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Lydia Cornell in The Christ Nail~  Curb on HBO

‘Too Close for Comfort’ star Lydia Cornell recalls overcoming alcoholism: ‘A river of tears just flowed’

By Stephanie Nolasco | Fox News

Lydia Cornell became a TV sex symbol when she starred as blonde bombshell Sarah Rush in the ‘80s sitcom “Too Close for Comfort,” but once cameras stopped rolling, she was faced with a battle with alcoholism.
After the series came to an end in 1987, the actress found herself drinking champagne and cocktails every night, People magazine reported. It would take a terrifying moment after the birth of her son Jack in 1994 for the now 66-year-old to turn her life around. She never looked back.
Today, Cornell shares her story with others through her public speaking. She’s also been writing a memoir titled “Hiding My Brain in My Bra.” She spoke to Fox News about her arrival to Hollywood, filming her beloved sitcom and how she overcame addiction.
Fox News: How were you discovered?
Lydia Cornell: It’s funny, I had just graduated college. I would watch TV, track down all the names of every producer from every show and write to them. I told them I wanted to come to Hollywood and become an actress. I had this business degree, but still, I wanted to become an actress. It was really a lifelong dream. The minute I got to town, I was invited by an agent to a dinner party. I remember at the front booth of this fancy restaurant was Aaron Spelling. He was sitting with Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. I was so starstruck.
Aaron asked me to come in and meet his casting director the next day. I did and got my first professional part on a TV series called “The Love Boat.” You might have heard of it. [laughs] My character was a girl in a bikini playing shuffleboard with just one or two lines. The makeup artist put so much blush on my face. I was so terrified the lines came out two octaves higher. I thought I totally blew it. But then Aaron gave me another part on “Charlie’s Angels.” I played a real estate broker who stood behind Shelley Hack. I ended up doing nine guest-starring roles for Aaron Spelling.
Fox News: How did you get the role of Sara Rush in “Too Close for Comfort”?
Cornell: It’s the funniest thing. I took a bus for my audition and it was raining in LA, which was unheard of. I was wearing this tight, cheerleader sweater. I’m already late – an hour late. Secretary goes, “Sorry, they’re finished.” I’m about to cry. [Creator] Arne Sultan comes out and he’s like “Hey, let her come in and read. She came all this way and she looks the part.”



I’m sitting there with four men in the office and the casting director. There’s a line in the script that says “Sara gives her dad a raspberry.” So I’m here picking up this imaginary raspberry and handing it to Arne. He goes, “What the hell are you giving me? What are you handing me?” I said, “I’m giving dad a raspberry.” He goes, “Oh my God, she doesn’t know what giving a raspberry means?” They all laughed so hard, tears were coming out. Meanwhile, I was turning red and shaking. So they all did it together and yell “It’s a Bronx cheer!” Then they went, “She’s perfect for the part.” It was a total fluke. They wanted me to come in the following morning.