Monday, October 22, 2012


Want to laugh? I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe:

Please don't forget to register to vote ONLINE!  It is your right and privilege as an American Citizen. Everyone who is an American citizen has a say in choosing our elected officials. No matter who you vote for, please VOTE.

Check the deadlines in your state.

If you live in California, GO HERE:

Mike Love of The Beach Boys with Lydia Cornell at
party for Global Giving Literacy

Love you ALL!

Watch the debates, and get involved. Politics may be ugly, but it's really about YOU. Government is by  the people, for the People. OF THE PEOPLE

The Commonwealth: All the common things we share are affected by your vote: public parks, public schools, arts and music programs, clean water supply, fire, police, publequal wages for equal work, gender equality, oil drilling, pollution, wildlife, military spending.. these are the things we HAVE IN COMMON.

For the common good, we need to help each other and "help those less fortunate."

when your neighbor has no food, you share with him. This is the GOLDEN RULE.

Please vote wisely.

Rome wasn't destroyed in a day. Nor was it built in a day.


Friday, October 05, 2012

Young Hollywood Life: Join me, Max Adler from "Glee"; Olympic Athletes for Celebrity Charity Walk ‘n’ Roll for FSH Muscular Dystrophy

THIS WEEKEND: We were at Heritage Park in Irvine for the Third Annual Celebrity Charity Walk ‘n’ Roll for FSH Muscular Dystrophy 

Max Adler, who plays Dave Karofsky in the Fox mega-hit TV series, “Glee”, was there, along with Brian Goodell, Kaitlin Sandeno, multiple Gold Medal Olympians, and many more stars. 

1:00PM there was a fun horseshoe competition, Frisbee toss, soccer kick, etc.
$25 to WALK and $50 for VIP celebrity lunch and WALK!

**If you have children, please feel free to bring them as they have a great area for the kids in the park.

Since the FSH Society is dedicated to finding treatments and a cure for MS (an inherited disease, affecting both genders and all races-it melts away skeletal muscle from adolescence on), your participation in this Walk is very important as it will hopefully result in more sponsors, vendors, walkers and support!
Walk for Muscular Dystrophy in Heritage Park

Thursday, October 04, 2012


We’re here for this short time on this earth, and obviously and death happens to everyone. And look at how many young people and big stars are dying, giving up, petering out, checking out. It’s as if many of them just gave up and decided life was too much trouble. Fleetwood Mac's Bob Welch, Whitney Houston, Davy Jones, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Nora Ephron, Robin Gibb, Ben Gazzara, Peter Falk, Peter Jones, John Ritter, Levon Helm, Tony Scott, Lupe Ontiveros, Natalie Wood, Ron Palillo, Don Cornelius, Leslie Carter, Sherman Helmsley, Chuck Brown, Bruno Kirby, artist Mike Kelley, the sweathog from Welcome Back Kotter, several friends of mine, Sage Stallone, Donna Summer, Michael Clarke Duncan, John Lord, Miss Melodie, Yvette Wilson, Dick Clark, Phyllis Diller, my college roommate Pam, Johnny Lewis, my precious brother Paul,… 

The gang at Pink Taco after stalker hearing. 

So if Death is inevitable, and this is a temporal zone that we’re just sort of hanging out in, then why can’t we just enjoy this amazing earth experience with all its colors and flowers and creatures and pleasures? Why are we setting ourselves up to suffer and compete and live in misery wanting and striving for “things” and position and acclaim? Why not just be creative and joyous and childlike and gleeful every day of our lives?  Why struggle?  Why so many “shoulds” about how to raise our children, how to get into the best colleges?  Why not explore the world and travel and live off the land. Why NOT HAVE FUN?  It’s a short ride and we’ll miss the scenery if we don’t relax and experience this amazing planet. 

Monday, October 01, 2012

The Artist's Struggle

THE STRUGGLE TO BE AN ARTIST while believing your only worth is in how you look. Strange conundrum in America.

For a long time I've wanted to write about teenagers, materialism, looksism, sexism and depression in America. It's far beyond a teenage problem. Now it seems to affect all age groups.

What is it about our country, that remains so primitive and unawakened? We almost seem to thumb our nose at higher ideas. And how can a country thrive or survive on the archaic model of cut-throat competition?  If you win, I lose?  We should be cooperative not competitive.

The 80s, when my show (Too Close for Comfort) came on the air, are now known as the "greed era."  But when I was a young girl, all I dreamed about was being a movie star or model. My favorites were Hayley Mills, Colleen Corby, Rene Russo, Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs.

But what I really wanted to be was Walt Disney. Or Thomas Edison. Or Albert Einstein. If only our country and our society valued intelligence in young women.

Then, when I was on my first cover of a magazine, next to these icons on the newstand, I had to pinch myself.

But there is something wrong with a society that values only the material picture.

When will we grow up?

To be continued...

This weekend I did a charity event for AVCOA: Antelope Valley Community on Aging. (The Greek Chronicles) as well. Your participation will mean that literall
y dozens of elders in our community will receive hot meals and other forms of assistance that otherwise would not have been possible. - received this note from Linda Vasquez. Thank you to everyone involved. Had a BLAST in Lancaster where I filmed "Quantum Leap" pilot years ago.  STayed at Embassy Suites in Palmdale - an amazing hotel! THANK YOU BRAD BERENS and LINDA VASQUEZ and many more.