Thursday, May 29, 2014


The term 'godshot®' is a snapshot of uncanny synchronicity, although my horror story turned into the biggest godshot of my life -- and from the moment I surrendered 19 years ago, I experienced hundreds of uncanny, supernatural events that are hilarious and absolutely astounding. I call them miracles, because miracles are actually natural laws when you consider the universe from the perspective of quantum physics. 

What I am talking about are those magical moments that make you feel like you are not alone, that the force is winking at you, playing with you and showing off for you. 

These small things in life may seem like nothing — but therein lies the problem. 

If you are a cynic, you won't get it. The Greek word 'cynic' refers to 'dog-men' who urinated on works of art. (They peed on people's dreams.) It takes a sense of wonder to interact with the Universe or "God" or whatever this amazing force is - and once you are no longer cynical, you start to manifest your dreams. Because you are a creative being, whether you know it or not. 

For now, I am just back to enjoying the present moment, where all the gifts are. 

"You won't believe what happened yesterday!! A butterfly landed/ crawled onto my finger 3 times. I saw a rainbow, a horse, and Saturn! Thank you Universe, the force of love that created all this magic and beauty, that we can't see unless we have the eyes of a child. 

Hiking at top of world Planetarium with Ruzanna. Had triple Godshots: butterfly landed on my finger (crawled onto it 3 times; we met a horse (horsepower for Linda B Vasquez); we saw the planet SATURN up close in a telescope outside at night; and the best thing of all: we lay down at the top of mountain and saw our own personal RAINBOW inside the wings of a dove. Have never experienced anything like this. We pointed to it, but another hiker couldn't see it! Twice we asked her. So bizarre.

And we lay down at the top of mountain and saw a RAINBOW in the clouds - deep purple, iridescent gold, red, teal, which then formed the wings of a dove. Have never experienced anything like this. Another hiker passed by and we kept pointing to the colors, but she couldn't see them. Bizarre! WithRuzanna Khachatryan XOXOXO (our own personal rainbow)