Saturday, December 15, 2012


"The shooter, dressed in para-military gear, targeted kindergartners and first graders." ~ CNN
 Do men think guns are sexy?

Should the government allow everyone to have a stash of Anthrax or a personal nuclear weapon or a missle in their closet, just in case ya'll need it to kill a group of people with?  You think a weapon that can kill 30 people in rapid succession is a normal weapon?  Is it really fear driving you or "eye for an eye" renegade justice? Or is it talk radio amping up the "survivalist mentality" out of fear of the so--called Apocalypse? 

First of all, America worships violence. I am so sensitive lately I can't even watch a James Bond movie. I was so upset over my husband and stepson's immunity and lack of feeling over the last violent movie we saw together, I had to get out of the car and walk home. Violence is not normal to the human soul. My stepson actually got mad at me and said he was annoyed that I was making him "have a conscience" and making him think. He just wanted to enjoy the killing in the movie without being reminded that human lives were spent.

Anger and fear are a deadly combination, no matter what "mentall illness" bad mood, or depression someone is going through. Words cannot describe the pain and grief these families are feeling right now. Our hearts go out to everyone who has lost a child, parent, brother, sister or loved one. God Bless the families of Newton, Connecticut, Aurora, Colorado and Happy Valley, Orgeon — and all the others from Gabby Gifford's shooting, to the Virginia Tech shooting to the Unity Church shooting (egged on by Rush Limbaugh and the other fear mongers who hate liberals for being peacemakers) and the Colombine massacre, and all other mass shootings of innocents throughout our history.

 The time has come. Providence has stepped in, as was the case with Hurricane Sandy. There is no mistaking the evidence, and what we have to do as a nation.

 Remember Glen Beck screaming on CNN: 'Obama's gonna take your guns!!" ~ which resulted in a young man being so fearful and angry (a deadly combination) that he gathered all his semi-automatic weapons and aimed them at the front door and killed the police officers who entered the home at his mother's behest? '

 In China a man took a knife and injured 20 school children. "Injured" is the operative word. The children are still alive. But in America, we have 20 dead children. Remember the Timeline of the insurrection -- hundreds of right wing killings based on the NRA promoting FEAR of liberals taking your gun rights away? In the Constitution, our forefathers NEVER wrote the Second Amendment thinking we would ever need semiautomatic weapons in our homes. Any person with a mental disorder, an anger issue -- or even momentary angerm or a bad mood, or suicidal thought -- can pick up a gun and make a deadly mistake. Why on earth would we, a so-called 'Christian nation" go against everything the Great Peacemaker stated in the Bible? Why would anyone promote ownership of military assault rifles? What a sick nation we are But LOVE will heal us. Don't be alone. What has happened in a strange way, is Divine Providence trying desperately to get our attention. Whethe you believe in a deity or simply "God as Love, which is what I believe -- then we must realize that our higher selves (where the Bible says the Kingdom is, "within us' -- our higher selves are screaming out in pain and desperation; we need to comde together and discuss this without being bullied by fearmongers like the NRA. I am sick and tired of knowing the truth, knowing the Christ Truth, and being called a communist or socialist for wanting peace and love to reign.

You don't find it a bit eerie that Sandy Hook and Superstorm Sandy share a common name? One may have had a hand in turning the tide for Obama's election win because it makes sense that disaster victims receive government help via FEMA funding. Who else is going to step in out of the philanthropy of their heart (aside from the American people?  Red Cross donations, which we all contribute to I'm sure, can't possibly cover all the losses in a major disaster like Hurricane Katrina or Supertorm Sandy.)  This is where Federal Emergency Aid has to come through.  
What a bizarre time to be greedy. And Obama's desire to help disaster victims with federal aid (FEMA) helped him win the election. It was common sense. It also seemed to be providence moving earth and sky. Then with Sandy Hook -- a horrifying sacrifice of lambs in displaying the most innocent victims of gun violence in order to wake us up! How can anyone in Congress -- Democrat or Republican -- vote against their conscience? How can anyone vote against common sense gun control? How can anyone vote against universal background checks and a limit on military assault weapon sales?