Monday, March 27, 2006


I believe we should NOT make it a felony for the undocumented workers already in America, especially for the families who have been here for so many years. This might spark a backlash, a revolution of sorts, to say the least. But for once, I think bush is right: a guest worker program would be a gentler approach and also ease the "sneaking across the border" crimes which often end in bloodshed and tragedy. I'm not saying Bush is doing this for the right reasons; I still believe his motives are to help corporations get cheap labor. but at least I agree with his softer approach. Frist is a self-serving person who has an eye on the presidency and is also fear-based, FF.

Another view: Clif says to be wary of games the right are trying to play with imigration. Seems the newly found Immigration problem is another diversion tactic to bend attention from the Iraqi fiasco and the CENSURE issue and the DUBAI PORTS issue.
Pay special attention to the passage "Liberals can easily and accurately be painted as opposing enforcement."

What do you think? Open thread.

From the L.A. Times today: Did you hear about the FBI spying on "peace, environmental and anti-war groups? They actually have files on "people who serve vegetarian meals to the homeless." They can't find Osama Bin Laden, but God forbid you care about the homeless, care about the land - you are a dangerous traitor to the pro-war movement. When did goodness become so perverted? When did it all turn around? Why is it patriotic to support death and destruction? We need separation of church and state. No good Christian could align himself with the party in power of today. I may regret these words, but I'm seeing a lot of greed, even in "friends" of mine. You know who you are.