Sunday, January 10, 2021

How to Change the World

 Last week I was feeling so sad for young people, for their dreams being put on hold and their loneliess. But then I realized this: We have to see our children through the eyes of love, and not fear. During this pause, this strange time in the world, our children are learning to 'go within' and find their inner resilience, peace and power. This process of finding the strength within, is what is meant by "The kingdom of heaven is within you." I am not religious but these truths are so real and powerful. We must stop mourning their process. We must envision a better experience for our children. The vision we hold of them becomes our reality. Let them fly. They will have a deeper appreciation of life after Covid. They will still reach their dreams and have better dreams. They will come up with solutions to the worlds' chaos. They will re-emerge with more love and compassion for humanity. They will be a less selfish generation. We cannot see the invisible harmony of the universe but GOOD is the default setting. Progress is always going on. Let us "see" a different experience for the younger generation. Just like a diamond, a good soul is formed under pressure.