***People don’t fake depression.. they fake being ok**

Drink water, plenty of it. Use ice, if you want. Add some mint or lemon for an extra boost.
Go outside and get some sunshine - take a walk, play, relax, swim, just do it outside even if it’s for 15 minutes.
Shower. Not a bath, a shower. Use water as hot or cold as you like. You don’t even need to wash. Just get in under the water and let it run over you for a while. Sit on the floor if you gotta.
Get some exercise, if you have a gym membership use it. If you don’t, do some calisthenics, or simple exercises that don’t require much.
Blast music. Listen to something upbeat and dancy and loud, something that’s got lots of energy. Sing to it, dance to it, even if you suck at.
Make something. Write a short story or a poem, draw a picture, color a picture, fold origami, crochet or knit, sculpt something out of clay, anything artistic. Even if you don’t think you’re good at it. Create.
Go outside. Take a walk. Sit in the grass. Look at the clouds. Smell flowers. Put your hands in the dirt and feel the soil against your skin. Take off your shoes and walk in the grass, sand or dirt. Ground yourself ❤️
Call someone. Call a loved one, a friend, a family member, call a chat service if you have no one else to call. Talk to a stranger on the street. Have a conversation and listen to someone’s voice. If you can’t bring yourself to call, text or email or whatever, just have some social interaction with another person. Even if you don’t say much, listen to them. It helps. (You can always call/text/message me!)
May seem small or silly to some, but this list keeps people alive.
* In case nobody has told you today I Love you and you are worth your weight and then some in gold, so be kind to yourself and most of all keep pushing on!!!!
Find something to be grateful for!
US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.
Help is available, speak to someone today.
Dial 988
**copied, and added a few things that help me....feel free to do the same... 💚💙

Saturday, January 14, 2023

The Hidden Power Within You ~ by Emmet Fox

 The Hidden Power 

Strange as it may seem to you, there exists a mystic power that is able to transform your life so thoroughly, so radically, so completely, that when the process is completed your own friends would hardly recognize you, and, in fact, you would scarcely be able to recognize yourself. You would sit down and ask yourself: "Can I really be the man or woman that I vaguely remember, who went about under my name six months or six years ago? Was I really that person? Could that person have possibly been me?" And the truth will be that while in one sense you are indeed the same person, yet in another sense you will be someone utterly different. 

This mystic but intensely real force can pick you up today, now, from the midst of failure, ruin, misery, despair – and in the twinkling of an eye, as Paul said, solve your problems, smooth out your difficulties, cut you free from any entanglements, and place you clear, safe, and happy upon the highroad of freedom and opportunity.

It can lift you out of an invalid’s bed, make you sound and well once more, and free to go out into the world to shape your life as you will. It can throw open the prison door and liberate the captive. It has a magical healing balm for the bruised or broken heart.

This mystic Power can teach you all things that you need to know, if only you are receptive and teachable. It can inspire you with new thoughts and ideas, so that your work may be truly original. It can impart new and wonderful kinds of knowledge as soon as you really want such knowledge – glorious knowledge – strange things not taught in schools or written in books. It can do for you that which is probably the most important thing of all in your present stage: it can find your true place in life for you, and put you into it too. It can find the right friends for you, kindred spirits who are interested in the same ideas and want the same things that you do. It can provide you with an ideal home. It can furnish you with the prosperity that means freedom, freedom to be and to do and to go as your soul calls. 

This extraordinary Power, mystic though I have rightly called it, is nevertheless very real, no mere imaginary abstraction, but actually the most practical thing there is. The existence of this Power is already well known to thousands of people in the world today, and has been known to certain enlightened souls for tens of thousands of years. This Power is really no less than the primal Power of Being, and to discover that Power is the Divine birthright of all men. It is your right and your privilege to make your contact with this Power, and to allow it to work through your body, mind, and estate, so that you need no longer grovel upon the ground amid limitations and difficulties, but can soar up on wings like an eagle to the realm of dominion and joy.

But where, it will naturally be asked, is this wonderful, mystic Power to be contacted? Where may we find it? And how is it brought into action? The answer is perfectly simple – This Power is to be found within your own consciousness, the last place that most people would look for it. Right within your own mentality there lies a source of energy stronger than electricity, more potent than high explosive; unlimited and inexhaustible. You only need to make conscious contact with this Power to set it working in your affairs; and all the marvelous results enumerated can be yours. This is the real meaning of such sayings in the Bible as "The Kingdom of God is within you"; and "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all the rest shall be added." 

This Indwelling Power, the Inner Light, or Spiritual Idea, is spoken of in the Bible as a child, and throughout the Scriptures the child symbolically always stands for this. Bible symbolism has its own beautiful logic, and just as the soul is always spoken of as a woman, so this, the Spiritual Idea that is born to the soul, is described as a child. 

The conscious discovery by you that you have this Power within you, and your determination to make use of it, is the birth of the child. And it is easy to see how very apt the symbol is, for the infant that is born in consciousness is just such a weak, feeble entity as any new-born child, and it calls for the same careful nursing and guarding that any infant does in its earliest days. After a time, however, as the weeks go by, the child grows stronger and bigger, until a time comes when it can well take care of itself; and then it grows and grows in wisdom and stature until, no longer leaning on the mother’s care, the child, now arrived at man’s estate, turns the tables, and repays its debt by taking over the care of its mother. So your ability to contact the mystic Power within yourself, frail and feeble at first, will gradually develop until you find yourself permitting that Power to take your whole life into its care.