Sunday, December 11, 2005


Just received another smear in the comment section from Ann Coulter herself, or her apologist. This woman is never held accountable for inciting violence against people. Any other person who uses the media and airwaves for the perverse things she does, would be kicked off for even ONE of her bigoted comments. What kind of human being operates like this? Holding criminals accountable is part of Coulter's mission, isn't it? Then she should be held accountable for the death threats I received -- and for the abusive phone calls I am still receiving. I can turn the other cheek, but I wouldn't be worth much if I didn't hold her accountable.

Coulter is just a symbol of a decaying democracy, a symbol of the worst things about America right now. I am not interested in Coulter per se, I am interested in what she represents -- in how our culture enables this kind of destructive person not only to profit, but to bludgeon anyone who disagrees with her -- and somehow sway voters into believing you can't be patriotic if you don't support this "war". And she uses the airwaves to spread her propaganda like a bulldozer, with virtually no allowance for rebuttal. Has America really come to this: worshipping bully behavior and swaying voters to forsake common decency and civilized discourse? Fox network does not allow anyone to come on and tell the other side; O'Reilly and Hannity & Colmes do not allow rebuttal or diverse opinions when Coulter is on their shows. And we wonder about a system that allows media monopoly! Coulter came on and was allowed to play the victim and frame the entire UConn uproar in her own terms -- without a single student being allowed on Fox to tell their reasons for protesting her appearance.

I wrote to her thinking her public persona was probably just an act, as many people assume -- and that on a level of one citizen to another, one woman to another -- she would respond with dignity instead of publishing this comment: "Death is certainly sexier than Lydia Cornell" along my private phone number & e-mail! Several people have mentioned that this could be a sort of "code" to her fans -- advocating violence against me. What kind of human being behaves like this? A loving Christian woman? And you say I should not bring it up again. I want Coulter or her web host to remove my personal information, e-mail and home phone number off her website and apologize for her heinous statement to me. This is a serious issue and I still can't believe the Alachua Republican Party hasn't posted a statement on their website, admonishing Coulter for doing this. On Friday I was supposed to do Georgetown University Radio show, but their phones weren't working, so I listened to Anthony Bonna discuss the issue -- and I couldn't even comment. Although Anthony Bonna said some very nice things, he has no idea what I am still going through as a result of all this. He is not a mother nor is Coulter. She has no idea what it's like to care about the safety of your children or loved ones. My family and children have had that phone number for 15 years. Why should I have to change their number and live in constant fear now that someone has my home address? As I stated before, a man angrily appeared at my door the day after she posted it, and my kids had to duck down and hide inside our house.

Clarification: I received a letter from a guy named "REDNECK" saying that my article title was cruel. (Death is Sexier than Ann Coulter.) I thought this was obvious, but since we live in an age where readers take everything literally and have no sense of nuance -- I will explain: my title is not meant to be anything but a play on words. After all, how can anything be sexier than sex? Well in this day and age, it seems only extreme graphic violence gets our attention. My kids are begging for "Halo", but I won't let them play such a violent video game. Reality TV is based on humiliating people; Jerry Springer gets high ratings because people like to watch people fighting. Ann Coulter incites people to anger with her 'hate-speak". If she stopped her name-calling and her outrageously extreme statements -- like advocating the assassination of Bill Clinton, wishing Timothy McVeigh had also blown up the New York Times building and using a baseball bat to talk to liberals -- she'd be rather boring. All I was trying to do was bring this odd phenomenon to light. Click here to read my original Ann Coulter article at BRAD BLOG

I found this statement while doing research: "Even Freud admitted that death was sexier than, well, sex. In his incendiary tract Beyond the Pleasure Principle, the grandfather of psychoanalysis admitted that something deeper than the search for pleasure motivates human activity. It's an instinct that's expressed most spectacularly in aggression or destruction, and makes the wish for oblivion overwhelmingly exciting. Freud called it the death drive."

What I want to see is a new era in which peace is finally sexy. It starts with really listening to each other and getting rid of our hidden ego-driven agendas. Although I have to admit, I pay far too much attention to the nay-sayers; if a hundred people are cheering and one is sneering, I'm bothered too much by the one who is sneering. That's because my ego is still in the way.

Cheers to the Nobel Peace Prize winners: Mohamed ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency -- and to Salma Hayek's beautiful statement: "When we can collectively, as a social conscience, dream a dream of peace, this is when peace will become a very tangible reality," she said.

What you focus on GROWS!