Wednesday, October 02, 2013


I have to admit I love the paranormal and would LOVE to find out that UFOs and aliens have visited earth.

Tonight I happened to be home after traveling for the past two weeks, and I turned on Science Channel (my favorite is Discovery or Bio A&E, ABC-Disney) and the show 'Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction" hosted by Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame was on.

This was named a hoax but in this documentary the explore all possibilities. What is irrefutable are the admissions of the Roswell witnesses who have held their silence for 60 years — especially Frankie Rowe. She is riveting. There is no doubt in my mind that the man from the government who visited her and threatened her life, is real.

All these witnesses spoke up. Why the coverup? Why can't we know the truth? And did Ray Santilli actually fake this entire thing?

No. The truth is that he only reconstructed the video so we could see the real video. The original was too badly damaged. The people who kept quiet about what they saw will all be dead soon. *Frankie Rowe is telling the truth here.

Please watch:

*Frankie Rowe is one of the few surviving witnesses of the Roswell Crash who claims to have held actual wreckage. Rowe was 12 years-old at the time of the incident.

Rowe's father, Dan Dwyer, was a Roswell Fireman. According to Rowe, Dwyer went out to investigate what he assumed was a crashed airplane only to discover it to be not from this world. Dwyer claims to have seen a child-size being with large dark eyes, brown skin, and no hair stumbling around the scene. Later a piece of the wreckage that displayed strange properties would be shown to Rowe. Rowe claims the piece could be crumbled up and that it would return immediately to it's proper shape. Rowe claims the next day that military men came to the house and threatened them with the implication that they would be killed if they ever talked of what they had experienced. Rowe's story was verified by her sister, Helen Cahill. Cahill did not live with her family at the time but recalls that her parents told her the story of what had happened.

Controversy: Frankie Rowe has been the target of a smear campaign involving both debunkers and believers in the Roswell Crash as being extraterrestrial. Unfortunately several lies have been told, such as that Frankie's father wasn't truly a fireman. Such lies can easily be proven wrong with research.

One of the researchers who initially rejected Rowe's story was researcher Karl Pflock who had interviewed three former firemen who all claimed that they never made runs outside of city limits as well as that they never responded to any crash on the day in question. Investigator Kevin Randle has rescued Rowe's reputation by producing documentation revealing that the firemen did indeed make runs outside of city limits as well as testimony from another fireman who claimed that Dan Dwyer took his own personal vehicle to the crash scene. As it stands today, Frankie Rowe's story has not been discredited.