What has happened to reasonable, sane, good people?  Why are we paying the salaries of Congress people that go against 90% of all Americans who want sane, common sense gun control laws?  Can't you all see the strange intervention of all these horrific gun shootings? Can't you see the way the universe responds to our sick worshp of the gun, a weapon of mass destruction?  Should the government allow everyone to have a stash of Anthrax or a personal nuclear weapon or a missle in their closet, just in case you need it to kill a group of people with?  You think a weapon that can kill 30 people in rapid succession is a normal weapon?  

Is it really fear driving you or "eye for an eye" renegade justice? Tell the truth. I hear enough on late night talk radio, even on Coast to Coast, about storing food and building bunkers.  Since Timothy McVeigh there has been an anti-government fear mongering that is way out of control. Obviously you can't be following Christ if you are living in fear and storing up "treasures on earth" even if it's just corn in silos.. or weapons. This is surreal. It's all in your head. You are not living life at all if you are in fear. Love casts out fear. Haven't you heard?  

If I believed in evil, which I don't as an objective force -- it is obvious that anyone who is against background checks and banning weapons of mass destruction that are hand-held - is walking the edge.

Every show on TV glorifies violence. Primitive men slashing each other. We seem to have a blood lust that won't quit.  My theory is that we are snowballing toward violence so we can find that nothing else will satisfy us but the OPPOSITE OF VIOLENCE.  Today in Court where I had to renew my restraining order against the most mallicious stalker, But my job is to not even think of this man. He is nothing. I have to turn the other cheek and see no enemy. I have no enemies. There are no enemies.

The only way out of hell is to realize that there is no hell.
How dare our TAXPAYER-funded Congressmen and women back down on the most important issue of our time. The main issues I am concerned about as a mother: are mental illness, bullying, hate speech and  alcoholism/drug addiction. It's too easy to pick up a gun when you're depressed or in a rage and you've had too much to drink. Whether a person is suicidal or depressed, angry or full of road rage as is the case on California freeways -- we need to keep guns out of the hands of people with temper issues and those who have substance abuse problems.