Tuesday, June 07, 2016


George Clooney is considered a sex symbol. He is 55 years old. Can you imagine if any FEMALE  sex symbol or actress who played the "love interest" in a modern film looked like this? Can you imagine if Michelle Pfeiffer was allowed to have forehead wrinkles and crows feet?  She only would be playing the witch or the shrew. Never the love interest.

Yet Michelle Pfeiffer is older than Clooney, but has never been caught having anything other than "nubile flesh or baby skin. Women are expected to always look young.

It's outrageous.

A friend of mine worked at Aaron Spelling's company and sat in on the dailies for the show "Charmed." She said the male producers would sit in there and gossip mercilessly about the actresses Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan. They would say things like "Boy she has cellulite. What's with