Sunday, May 12, 2013


The sudden release of the three women and one child from the clutches of predator Ariel Castro in Cleveland, Ohio last week, has revived interest in other missing persons' cases. Before I get into that, I need to tell you all what happened to me last week. 

First of all, I was granted a permanent restraining order against the stalker, very dangerous convicted felon who has terrorized me for over 10 months. 

Last Wednesday, I was at "The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater" at Universal City as a guest on "The Joanie Show" with Joan Fagan and Beaumont Bacon. Joanie is the creator of the national smash hit "Three Blonde Moms" a comedy road-show touring sensation.  

As I left Universal to run errands in Valley Village, I walked down Laurel Canyon near Magnolia, and was almost accosted by a predator. The street was deserted because it was so hot that day. A man in a blacked-out BMW, pulled up to the crosswalk just as I was crossing, and shouted "Hey Beautiful! Come here." I had been subconsciously nervous from watching the news all week about Ariel Castro, and when I looked at the man's face he just seemed to be up to no good. He had a baseball hat on backwards and looked like a gang member in a stolen car. 

I kept walking and ignored him. I stopped to look into a store, which happend to be a frame and mirror store. The guy pulled his car over to the curb and stopped. He shouted to me: "Hey, I said COME HERE!"  I got scared for a minute and ducked into the store. When I thought he was gone I came back outside but he had pulled a few feet up so I couldn't see him. He again asked me to come over to his car. He said, "Hey lemme ask you a question, I need directions... "  I kept walking and shouted out, "I can't, I'm married."  Then I ducked into an art supply store. 


Disclaimer: Everything printed below was reported to me by police, hospitals, neighbors, shelters and is my understanding and opinion of events: 

DISCLAIMER: All of the words about Kirby Cramer were told to me by the police, Cheri, the D.A. and the Domestic Violence Shelter. 

"I've been trying to help my friend Cheri Hall Cramer, the mother of Louis Cramer, Trey Cramer, and Scott Cramer, reuinte with her children. Cheri is a domestic abuse survivor who was reportedly left for dead by her husband Kirby Cramer. According to reports, her husband tried to get rid of his wife and then covered his crime by making sure she was broke and homeless. He apparently spread horrible lies about her to everyone in Fallbrook, Rolling Hills. He pretended that his wife left him, that she was insane and that "he" was the victim!  He never stopped telling this story until he had even brainwashed his own kids.  Apparently, even the guard at the gate believed Kirby Cramer's story. Everyone in Fallbrook believed that Cheri bashed her own head in with a hammer, and not her husband. 

According to hospital records and eyewitness reports, Cheri suffered a brain aneurysm. Her husband threw her out on the street, and later after a lengthy court battle in which the Cramer family bribed judges and spent a fortune trying to make Cheri look insane, Cheri was assigned to a group therapy class. It was in this group that she was stalked and captured by a predator who locked her up in his apartment and put a camera on her. 

In October of 2009, we rescued her with the help of police. Her children still don't know that she is alive. She had a brain aneurysm and was so debilitated, she has been without a home. She has just been wandering from place to place, trying to stay alive long enough to see her children. Cheri is blonde, sweet, brilliant, and a graduate of Cal Poly. She was once a happy mother who lived in a lavish estate and home schooled her children. I have never met a sweeter soul. No one should have to go through what Cheri has gone through.  

All she wants is to let her children know she is alive, but she is scared he will finallly kill her and she has no resources to even get into the gated community where her children live. She is supposed to see her children, but her husband made it impossible by threatenting her and by buying off people to prevent her from getting near them.  Her husband abused the court system with endless appeals and managed to pay off so many people, he eventually bankrupted her. Even the D.A. said, "you are not a minority. The case is not worth it." 

Cheri's ex-husband Kirby Cramer Jr. is very powerful. His father is multi-millionaire Kirby Cramer, Sr., the owner of Hazeltine Labs, a powerful California pharmaceutical company. He is also an ex-CIA agent. 

Here is what I have been told and what I discovered from reading the police report and talking to witnesses. There has been a cover up of this crime. I have been told: "With the help of some sinister members of the Vista County Family Court system in San Diego, and with the help of some very corrupt members of law enforcement in the lavish gated community of Fallbrook, Rollling Hills Estates (where KKK member Tom Metzger was once mayor), Kirby Cramer JR. managed to cover up his crimes (the police report states that according to her injuries Cheri Hall Cramer was "hit in the back of the head with the claw end of a hammer."  

According to my sources, the only person in the house who could have done this was Cheri's husband Kirby Cramer. Cheri suffered a brain aneurysm. Her husband put an armed guard outside her hospital door and would not allow anyone, not even Cheri's own mother or children, to visit her. Kirby obviously didn't want Cheri's version of the story (the truth) to get out. 

From the police reports and other witnesses, it appears that Kirby Cramer managed to lie and cover his crimes and invent horrfiic stories to make his wife look psychotic and insane. He has spent years turning everyone in the community against his wife, while at the same time, making sure he stripped her of all her possessions and literally threw her away on the sidewalk. He bodily removed her from the home and put her pillows and blankets in the street the very night the hospital released her, at his request. She was released early from the hospital. 

Her children have never seen her since this horrific incident. 


There is much more to this story - things I know that would chill you to the bone.  But I don't want to say anything until we can reunite Cheri with her children. 

For the record, I know Cheri Hall Cramer personally; she is a wonderful person. I housed her in my home for over 8 months. I have never met a sweeter, more gentle soul. She suffers from grand mal epileptic seizures. That is her only "crime."  And it's also the convenient excuse her husband apparently used to make it look like she "fell."  But the police report says she did not fall; she was bludgeoned. 
Is it because she is blonde and doesn't fit the stereotype of the typical domestic abuse survivor (in other words, she is not a minority, and therefore her blondeness would gain her no sympathy with a jury or judge.

I am reporting on this and another case I am helping with. The article coincides with a book I'm writing, but not the COMEDY book. This article will be posted soon here: THE ABUSE OF WOMEN

The sexual objectification of women has contributed to the sex crimes and abductions.

I also want to do a story on suicides on the increase due to the loss of hope and financial problems.

We all must keep our hope. Please don't give up. If I could take everyone into my home and hold you and comfort you, I would. I am so sad that people in middle age are giving up hope because they have no place to turn. The hardest thing is to lose your ability to make a living and to suffer in silence.

My younger brother was one of these people.

I love you all. It is time to help each other and learn what we came here for. It's time to change the world.

Meanwhile, the key to happiness is to give, give, give to others. Generosity and helping others is the key to happiness.

All my suffering is a result of thinking about myself too much.
Blessings and MORE LATER