Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I love the shocked, horrified, revolted, stunned faces on Will Smith and his family at the MTV Music Video Awards. Yes, I know it's now been debunked as a rumor — that the Smith family was not really making faces in reaction to the disgusting Miley Cyrus VMA display; they were apparently looking at Lady Gaga when this photo was taken, but still ... it mimics the world's reaction to Miley's sick sociopathic twerking. Yuk! Ick!! Sick, sick, sick.

This, along with the Housewives of New Jersey, Orange County, Beverly Hills and Miami -- make me ashamed to be a woman in America.

No wonder pedophiles like Ariel Castro kidnap young girls and hold them as sex slaves. Girls are confused. Men are confused. No wonder young men are loosing control and have no idea that life is deeper than a lap dance and a video shoot-out.

How do you find your soul in a pornographic world?

I was a sex symbol on Too Close for Comfort. I know the profound effect of having to keep up the ruse - the ruse of pretending to not be smart in order to make men feel better -- and the dumb blonde routine of having nothing going on other than your body and your looks.

I just discovered that Harry Langdon is selling the outtakes from my bikini poster session on ebay, and even I was shocked at how naked I almost appeared. But then again, I was on cocaine and champagne.

Nothing is a bigger turnoff than in-your-face arrogance or lack of humility. And never have I been more disgusted by American woman than by the talentless Miley Cyrus. She has set women back light years.  And now I have lost respect for Lady Gaga, who was once my favorite. Why is she suddenly so desperate to be naked?  Why the constant selfies and showing off of butts squatting like lap dancers? This goes along with a Demonic Nerd theory I have -- but I'll save that for later.

How can young girls who looked up to her as Disney's innocent Hannah Montana make sense of this?
How can you find your soul in a pornographic world if the only role models are hookers and porn starts like Miley Cyrus who is the ultimate narcissist screaming for attention because SHE HAS NO TALENT.

Your career is over Miley. It really is. No matter  how much attention you get today for your increasingly bizarre and desperate 'butt shots" -- this is not a career.

You, Amanda Bynes and Lady Gaga have gone too far.

And the sad thing is, it's not really your fault. It's our culture which promotes box office numbers and money and Twitter followers over substance.

Style over substance.

That's why Adele's music will last forever and you will be forgotten.

I can't believe that since I played Sara Rush on Too Close for Comfort in the 80s, the world has gone this far backward.

Women have been relegated to being nothing more than sex objects.

No wonder we are falling apart.

It's time to change all that.

I am very excited about the death of American pop culture. If even the jaded media could be shocked at this horrific MTV Video Awards -- if even celebrities are shocked at Miley Cyrus revolting, horrifying, ugly, sociopathic, display, then there is hope.

Thank God we are still able to be shocked!