Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Stop talking about Reese Witherspoon's forehead lines. This is astounding that women are not allowed to have a few wrinkles. The reason anyone noticed them is because no woman has ever allowed herself to have a normal forehead in Hollywood. Everyone has been using Botox for forehead lines for so long, no one is aware of what a natural woman looks like.

PLUS - there wasn't a single female protagonist in any of the "Best Picture" Nominees.

For example, there are over 47 male actors and 2 female actors in Grand Budapest Hotel.  Maybe 3 with speaking parts.  And most of the Oscar nominated films this year have a male protagonist (Imitation Game; Theory of Everything; Whiplash) or are from the male point of view: Boyhood and Birman.

I have never seen a more pointed lack of equality — not to mention lack of overall diversity — in the entertainment industry as there is now.

Only the male point of view seems important.

Of course there are the token female roles such as Julianne Moore in Still Alice, and Reese Witherspoon in Wild. But I'm talking about the big money-makers. The films that get the most funding and support.

We need more women directors, writers and producers creating movies that portray women's lives, dreams and goals — not just their romantic aspirations. Women are scientists, lawyers, makers, creators, inventors, doctors, mayors.. we need to portray women of adventure, who aspire to be more than just love-sick romance and fashion-driven beings.

This is the year I am finally getting my work out to the world. I'm sick of waiting, and sick of being a perfectionist.