Friday, May 21, 2010


"My favorite definition of spirituality is ‘whatever makes you feel peaceful, joyful and content,’” writes Cornell. Few people have ever adequately explained the connection between alcohol/drug recovery and the spiritual solution. How do 12-step programs work? There is a consistent universal, natural law and life-changing principle at work here. You have to start from the right starting-point, looking only at the "good" and never focusing on the problem itself. Look away from the actual thing you are most worried about. Replace your thought of fear or worry with a thought that makes you feel joy or comfort or happiness. Let it go. Don't over-analyze it or worry about your problems. "What you focus on, GROWS." Walk away and give it to your higher power.

Miracles happen when you're looking at the beauty in the universe and not at the problem. "A watched pot never boils." Einstein said, "Nothing can be solved at the same level it was created on." You have to go higher to a spiritual solution. Don't use your small brain.

I am interested in exploring the non-religious aspect of the term ‘spiritual,’ so we can bridge the gap between a narrow religious idea of God and a personal experience with a higher power. People in AA are always having "God shots" -- spine-tingling coincidences or glimpses of a beautiful, harmonious life where everything works together for good. The minute you surrender your drink/drug problem to the group as a higher power, and just relax, look around, stay in the present moment, you are already safe.

“What appear to be miracles are actually natural laws. Our loving attention to something literally alters the physical universe, according to Quantum Physics,” writes Cornell. “I have spine-tingling proof of a powerfully loving force that is interactive and responsive. In fact, it is activated by our belief — and absolutely responds to our trust in it.”

It takes our cooperation in order to manifest results in the material world. We have to take a leap and act “as if” we see the invisible strands of love holding life together. You see, behind the external picture, there is an invisible divine harmony, a language just as music and mathematics are an invisible language. You can’t destroy the number “3.” You can’t destroy the principle of mathematics. Therefore, you can’t destroy the principle of love. All life is good, ever-expanding good. Because we are all offshoots of this divine mind – we actually have creative power with our thoughts.