Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Charlie Sheen is a dangerous role model for fledgling and active alcoholics and impressionable young people everywhere. We already have an epidemic of celebrities drinking and doing drugs in public, and getting attention for behaving badly.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the most amazing fellowship of the spirit, and it is the furthest thing away from being a "cult" or a place for weaklings.

Charlie Sheen, when he puts down AA, has no idea what he's talking about. The most telling thing I heard a reporter say was: "If he is actually clean and sober according to the drug test, isn't this even MORE reason to worry?" meaning: isn't it scary that a person can be sober and still be such an asshole? The fact that he brags he is sober yet still says such astoundingly arrogant things, is cause to worry that he may be an actual sociopath.

He seems to care nothing for his fellow human being who may not have tiger's blood or Adonis DNA.

AA is the easier, softer way. I am 16 years sober by the Grace of the fellowship -- which is actually "god in the flesh." The best thing I ever did was let go of my intellectual arrogance and old ways of thinking - and surrender to a power greater than myself.

When I finally stopped thinking I was in control, a power much greater came in and lifted me out of a suicidal depression.