Thursday, August 03, 2006


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When I went on the USO tour of Beirut to visit the Marines, terrorism was in its infancy. This was right before the first major "truck bomb suicide attack" against U.S. Peacekeeping Forces. US Magazine published my "Beirut Diary" when I returned, and I did Good Morning America. We visited aircraft carriers USS INCHON, USS SUMTER AND USS SHREVEPORT.

This melts my heart: Just received this from John Conley the brave veteran who recently (2006) gave me his Purple Heart for speaking out in support of our troops in Iraq. Certain people are trying to smear me, but there is nothing more wonderful than having the truth on your side. Truth has substance and is real.

"God showed me that facing my fear head on was the only way to conquer it and that knowledge made me stronger in other areas. No one can hurt you, Lyd. If you're getting 'swift-boated', wear it as a badge of honor.  I know in my heart of hearts that no one possesses more fear than an Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. That's part of their sociopathic natures. Have you noticed how trembly Coulter is when she begins attacking those who don't agree with her? Scared people spend their lives trying to appear strong and confident and that usually translates into physical or verbal violence.  You, on the other hand, are obviously a strong woman and I'm personally glad you're carrying the fight. You are very formidable, my dear. Of course, you need to know that I'll always be ready to stand with you, for what it's worth, in my capacity as a war veteran.....and I mean that literally. The fight is important enough and you mean enough to me for me to hop on a plane if I'm ever needed."


“’The enemy of enemy is my friend’ is usually considered unsophisticated, tribal thinking. But Robert Dreyfuss shows how, during the Cold War, precisely this principle led the United States to support anti-Communist Islamist movements throughout the Muslim world—nurturing the whirlwind we are reaping today. His book is judicious, fascinating, and deeply grounded in a little-know history that stretches many decades back from the CIA’s support for anti-Soviet forces in Afghanistan. He is wise enough to know that all the strength of fundamentalist Islam can’t be blamed on American bungling, but the amount that can is appalling.”
—Adam Hochschild, author of Bury the Chains and King Leopold’s Ghost

Found this photo of Johnny Grant, Kelly Patterson and myself with the troops in Beirut, Lebanon for USO tour. God Bless the brave Marines of the 24th MAU, who died from a suicide truck bomb launched by Hezbollah shortly after we left Beirut. Years later I received fan mail from the 13-year-old son of one of these Marines. He asked me if I had ever met his father, and would I describe him to him. The boy was dying of cancer.

I will post parts of my US Magazine's Beirut Diary (if I can find it) in the coming weeks. Audrey Meadows, who played my grandmother on Too Close For Comfort, was the one who encouraged me to go to a war zone on Christmas Eve, 1982. I will always be grateful to her for pushing me to go to a war zone. But at the time, I thought she was a nut! She said it on this "trip of a lifetime." I was scared to death flying into Lebanon — and have some hilarious stories about paranoia and mine fields in a blacked-out city.