Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Ann Coulter Mess

I am deeply saddened by the uproar caused by the Ann Coulter article I wrote and the subsequent posting of my phone number. I just hung up the phone shaking and in tears after the most vicious attack from a stranger who had gotten my number off Coulter's front page. I thought I had put my office number on the e-mail, but accidentally typed in my home number. My kids, the school and all our relatives are affected by this, and of course the number will be changed. But that still doesn't excuse Coulter posting it on her site. And the hate mail I've been receiving is very hurtful and personal. Thank God I know the truth in my heart, and will remain strong. And I want to thank all of you enlightened, wonderful people who have open minds and see beyond mere words, beyond the letter to the spirit. So many of you have written letters of support. I will reprint some of these e-mails and comments soon. I did get the most beautiful voice message from a woman whose voice was cracking as she told me how incredibly grateful she was that I spoke out in the exact words she had been thinking. I will listen to the message and transcribe it or download it later. Hey WORFEURS, you are so right! I would like to have a dialogue with you about scripture; you could educate me. Your beautiful letter about your adoption and your views on abortion show me that our side has many colors, and we don't have to put ourselves in a box with a label.

I never had any intention of creating more hate and divisiveness; in fact, I thought my article was just expressing frustration with humor. And the line "For Christ's sake" -- was a play on words; I was making fun of myself. Oh well -- In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, you can read all about it at: Click here to read my new article at BRAD BLOG! I have written a new book: "How to Talk to Ann Coulter and Other Hate-Mongers IF YOU MUST" Countering the Culture of Political Porn. I am collaborating on this book with the inimitable Brad Friedman and Dan Borchers.

I also did two radio shows yesterday: Radio America's Battle Line with Alan Nathan. He's a brilliant host (a centrist "with teeth")and I was quite nervous, but it went surprisingly well! When my book comes out you will see in-depth writings and some ideas I've never heard before, that seem to be writing themselves. I have been holding it all back until now -- and all this stuff with the Coulter article is a complete surprise. I never expected anyone to really notice the article that much. Editor and Publisher reprinted the brouhaha...

I had the most amazing spiritual journey and if there is one thing I know, the God of love is real and everywhere (and not at all political), we just have to open our eyes. I can't tell you how it has transformed my life (and one of my sons) from the brink of death several times. These absolutely mind-boggling prayer miracles will be in my next book "Falling UP", on the heels of the Coulter book.
God Bless! More very soon.... don't forget to check out BRADBLOG!