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News Alert 1:58 p.m. ET Thursday, March 9, 2006
Dubai Firm Gives Up Stake in U.S. Ports
The United Arab Emirates company that was attempting to take over management operations at six U.S. ports announced today that it will divest itself of all American interests. The announcement appears to head off a major confrontation that was brewing between Congress and the Bush administration over the controversial deal.

Silence is complicity. I love America, but there is something very wrong going on here. I felt it in the pit of my soul, immediately after the last election; and all good people (who didn't have blinders on) knew the truth. Looking into Bush's eyes, I knew this was an impostor, a man with absolutely no true Christian values, no interest in the lives of real Americans or middle-Americans, or the working class or the poor. People in the South said "he looks like a guy I'd like to have a beer with at a barbeque." Love casts our fear, but this man has done nothing but create fear, anger, destruction, bankruptcy, suspicion, divisiveness, mistrust, embarrrassment, terrorism and death. And he doesn't ever seem deeply sad or apologetic or mortified over causing so many deaths, so many coffins, so much anguish. He seems to lack emotion, intelligence, depth and pathos. How on earth did this person become the leader of the free world? The people who are behind this administration have usurped our precious freedoms for their self-serving, anti-American agenda and should be ashamed of themselves.

For people who care about a free America, the country our parents' generation fought to protect — the single most important issue is reforming our election process and realizing there has been CRIMINAL VOTER FRAUD in the last election. This is not some conspiracy theory, it's a fact. WAKE UP! No one seems to take this seriously, but I urge you to go to BRADBLOG and read about Diebold being busted in several states for having illegal infrared data ports in the back of machines to switch votes — as well as known voter suppression. Diebold is being sued right now.) And the single most important book on this is Mark Crispin Miller's FOOLED AGAIN: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One Too. This is a chilling account of Bush-right-wing election fraud.


Also, from late last night if you missed it...
'Moscow Times' Covers Diebold, Crumbling American Electoral System
The World is Watching... BRADBLOG

We no longer live in a Democratic nation, but if we are true Americans we will not tolerate this immoral, corrupt idiotic administration — nor will we allow the current right-wing stay in power any longer. We all know these militant, war-mongering fake "Christians" and greed-driven global capitalists are not true conservatives, nor are they true Americans. WAKE UP! It has taken far too long to get anyone to take this issue seriously, and it may be too late for the next elections, unless we act now on voter reform. We need to insist on paper ballots, among countless other things.

I asked my friend Doug Basham what he thinks of a possible Bush impeachment. (Basham of Progressive Talk Las Vegas, one of the best radio stations in the nation. Doug is so GOOD he should run for Congress.) Here's what he wrote to me last night: Dear Lydia, As for an impeachment, probably unlikely unless Democrats take back the House this November, and develop a spine and conscience in the process. I've read reports that Dems are leery of pushing for an impeachment because of the backlash Republicans experienced after their impeachment of Clinton (I guess they don't see the difference between lying about a semen stain and lying a nation into war?!?!) There are many smaller, grass roots-type impeachment movements around the country, plus one in congress. Problem with the one in congress: only 26 Democratic Congressmen/women out of over 200 have signed onto it. And even if all 200+ Democrats did sign onto it, the Republican controlled House wouldn't even entertain the thought of an impeachment. You would think that with Bush at 34% approval rating; the new video that shows he lied re: Katrina; the resistance from his own party re: the Dubai ports deal; and the illegal NSA eavesdropping program, the Democrats would be jumping all OVER this guy. And yet, they remain reluctant to endorse Bush's impeachment. Strange. Take care. Doug

GANDHI: You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance.
Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul.

Always remember: Every moment is a choice between LOVE AND FEAR.

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Everyone - please read DEVIL'S GAME, a GREAT BOOK by my friend Robert Dreyfuss, investigative journalist for Rolling Stone, The Nation and Mother Jones.

Number One on the agenda is to unify the Democrats and win back Congress. But we have to redefine the word "liberal" which is one of the most beautiful words in the English language -- and has been smeared by right-wing propagandists and AM talk radio. Liberal means "generous, bounteous, open-handed, tolerant." Liberals actually have true Christian values without even knowing it at times! I've never met a liberal who didnt' want to do good things in the world. And I agree with Rabbi Michael Lerner and Rev. Jim Wallis --Christ mentions "taking care of the poor" as one of our main obligations. How to get rich: Give to the poor. This is the spiritual principle of abundance.

Took a couple of days off from writing and went to see Brokeback on Friday morning. Question: how many of you GUYS (and girls) saw Brokeback Mountain? How many of you are still a little reticent to see it — even though you may be Democrats? Great movie, much more complex than I thought it would be. "Elegiac" as Ang Lee says. I don't want to spoil it for you. I love Ang Lee and believe he is a genius, an enlightened thinker who crosses all cultural barriers. But mainly because I loved "Sense and Sensibility" (the Jane Austen novel, which Emma Thompson turned into brilliant screenplay and won an Oscar for).

But I do want to say I'm so glad CRASH won!! Paul Haggis is an incredibly evolved soul! He has always been on the cutting edge of the progressive movement. Years ago he was on the board of the environmental group ECO (Earth Communications Office) and held fundraisers at his home. He had me in to read for a pilot, but I blew it because I was nervous and (that's before I quit drinking 11 years ago.)

I heard Terrence Howard on Charlie Rose the other night; he was so articulate when he said he hoped CRASH would win because it might help to unify America now. We really need to look inside each other's hearts and see things from the other point of view. There is no spiritual growth with people who are just like you; we need to understand "the Other." We are all flawed and we all have a right to be here.

I have to say I loved Matt Dillon's performance most of all. His character made the most interesting transformation and character arc. I would love to see our friends whom we presume to be on the right, you know who I'm talking about -- make this transformation.

God Bless Aaron Spelling. He gave me my first job in Hollywood. This is from May 2005, at Duke Vincent's book party for "Mafia Summer."

By the way I have a friend who went to Regent University last year. This is a right-wing Christian college, like Liberty U. which is specifically set up to breed lawyers and citizens who will enter politics with the "right-wing" religious frame of mind. She said several of her classmates used the "N" word consistently! They also were very sheltered and had extremely narrow views on women, Catholics and all non-whites. But she somehow actually forged friendships with these kids, and they are now pen pals! I am doing an interview with this woman, and will report on Brad Blog. There is also a great article in The Nation by Eric Alterman.