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All money raised for this fundraiser will go towards the programming and development of children's workshops. The Lancaster Opera House is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Performing Arts Theater. 

The Lancaster Opera House is a reminder of an early American tradition. In previous centuries, it was not unusual to combine a music hall with a town’s main governmental building. These multi-functional halls were often called “Opera Houses”, whether or not opera was, in fact, performed. The Lancaster Opera House, designed by George J. Metzger, is one of only a few such Town Hall Opera Houses left in the country.
The restoration of the Opera House was started as a Bicentennial Project in 1975, with funding from the Town of Lancaster, State of New York, and numerous other public and private sources. When restoration began, forty seven cots, and a number of helmets were among the debris stacked on the floor of the auditorium. What had been a musty storeroom was on its way back to its turn of the century beauty. A new stairwell and elevator were built on to the East end of the Town Hall to provide handicapped access; the ceiling and walls were repaired; and four temporary rooms which had been built in the West corners of the balcony and auditorium were removed. The auditorium floor was stripped of a linoleum covering and refinished, the plaster frieze work of the proscenium arch was returned to its original state, and lighting fixtures which duplicated the original combination gas and electric fixtures were searched out and installed. St. Mary’s Elementary School in Lancaster, which was scheduled for demolition at the time, yielded wainscoting and hardware, which were used in the project.
After six years of hard work, the Opera House reopened on September 20, 1981. Once again, it is a performing arts and community center, looking as much as it did on opening night in 1897. The renovation of the basement and first floors of the Town Hall, which houses town offices, was completed in the Fall of 1987.  Displayed on the left side of the balcony are the original wooden balcony seats from 1897. The Opera House received a prestigious Pewter Plate award from the Landmark Society of the Niagara Frontier for outstanding renovation and operations of a historic venue.

The 4th Annual "Kick Up Your Heels" online auction will feature over 100 items in the months of January and February. Here is a list of the celebrity participants for this event.
2012 4th Annual “Kick Up Your Heels” Auction

Item: A pair of black open-toe high heels worn and autographed by Lydia Cornell, star of Too Close for Comfort and over 250 Tv shows, episodes and movies. Lydia has also included a color 8"x10" autographed (in blue sharpie) photograph.

Description: Black satin high heel. Has buckle strap to secure around the ankles. Thick stacked heel. Fabric upper. Man made materials.
Condition: Moderately worn. In excellent condition for displaying.

Autograph: Both shoes are autographed by Lydia on inner sole in silver marker. Lydia has also autographed the bottom sole of the right shoe.
Brand: Bebe
Heel Height: 4 1/4"
Size: 7M