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The term 'godshot®' is a snapshot of uncanny synchronicity, although my horror story turned into the biggest godshot of my life -- and from the moment I surrendered 19 years ago, I experienced hundreds of uncanny, supernatural events that are hilarious and absolutely astounding. I call them miracles, because miracles are actually natural laws when you consider the universe from the perspective of quantum physics. 

What I am talking about are those magical moments that make you feel like you are not alone, that the force is winking at you, playing with you and showing off for you. 

These small things in life may seem like nothing — but therein lies the problem. 

If you are a cynic, you won't get it. The Greek word 'cynic' refers to 'dog-men' who urinated on works of art. (They peed on people's dreams.) It takes a sense of wonder to interact with the Universe or "God" or whatever this amazing force is - and once you are no longer cynical, you start to manifest your dreams. Because you are a creative being, whether you know it or not. 

For now, I am just back to enjoying the present moment, where all the gifts are. 

"You won't believe what happened yesterday!! A butterfly landed/ crawled onto my finger 3 times. I saw a rainbow, a horse, and Saturn! Thank you Universe, the force of love that created all this magic and beauty, that we can't see unless we have the eyes of a child. 

Hiking at top of world Planetarium with Ruzanna. Had triple Godshots: butterfly landed on my finger (crawled onto it 3 times; we met a horse (horsepower for Linda B Vasquez); we saw the planet SATURN up close in a telescope outside at night; and the best thing of all: we lay down at the top of mountain and saw our own personal RAINBOW inside the wings of a dove. Have never experienced anything like this. We pointed to it, but another hiker couldn't see it! Twice we asked her. So bizarre.

And we lay down at the top of mountain and saw a RAINBOW in the clouds - deep purple, iridescent gold, red, teal, which then formed the wings of a dove. Have never experienced anything like this. Another hiker passed by and we kept pointing to the colors, but she couldn't see them. Bizarre! WithRuzanna Khachatryan XOXOXO (our own personal rainbow)


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


GODSHOTS® is not a religious term. 

A godshot is a snapshot of wonder, of uncanny synchronicity. It can feel supernatural or magical. Miracles are actually natural laws. It's a glimpse into the invisible harmony and beauty of the universe, and a way to interact with the creative force that is waiting to play with you. I know this sounds bizarre, but until you've experienced this wonderful synchronicity, you won't believe it exists.  Some say it's a "shot of the divine."

Godshots describes those wonderfully supernatural events we experience in everyday life. But did you know that this points to evidence of a higher power working in your life? When my first one happened, I yelled "GodShot" and I haven't stopped using the word since. Everyday I have experienced moments of magical synchronicity. The key is to be grateful and to seek it out. 

I have written several personal true stories of uncanny coincidence and 'miracles' that happened to me, and I am putting them in a book collection similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul.  This is also a TV series and we have already started filming.

I would love to include your stories of synchronicity and coincidence. 

The Godshots® Books Franchise ~ create your own BOOK and add your own stories. We will film you or you can submit your own audio and video for our Youtube Channel. Help your own community,  town, cause, profession or city. You keep 60% of the profits as long as at least 20% of the profits go to the charity that defines your book. 

Please send your stories or a synopsis of your true experience to Godshots1@AOL.COM. 


GodShots®: Supernatural miracles or mere coincidences?

In this new TV and book series we prove the existence of a loving powerful force in the universe that interacts with you, shows off for you, and gives you the desires of your heart. 

GodShots describes how to see, manifest and experience "miracles" (which are actually natural laws) in your life, instantly. It is also the thrilling story of what happened to the author during her crash, burn and near-death experience.

Godshots is not a religious term. Religion is man-made. But the spirit of Love that created this beautiful universe is beyond anything in the material world.  The term "God" has become misused and often puts people off until they really know this powerful force firsthand. 

Religion can be wonderful and healing, and offer great comfort. But it is not necessary to be religious to acces this Great Power, as the Great Peacemaker said "The Kingdom is within you."

The force of love that created this spectacular, wonderful universe is a force I call 'God." But I am not talking about the archaic anthropomorphic "fear and punishment" version of God that many people unfortunately grew up to believe was real. This is not God. God is LOVE. What would love do? Every moment in your life is a choice between love and fear. Love casts out fear.  

 The author experienced a set of mind-boggling godshots when she got sober in 1994. At the end of her rope, banktupt, without hope -- in one moment everything changed.  A series of absolute miracles happened to her -- neon signs that were unmistakenly real but beyond the mortal realm. She figured out how to recreate these miracles in her life on a daily basis. This book tells her story and shows you how to do it yourself. Instantly transform your life.

I was furious at my husband, wishing I had never married him  – and I prayed out loud to the universe: “Show me why I am in this difficult marriage. What am I dong here?" At that moment my stepson Kevin walked in the door with a homemade Mother’s Day card he had made at school. Kevin was nine years old, and had never called me Mom or mother before, even though I had raised him since the age of four. He was born with ‘brittle bone disease’ (Osteogenesis Imperfecta.)  So he walks into my office and hands me this Mother’s Day card a day early. It says: Dear Mom, Thank you for taking care of me and raising me. Thank you for teaching me how to heal my bones and telling me about God. Love, Your stepson, Kevin.” (That's a godshot) 
Godshots (TM) is a book company and non-profit (in process) in which you can own your own franchise and create your own book.

YOU get to keep your own profits. As long as you send between 20-60% to the charity that pertains to your particular book, and as long as you send 20% back to us, at the GodShots Foundation, you can grow your business like MacDonalds.

We have hundreds of books being created right now: Recovery Godshots; Career Godshots; Financial Godshots; Cancer Godshots; Kansas City Godshots; Children's Godshots; Wildlife GodShots; Hospice Godshots; High School Godshots, Military Godshots, Vegas Godshots, Nurses' Godshots, Mothers' Godshots, etc. 

GodShots is different from the Chicken Soup for the Soul Franchise in that you get to share in the profits, start your own book and create wealth for your favorite needy cause. Godshots has a mission to help the economy by creating small businesses in every community, city, neighborhood and state -- across the country. Our goal is to help people all over America and the world to create miracles in their lives, prove to others that miracles happen, peek into the fabric of the universe, understand Quantum physics, and help others by sharing these amazing stories. Our goal is to eliminate depression, suicides and give HOPE to others. Right now, for only $4.95, you can order your own Godshots Book Primer that will be sent to your email in pdf.

Today, we are offering our foundational book "Godshots" for only $4.95. This is an e-book in PDF. format: a non-fiction book of miracles, synchronicity and uncanny coincidences.

The book is available as an e-book in PDF. format and hardcover on demand on Amazon and Kindle. Soon the book will be in stores. It is also available on i-tunes narrated by the author in an Mp3 download. 

The Godshots® Books Franchise ~ create your own BOOK and add your own stories. We will film you or you can submit your own audio and video for our Youtube Channel. Help your own community,  town, cause, profession or city. You keep 60% of the profits as long as at least 20% of the profits go to the charity that defines your book. 

Cancer Godshots - benefits people who have cancer and can't afford treatment
Hospice Godshots - benefits angel clinics and in-need hospice centers
Supernatural Godshots - just for fun ;) 
Recovery Godshots - benefits AA and 12-step FREE addiction services 
Children's Godshots - benefits orphanages and homeless children
Financial Godshots - benefits small business startups
Wildlife Godshots - benefits nature conservancy programs
Military Godshots - benefits military families 
Cancer Godshots - benefits the Noreen Fraser Foundation and others

Ruzanna's Godshots - benefits Armenian women starting their own businesses
Career Godshots
Nurses' Godshots
High School Godshots
Teenage Godshots
Mother's Godshots
Vegas Godshots
Kansas City Godshots
Comedy Godshots
Angel Godshots
Butterfly Godshots

We are offering the Godshots e-book book for free. Write your request to and request your free book. 

Or for a donation of any amount you can order the GodShots® e-book here: 

You can also buy or borrow the book on KINDLE soon. We will be published by a traditional mainstream publisher in 2014. In the meantime I am offering my personal stories and testimonies for free. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014



I feel too deeply. But the more I write, the better I feel. I can process pain this way.

I feel too deeply and it feels like the feelings will kill me. But of course they won't. I have to write to get it all out of my body. Out of the heart, through the pen and onto the page. It's out now: the more I write, the better I feel. I can process pain this way.

Why don't I write more often?

There is a higher calling here. There is a higher realm, not the mortal realm. Chaos Theory says that in the midst of chaos, there is actually a beautifully divine order to everything — when you can get a high enough perspective.

Love (God) is in charge. Love (god) is not a dirty word, although religious people have often smeared this term for political purposes. Love is "god." God is not what you think: not a big scary man or anthropomorphic being in the sky casting fear and judgment and punishment. Obviously not. It sounds ridiculous.

The theme of the week is collaboration -- letting go of my "precious" work —  the work I cannot let go of. The work I coddled and perfected and strangled the life out of.

I wish I could let go and not be perfect.

Perfectionism is death to an artist. Let it go into someone else's hands. As John Lasseter said at last week's CalArts graduation: "Show business is a collaborative business. You can't do it alone."

We must all, as artists, writers and actors, stop being in fear that someone else might beat us to the punch.

There really is no such thing as competition. When an audience sees a great film or a great piece of art they want MORE. They constantly want more. There is a never ending demand for creative expression.
Stop trying to control everything.

Let te FORCE write through you.
Help others to find their dreams.
Let's all start an artist's camp or colony where we collaborate and join forces and stop competing. Competition kills our souls. We have to work together to bring movies and plays and games and adventures and businesses and schools and shows and restaurants to life.

The other theme of the week is 'the long road." I just found out that I have to move out of my home in the next few months. This is the home I raised my children in and have lived in for over 14 years. And despite the fact that I have hundreds of things to sell and get rid of, and I have no place to go — I am not afraid anymore.

I am not scared of being homeless the way I was two years ago when I was about to move to the stalker's farm and live in a tent on his property. I was actually going to live in the home of a psychopath. I'm the only woman I know who asked permission to move into the home of a psychopath. Of course at the time I believed he was a federal secret agent and war hero. This makes me laugh out loud.

I am the only person who requested to move into the house of a criminal. I was willing to move into the backyard of a convicted felon (granted, at the time I believed he was a JAG-C federal criminal attorney and secret agent -- an angel who had come into my life to help with my divorce paperwork)

At the time I was facing a devastating loss. I had lost my income and sole support system. I only had enough to survive a few months. I was in desperate fear. Although I was working on the greatest art I've ever created --- selling my work was still a long way off. I had to survive. I was still an artist.

But I discovered ways to survive; I discovered that I was resourceful and resilient and incredibly productive. After listening to a spiritual tape based on the Bible story about a woman who was so desperately broke she was forced to sell her sons to pay off her debts until she meets the prophet Elijah — who told her to "sell what is in your house" —  I found things to sell on eBay. Then I found other amazing ways to cover my rent. It has been exciting to discover that you always have enough -- that you can always survive and even thrive during hard times.

I prayed a lot. I prayed for a miracle, an instant success or book sale. But that was not meant to be. I was meant to take the long road so the lesson would "take."  Instant gratification wouldn't have taught me anything. I had to learn to fish.

And on the long road, there are no short cuts. Taking two years to grow and live by my wits and learn to survive made me more confident and more solid. Instant results and instant healing are always what we want, but it's not always in our best interest to have And along the way, I quit all medication - I quit Adderall and Vyvanse and Dexedrine -- all the ADHD drugs I had been using as a crutch.

It's funny, but two of my best friends told me that I was not easy to talk to when I was on the medicaiton: I was productive and had great ideas but I was a motorized bunny. I didn't pause to listen to others. I wasn't quite "connected" or thoughtful or humble. I had lost my connection to Source and to love. I was pasting on emotions, and bulldozing over my friends in conversation. It was "my way or the highway."

Lately I've been stopping to reflect on loss and love and all the things that hurt so much this year: losing our dog Chazzy, moving out of my home, moving past some illusions. Reflecting on myself and my behavior has been the healthiest thing I've done in years.

So the moral of the story is that I took the long road - I did not get instant results and instant cash or win the lottery or suddenly have the courage to get a literary agent and sell my work. No, I took the long road - and learned that I never have to be in fear again.

Now I'm in a similar position - having to move out of my home. And yet this time I have no fear about being homeless.

It's like that woman in a 12-step meeting I heard say: "When I was drinking, I had a car accident at the corner of Santa Monica and Melrose. I hit a white Mercedes and got a D.U.I.  Just yesterday I had another car accident at the same corner, but the accident went really well this time (because I'm sober.)  

And this year I've learned to turn every tragedy into comedy.

I also read the War of Art and it changed my life Have to read it again.

Saturday, May 24, 2014



We are here for one purpose: to love each other. But we can't give away what we haven't got inside. We have to first learn to love ourselves, and then transfer that love to others. We are here to learn to love the "other" -- the person that looks different from us, or is against us — or who may not give us what we want.

We really have no enemies. Our enemies are in our head.

"Withdraw your attention from your enemies (your worries and fears) and they expire from neglect." ~ Emmet Fox

There is nothing that can defeat you if you take a step back before reacting and ask for help. Ask for a moment of guidance "What would love do? How can I feel better about this situation? How can I broaden and expand my heart.

Love is all there is. Love creates life.

I was upset today by something someone did to offend me. But I took my power back and decided not to be offended. I made a choice to take contrary action: to send them love instead of instantly sending off a hurt email or being insulted.

Whenever my ego is hurt — and I feel that hot flush over my face or that burning, churning inside my stomach -- I know this is not love or my higher self speaking.  Whenever I am tempted to give someone a piece of my mind or defend myself or react to something someone said in order to get back at them — I am not accessing my highest self.  Instead, I am trolling in the gutter: loitering in the lower, primitive, mortal realms.

I want to be free from the immature, tit-for-tat reactiveness. The powerful spiritual divine voice inside me is never too opinionated, hot-headed or offended.

In other words, whenever we, as humans, are overly defensive or whenever we cling to diehard, intransigent opinions, we are not full of grace or love. We are allowing our stubborn pride or human will to override the softer qualities that promote goodwill and creative collaboration -- the qualities that help you win friends and get along with people.

Whenever I have a strong opinion it is not from the good part of me. Whenever I open my heart and stop to listen, I become humble enough to let others in. Then I actually get everything I want -- which is love and acceptance and "community" anyway.

Isn't that what we're supposed to do: turn the other cheek?  It is if we follow a spiritual program or if we read the Bible correctly.

I actually called a friend to ask his advice: "Should I be angry and upset? Is it okay if I don't react and don't feel like a victim for a change? Do I have to bring it up and let them know my feelings were hurt?" (Because, you see, I really wanted peace. I really didn't want the drama. I have a writing deadline and I don't need to engage in this icky, wacko human behavior in which I leave mushy, victim-like cryptic messages for the people who hurt my feelings -- and then have to deal with apologizing or being paranoid and having to feel guilty and ashamed for being so petty.

Anyway, I honestly don't think my friends set out to deliberately hurt me. It may be just an oversight. And even if they did, I chose to create my own reality. I want to see the best in them and maybe this time I can sculpt my own reality. This time I'm going to put my money where my mouth is: see it when I believe it, not believe it when I see it.

TRUST - it is better to trust people and give them the benefit of the doubt. Don't be suspicious and confrontational. When you've been hurt, expand and open your heart even further. I know some people withdraw and go within, and become smaller and smaller. They shut out the world and the light so they can't get hurt again. But this is not the way to grow. You die that way. You have to do the opposite.

EXPAND your world. Radiate love to your enemies.

I make excuses for my procrastination. Last night I came up with this one: that the reason I wrote a blog about "The Long Road" and the idea of Collaboration -- which was totally off track and not part of the actual writing I am supposed to be doing which is on urgent deadline -- but my excuse was that writing from the heart gave me access to deeper ideas and it opened me up in a way I haven't been opened lately. I have not been writing everyday and I've become rusty and lazy.

Friday, May 23, 2014


For our WOUNDED MILITARY who need your help. Can you donate $10? Please click here and there will be matching funds for every dollar raised.

ALSO check out my new Public Speaking Agent:

Lydia Cornell has been Invited to contribute her writings to The International Museum of Peace, which houses letters from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou & Sir Edmund Hillary


Turning tragedy into comedy: known for her knife-sharp humor on HBO, in social media, comedy concerts, public speaking and on morning-drive radio, Cornell has been called: “A fresh voice; one of the most original voices in America today. Deeply funny and transformative, she has been called the “female George Carlin” – only younger. And prettier.C. Pearlman, Chicago Sun Times syndicate

With 34 million viewers Tuesday nights on ABC primetime, and millions of fans in worldwide syndication, AFI Best Actress nominee and People’s Choice Award winner Lydia Cornell grew up in America’s living rooms as one of of TV’s most popular sex symbols. Best known for her starring role as the daughter of TV legend Ted Knight  (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Caddyshack) on the hit ABC series Too Close for Comfort, she is an international celebrity with a fiercely loyal fan following whom she interacts with daily on social media.  Starring in over 250 TV shows & films in 27 countries, she was recently on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm; is costarring with Robert Downey, Jr., Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi and Gary Oldman in indie films at Sundance; Variety’s Power of Comedy with Rebel Wilson and Russell Brand and The Kelsey Grammer Comedy HourHer fan base exploded last fall when she shot onto Google’s Top Trends and Yahoo! Finance News’ Most Viewed News Stories right behind William Buffet.Yahoo! Finance News: Lydia Cornell interviews World Leaders, Pulitzer Prize Winners, White House and Presidential Candidates for new morning drive AM radio show
Cornell is now a talk-show host; comedienne; teen mentor on suicide prevention; women and children’s advocate, mother, writer, recovery expert and inspirational public speaker. As co-owner of a radio network with Hell’s Kitchen chefs, MTV stars and Sports Radio personalities, she hosts an award-winning radio podcast on Beats and Eats — which was nominated for a Stitcher award. She is currently working on a series of humor and spiritual recovery books, which will be out in 2014. She is producing several shows for Discovery and History Channels as well as her own comedy TV series. She wrote and directed the indie short Venus Conspiracy, which will soon be a feature film. Her articles have appeared in Huffington Post; Herald de Paris; A&E Biography, Editor & Publisher, Macon Daily, People, Us, Yahoo, New York Post, Script Frenzy and Lone Star Icon. Too Close for Comfort airs daily on Tribune Broadcasting’s new comedy channel Antenna TV. Cornell disappeared from Hollywood to get sober, raise children, write books, and find her soul in a pornographic world.
Triumph over Tragedy
A children’s advocate, Cornell raised a child with brittle bone disease is an inspirational speaker on domestic violence, and teen suicide prevention — as well as on drug, alcohol and Adderall abuse. She endured a shattering personal tragedy when she found her younger brother’s body after a drug overdose. Sober now for 19 years, she speaks to recovery groups of 200 or more. She spoke at Texas A&M for Domestic Violence Prevention’s 30th anniversary luncheon. Her talks are laced with poignant stories of transformation with an innate sense of humor and comic timing. Cornell speaks at charity fundraisers, hospitals, high schools, colleges and women’s centers on overcoming loss, grief, unemployment, sexism, ageism, depression, self-sabotage, suicide, raising aliens (teenagers) and every imaginable hardship. Her triumph over addiction was the result of a ‘catastrophic spiritual awakening.’ “There is a reason so many celebrities are in rehab these days,” she says. Her experiences in overcoming a string of failures and humiliations inspired her to assist others with their own demons. “My ego was so big, it had an apartment of its own with a walk-in closet.
Lydia has been invited to speak in Florida on Osteogenesis Imperfecta or brittle bone disease. A mother of boys, she raised a stepson whose bones broke every time he stumbled. “Raising a child with britlle bone disease has been one of the most precious gifts of my life.” she says of her stepson.


In April 2014, Lydia is going to Lincoln, Nebraska to support the troops for the Big Red Challenge.  She will be in Santa Barbara for a celebrity golf tournament on April 9 & 10 to benefit “Santa Ynez Valley People Helping People.”  She has worked with the Red Cross, Firefighters, Autism Awareness, and High Hopes Ryan’s Reach — Pat Boone’s charity for traumatic spinal cord injury. She hosted a documentary for Safe Passage Home, an organization that gives extreme life makeovers to victims of domestic violence, for Oxygen network. She housed domestic abuse victims and cared for their children throughout the school year. With the help of the police, Cornell helped rescue a battered woman from a predator.
As a teen mentor, Lydia works with L.A. Team Mentoring (after school programs for underprivileged kids) and is developing a site for troubled teens called “The Answer Room.”
Lydia raised boys — and their girlfriends, who still confide in her about the most horrifying things. “I had three boys and two dogs, including my husband, and they were all going through puberty at the same time. Then my husband left me for Gene Simmons (he went on the road with the rock band KISS!)  But only the good remains in a broken marriage.”


Currently in talks with Dancing with the Stars,
  • Recently on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm; costarring with Robert Downey, Jr., Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi and Gary Oldman in indies at Sundance; Kelsey Grammer Comedy HourHost of Variety’s Power of Comedy with Rebel Wilson, Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Melissa Etheridge, Aziz Ansari, Lake Bell, Dylan McDermott, Patton Oswalt and Sarah Silverman; co-stars in director Jordan Alan’s Cats Dancing on Jupiter with star of The Mentalist.
  • With 34 million viewers Tuesday nights on ABC primetime, and millions of fans in worldwide and first-run syndication, her fan base exploded last fall when she shot onto Google’s Top Trendsand Yahoo! Finance News’ Most Viewed News Stories right behind William BuffetYahoo! Finance News: Lydia Cornell interviews World Leaders, Pulitzer Prize Winners, White House and Presidential Candidates for new morning drive AM radio show
  • Too Close for Comfort is back daily on Tribune Broadcasting’s comedy channel Antenna TV, on WGN and in top markets nationwide. The show has been in worldwide syndication for over 25 years.
  • She has her own hit radio show and is co-owner of a network Beats and Eats on itunes with Hell’s Kitchen chefs, Sports Radio and MTV stars, and was nominated for a Stitcher Award.
  • A transformational comedienne, Cornell has been called the “female George Carlin” — but prettier and younger J
  • She is currently working on a series of humor and spiritual recovery books, which will be out in 2014. Cornell is now a mother, teen mentor, comedy writer, author, women and children’s advocate, talk show host, award-winning blogger, Cornell is in development on a new TV series and feature film.
  • Despite rumors on TMZ and in the tabloids, Cornell did not sue Kelsey Grammer. Cornell is currently helping the FBI alongside Kelsey Grammer in a major criminal investigation. This will be revealed in an upcoming expose.
  • Lydia Cornell’s blog is a triple Koufax nominee for best writing, recipient of the Thinking Blogger Award and winner of the Freedom Award and three World Report Awardsis “a consistently thought-provoking firecracker of pointed socio-political commentary and observant, caustic wit.” (Yahoo News; Shotgun Reviews.)
  • Has been invited to contribute her writings to The International Museum of Peace, which houses letters from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou & Sir Edmund Hillary.
  • Received the USO Distinguished Service Award for Middle East and Beirut war zone trip to visit the troops.
  • Venus Conspiracy – written and directed by Lydia Cornell, costarring Deborah Van Valkenburgh, who played her sister on Too Close for Comfort
  • Pain is Inevitable, Sex Optional – on stage in her original three-woman show
  • Political Voices of Women Best Writing Awards ~ World Report Award, Thinking Blogger Award; Weblog Award and Double Koufax Nominee.
  • Standup: Improv, Laugh Factory, Las Vegas at the Riviera, Sahara; opening for Paul Rodriguez at Pechanga 1500 seat theater
  • Cornell has written over 350 articles on politics, women’s issues, pop culture, spirituality, religion, sex, divorce. Has written an international thriller on the Trotsky assassination
  • Known for her knife-sharp humor on HBO, in standup comedy concerts, and on morning-drive radio, Cornell has been called: “A fresh voice; one of the most original voices in America today. The “female George Carlin” – only prettier, and sexier. And younger.” 
  • Credits: Guest starred in Quantum Leap, Full House A-Team, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, Full House, Quantum Leap; Hunter; Simon & Simon; Love Boat  Fantasy Island; Hotel ; Hardball; The Red Tide with Oscar winners James Earl Jones and Jose Ferrer and Lila Kedrova.
  • Teen Mentor – Mentors teens; Hosts “The Answer Room” for troubled youth. Volunteers with sons for Red Cross, Imagine L.A., homeless children, and houses a domestic abuse survivor.
  • Raised sons, including a special-needs child with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease)
  • Public speaker on Domestic Violence; hosting Oxygen Network Safe Passage documentary on battered women.
  • TMZ: Lydia Cornell was profiled in several new and recent articles.
  •  Too Close for Comfort has been in worldwide syndication for over 25 years and recently began airing again on WGN and in top markets nationwide.
  • Celebrity profile on TMZ. “In the ’80s, Lydia Cornell became famous as Ted Knight’s blonde daughter on the TV series Too Close for Comfort. Guess what she looks like now? “Fergie from Black Eyed Peas!”
  • Had a feud with Ann Coulter; Interviewed Elizabeth and John Edwards.
  • Lydia interviewed Pulitzer Prize Winners, White House advisers, presidential candidates, Senators, Congressmen and women, and bestselling authors for her award-winning radio show
  • Founder of Comedy Dance Film Festival co-sponsored by Saturday Night Live alum Jon Lovitz, in conjunction with CityWalk Universal in 2011 (*TBA)
  • Her classic TV credits include: Full House, Knight Rider, A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard, Hunter, Quantum Leap, Love Boat Hotel ; T.J.Hooker, Simon & Simon, Charlie’s Angels; Hardball; The Red Tide with Oscar winners James Earl Jones and Jose Ferrer and Lila Kedrova.
“Lydia Cornell is an award-winning actress, writer, comedienne, and talk-radio host best known for her role as “Sara Rush” – Ted Knight’s dazzlingly beautiful yet stereotypically dumb blonde daughter on ABC’s ‘hit sitcom, “Too Close for Comfort.” Lydia starred in over 250 TV shows & films including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Full House, Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, A-Team, Hunter, Hardball, Hotel , Love Boat , Fantasy Island, T.J. Hooker and the pilot of the cult series Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. She signed hundreds of autographs at their convention earlier this year in Los Angeles. She co-starred with three Oscar winners James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer and Lila Kedrova in The Red Tide, shot in the Greek Isles. 


 John Conley, a disabled Marine combat vet, sent her his Purple Heart for her courage in standing up to Ann Coulter’s ‘extermination speak’ in her article “Death is Sexier than Sex.”
Cornell is a Synesthete and has Synesthesia, artists, musicians and writers (including V. Nabokov, John Mayer and David Hockney) who see colors when hearing sounds, and see numbers and letters in color. The World Symposium on Synesthesia convened in Belgium last year.
She started experiencing 11:11 in 1994, when she got sober, and had a “catastrophic spiritual awakening and transformation.
Lydia stars in indie film “Damage Done; Happy Holidaze from the Joneses”