Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'll be signing autographs at Leap Back 9009 * The Quantum Leap Convention tomorrow. Please stop by! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO STARLIGHT FOUNDATION for seriously ill children

Tomorrow, Friday March 26th I will be signing autographs and talking about the wild experiences filming the pilot of the hit Univseral series QUANTUM LEAP starring Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula.

I will be at the Beverly Garland Hotel for "Leap Back 2009" 20th Anniversary of Quantum Leap - the series. All proceeds benefit the STARLIGHT FOUNDATION

If you haven't seen GENESIS 1 & 2 you can buy it on The Blue Angels flew overhead for one of our pivotal scenes and we filmed the 2-hour movie at Edwards Airforce Base in California.

I have some very great stories of this 3-week shoot in the middle of winter. I had short dark hair in this episode.

You can still get tickets at the door. It's a three day convention. I will be there from 1:30 until 4:30 tomorrow, Friday March 27 and I'll drop by sometime on Sunday to visit with Scott Bakula, Series creator Don Bellisario and James Whitmore, jr. who directed my Hunter episode.

Starlight Children's Foundation™

The Leap Back 2009 proudly supports the Starlight Children's Foundation! Proceeds made from the convention after all expenses are paid will be donated to this fantastic organization. We're also holding a special charity auction featuring rare memorabilia of which 100% of the proceeds will be given to the foundation!

In "Quantum Leap", Dr. Sam Beckett leaped from life to life, putting things right that once went wrong. In real life, we can't change history, but we can make things a little more right for many of these children that the foundation assists! We believe every person can make a difference in a child's life. By purchasing your admission to this convention, you are helping make a difference in a child's life. If you are unable to attend, we hope you'll make a contribution to the Starlight Children's Foundation through their website or by calling (310) 479-1212.

Here is an introduction taken from the Starlight Children Foundation's website:

Starlight Children's Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a world of difference for seriously ill children and their families.

We touch the lives of a sick child and family all along their journey through a serious illness, from the time of diagnosis all the way through, in the hospital and at home. Families become part of our community and we work hard to meet their needs in a wide variety of ways. We build playrooms and teen lounges in hospitals and provide PC Pals and Fun Centers so kids can play games, e-mail, chat with friends, and even do their homework from their hospital bed. We bring in entertainers and sponsor parties for kids who are stuck in the hospital. When the kids get to go home, we keep them connected them through online chat rooms and special outings for the entire family. We provide them with information about specific illnesses and treatments on our websites and through videos and games we create. We distribute hundreds of thousands of books and toys every year. We are there for them at the time they need it most.

Starlight softens the hard edges of what a family experiences when a child has a serious illness. We create a sense of community between families who are having similar experiences by providing opportunities for them to escape the hospital, doctors, nurses, needles and treatments and doing something fun where they get to join others and just feel "normal" again--perhaps even forgetting that anyone is sick for a short while.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit to learn more about what this great organization does worldwide for children with serious illnesses! Please watch this short video telling you a little more about Starlight Children's Foundation.


Last night I was reading Steve Pavlina's blog, which I discovered two years ago by accident. I saw the "11:11" in the bottom right-hand corner of his post. I couldn't believe it. I never knew he was also one of us. I checked to see if it was just a time stamp but it was on another post too. Then I discovered an article he had written quite recently called "11:11." When I read the first sentence -- that he started seeing this in 1994 chills went down my spine. 1994 was when I began to see the 11:11, after the most uncanny Twilight-Zonish coincidence of my life. I saw it many times a day on so many things you can imagine (not just digital clocks) and I began to manifest every thing I really thought about... For years I've been hesitant to write or speak about this except to close friends who are like-minded. I've written about it in my journals and have owned an email address for 15 years with a version of this name. But I just wanted to finally put this out there.