Monday, November 05, 2012


PLEASE don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday. It is your right and privilege as an American Citizen. 

WOMEN must come out and vote tomorrow. Obama is your only choice and the BEST choice.

President Obama PASSED THE EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN ACT - after Republicans stopped it for years. 

And remember: Two women were chosen by President Obama to serve on the Supreme Court: Kagan and Sotomayor, the first female Hispanic Supreme Court Justice

President Obama has stopped credit card companies from illegal fee hikes, protected the Consumer int the most comprehensive CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT in history. He got heal care for over 4 million underprivileged children and He stopped predatory lenders. He has been moving this country forward. He's rescued our economy from the brink of collapse. He's passed health reform and ended the war in Iraq. He's fought to help women get equal pay for equal work, make sure students can afford college, ensure that our seniors can retire with dignity, and that our veterans can get the benefits they have earned. 

I wonder why Obama didn't tout his amazing accomplishments?

Check them out here: 

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Mitt Romney is a curious fellow. He does not tell the truth at all. He has no integrity. I'm sorry but this is a fact. 

Mitt Romney has promised to:

Puts bosses in charge of whether women can get birth control included in their medical insurance
Overturn the right to have an abortion in first 8 weeks: Roe v. Wade
Overturn Affordable Health Care
Overturn PBS
Overturn Women's Health Care
Let Banks take over home foreclosures so homeowners can "rent" their homes back from the banks. 

Below are photos from several Charity events I did from 2011-2012, not including my speaking engagement at Texas A&M to speak on domestic violence.  

Firefighters and Red Cross * Solvang Lenny Marshman's Firefighters Fund
Millena Gay, Lydia Cornell, Ivana Franks, Robert Hays, Patrika D'Arbo
PROJECT USA "Jeff Franklin's Mermaid Party" 2011
Lydia Cornell and Amanda Rhigetti at Cats Dancing on Jupiter Premiere 

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Lydia Cornell, Robert Hays for Firefighters Fund at Solvang
The Venetian 

The Gang at Lucky Strike Lanes for L.A. Team Mentoring

Cats Dancing on Jupiter premiere at Arclight
Brenda Epperson, Melissa Biggs, Lydia Cornell * Community Coaching Center for Autism 

Lydia Cornell, 2012, Griffith Park Planetarium

My new wax boyfriend * Celebrity Waiters Luncheon for Muscular Dystrophy * Coronado Island
Carmel Vagabond Inn * The Divorce trip 

PBS Think Tank for Di Palma Forum 

Lydia Cornell, Greg Louganis Chartiy event 2011

Variety Power of Comedy for Noreen Fraser Foundation

Lydia Cornell, Garry Marshall at Project USA

Oscars Kodak Theater for LA Team Mentoring


Suzan Hughes, Lydia Cornell on the KISS TOUR

Linday, Steve Kaufman, Lydia Cornell Mrs. USA

Lydia Cornell, Michael Levy

Lydia Cornell, Jim Bullock at the Hollywood Film Festival

Lydia Cornell, Stacy Di Saia, Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Niguel

Lydia Cornell, Tina Ketchie, creator of the healthy "Go-Free Pants"

Greg Proops, Michael Imperioli, Richard Belzer, Martha and the Vandellas, Lydia Cornell, Cheryl Hines, Sharon Case, Davy Jones at the World Travel Awards Barbados

Too Close for Comfort Cast 2011

Lydia Cornell, Christopher Cerf of PBS Peabody Award-winning "Between the Lions" and Harvard Lampoon

Lydia Cornell, comedienne Nancy Jo Perdue


Ouch that nail in my head hurts!! 
Kids at our door

I know, I look creepy

My Sarah Palin costume
More kids

This is freaking me out; do you see that mist to the right of the ghoul?