Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LYDIA LIVE, RAW and UNCUT with FRIENDS TONIGHT! April 20, 7 PM Pacific time

STC (Spiritual Therapy Comedy) TONIGHT: LYDIA AND regular GANG are back for a FUN show for Easter and Passover. 7-9 PM PST

This is not our official launch yet though. Cindy Pealman and I are starting a new show called THE ANSWER ROOM. Stay tuned in June....

Meanwhile tune in tonight and join the interactive chat. Regulars: Cindy Pearlman, bestselling beauty author and the #1 Entertainment Journalist in the World from the New York Times and Chicago Sun Times syndicate; James Hillis Ford; Lynn Penza, Martha Schwartz, Hubert O'Hearn, Gary Richardson and Gary Markowitz. Inspiration, comedy, absurd humor, social media and pop culture. And dirty jokes. "Spiritual Therapy Comedy"

Live TV : Ustream