Tuesday, October 07, 2008


On Thursday October 9, 2008, Former President Clinton Advisor Paul Begala will be the guest on the Basham and Cornell Radio Show at 8 am Pacific Time on AM 1230 KLAV in Las Vegas and simulcast worldwide on the web.

Paul is a Democratic strategist who serves as a political contributor for CNN, appearing frequently on CNN's The Situation Room as well as other programs on CNN networks.

Begala was formerly co-host of Crossfire, CNN's political debate program. Begala first entered the national political scene after the consulting firm he and fellow Democratic strategist James Carville started, Carville & Begala, helped President Bill Clinton get elected in 1992. Serving in the Clinton administration as counselor to the president, he was a close adviser to Clinton and helped define and defend the administration's agenda, serving as a principal public spokesman.

He is currently an affiliated professor of public policy at Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute. Begala is not a paid political consultant for any politicians or candidates for office.

Upcoming and recent guests: Tom Daschle, Hooman Majd, Ahmedinijad's translator. If you live in Vegas you can tune in Live or go to our website and listen in the audio archives.

The Basham and Cornell Show broadcasts weekday mornings at 8 am Pacific (11 a.m. Eastern) on KLAV 1230 AM Radio live in Las Vegas. Again, all shows are simulcast worldwide on the Internet (and archived) and can be listened to at Basham and Cornell Radio

If you've missed our show, check out the audio archives for MP3 podcasts. We have interviewed Former Reagan Advisor Past Buchanan, CNN Crossfire's Bill Press, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, John & Elizabeth Edwards, Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich, John Dean, NBC Bureau Chief in Tel Aviv Martin Fletcher, Pulitzer Prize winner Charlie Savage, Congressman Charlie Rangel,Valerie Plame, Vincent Bugliosi, Christine Pelosi, Dahr Jamail, Senator Mike Gravel; Senator Byron Dorgan; bestselling authors Greg Palast, Paul Krugman, Greg Anrig.


McCain and Palin's Long List of Lies Pinocchio Politics.org

BUT PALIN IS THE MOST CORRUPT, UNETHICAL CANDIDATE for her lies about Obama. But the worst thing is McCain snickering, smiling while a man in the audience yells, "Kill him!" after Palin spews her inflamatory lies about Obama hanging out with William Ayers. What a lie. Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was a college kid with the Weather Underground. Ayers not only apologized and asked forgiveness for his college associations, but he was never convicted and has been pardoned by President Clinton. Further, Obama attended one coffee conference that Ayers attended in his State Senate career. And by the way, Ayers is a distinguished university professor.


Obama “pals around with terrorists.”
ACTUALLY: Obama was 8 when radical Bill Ayers planted bombs to protest Vietnam. Now a professor, he & Obama volunteer for the same charity. (CNN FactChecker)

McCain 'suspended' his campaign.
ACTUALLY: During his campaign 'suspension', McCain aired attack ads, raised $, and kept all his campaign offices open. (CNN FactChecker)

Obama will raise your taxes.
ACTUALLY: Obama's tax plan lowers taxes for 95% of middle class families. (factcheck.org)

Obama wants to teach sex ed to kindergartners.
ACTUALLY: The bill Obama voted for in the Illinois Legislature helps protect children from sexual predators. (factcheck.org)

Obama called Sarah Palin “a pig.”
ACTUALLY: It was McCain’s attempt to repackage himself as a candidate of change, that Obama was chiding when he said, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig" (factcheck.org)
Obama opposes all free trade.

ACTUALLY: Obama supports free-trade agreements that include significant protections for workers and the environment. (liecount.com)

McCain “never asked for a single earmark.”
ACTUALLY: McCain hauled in pork for Arizona -- most recently a $10 million academic center to honor the Justice Rehnquist. (politifact.com)

Obama will increase spending by $1 trillion.
ACTUALLY: Obama’s proposed $990 billion in new spending will be near exactly offset by his $989 billion in spending cuts. (Washington Post)

Obama will “hand the health care system over to the federal government.”
ACTUALLY: Obama's plan expands federal coverage, but will allow people to keep their current plans or choose from private ones. (factcheck.org)

Obama thinks Iran “doesn’t pose a serious threat.”
ACTUALLY: Obama said Iran doesn’t pose a serious threat *in comparison to the Soviet Union.* (factcheck.org)

Obama wants to bomb Pakistan.
ACTUALLY: Obama sees Pakistan as key ally, but is willing to strike Al Queda leadership even if within Pakistan’s borders. (New Republic)

Obama voted against funding the troops.
ACTUALLY: Obama voted to fund the troops 10 times. Both McCain & Obama have voted against funding when attached to larger bills they opposed. (factcheck.org)

Obama voted for higher taxes 94 times.
ACTUALLY: Obama has voted consistently to reduce taxes for the middle class, while supporting tax increases ONLY on the very wealthy. (factcheck.org)

Palin “vetoed millions of earmarks.”
ACTUALLY: Governors can’t veto earmarks; this year alone, Palin pushed for $197 million in earmarks. (MSNBC, Wash. Post, TPM)

McCain tried to reform Fannie Mae
ACTUALLY: McCain only supported *a report* on Fannie/Freddie corruption. Meanwhile, his staff lobbied for deregulation of both. (New York Times and DKos)

Offshore drilling will reduce the cost of gas.
ACTUALLY: Offshore drilling will not reduce the price of gas until 2030, and then only by a few cents. (politifact.com and doe.gov)

US companies pay world’s 2nd highest corporate taxes.
ACTUALLY: Over 160 countries have higher corporate taxes. (liecount.com)
Obama will tax electricity.
ACTUALLY: Obama supports taxing dirty fuel like coal to pay for clean energy like wind and solar. (factcheck.org)

McCain invented the BlackBerry.
ACTUALLY: The BlackBerry was developed by Research In Motion, a Canadian company. (wired.com)

McCain says "I have always told 100% absolute truth."
ACTUALLY: um, no. See above lies. (politico.com)

Obama supports “infanticide.”
ACTUALLY: Obama will protect any baby “born alive,” even if from an induced abortion – but not bills that use this as a cover to undermine Roe v Wade. (factcheck.org)

Obama thinks troops in Afghanistan are “just” killing civilians.
ACTUALLY: Obama called for more troops on the ground exactly so “we're *not* just air-raiding villages and killing civilians.” (Huffington Post, Washington Post)
Obama snubbed wounded troops.
ACTUALLY: Obama has visited wounded troops many times. He cancelled one visit in Germany so it wouldn’t be misconstrued as political. (factcheck.org)
Biden supported McCain on Iraq until this election.
ACTUALLY: Biden & McCain agreed in 2004 on the need for more troops, but from then on, Biden has strongly differed with McCain on Iraq. (TPM)

"Thanks, but no thanks" (repeated 36++ times)
ACTUALLY : Palin supported the Bridge, then opposed it, and kept the money for a bridge that won't be built. politifact.com

McCain refuses special interest money
ACTUALLY : McCain takes millions from big oil and foreign military contractors – and his campaign is run by lobbyists - mccainslobbyists.com

Sarah Palin commands the Alaskan National Guard
ACTUALLY : Sarah Palin has next to no authority to command the National Guard - vetvoice.com

Obama agrees that the economy is fundamentally strong
ACTUALLY : Obama disagrees with McCain's foolish claim. - CNN PoliticalTicker

Alaska Produces 20% of US Energy
ACTUALLY : Alaska produces just 3.5%. Neither fact means Palin is qualified. - factcheck.org

McCain's Campaign has no Connections to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac
ACTUALLY : John McCain flat lied – his lead campaign adviser Rick Davis took checks from Freddie Mac until August 2008. -
NY Times

Palin Rejected $500 million Earmarks
ACTUALLY : Palin pushed for federal earmarks as both Mayor and Governor. - MSNBC and The Washington Post and TPM
Obama is 'mum' on the economic crisis
ACTUALLY : Obama has offered a variety of proposals, but held off on a full bill because he didn't want to play politics with the economic crisis. - factcheck.org

Palin sold the Govnr's jet on EBay
ACTUALLY : In a political stunt, Palin put the jet on eBay for much less than its worth – and it didn't sell. -
The Washington Post

Obama gave big oil millions in subsidies
ACTUALLY : This claim has no basis – Obama subsidized alternative energies and taxed oil companies. - factcheck.org

Palin took on big oil
ACTUALLY : Palin only disagreed on where to place one pipeline, otherwise she supports ANWR drilling and other disastrous policies. - factcheck.org

Obama Killed Immigration reform
ACTUALLY : Obama voted for bipartisan immigration reform bills, while McCain decided he would vote against his own immigration bill- hardly a step forward for reform. -
The Washington Post

Palin visited troops in Iraq
ACTUALLY : Palin grandstanded on a US base in Kuwait, but never quite made it over to Iraq. - The Boston Globe
Obama wants to increase government size by 23%
ACTUALLY : McCain invented this figure from faulty assumptions and misstatements. - politifact.com

Obama opposes the electric car
ACTUALLY : Obama backs clean energy, he said 'no' to McCain's ineffective free-market solutions to the energy crisis. - politifact.com

Obama is advised by the former CEO of Freddie Mac
ACTUALLY : Obama only spoke with the Freddie head once, on the phone. John McCain's campaign adviser was taking checks from Freddie until August '08. - liecount.com

Obama wants to bomb Pakistan
ACTUALLY : Obama merely supported taking action against Osama bin Laden when the US knows where he is, using special forces troops. - The New Republic

McCain supports a 'bipartisanship' in the bailout
ACTUALLY : McCain has openly blamed Democrats for the economic collapse, and Obama for the bailout bill's failure in Congress. - Talking Points Memo

Obama asked for a million $ a day in pork
ACTUALLY : Fuzzy math. - liecount.com

"23,000 People at our rallies"
ACTUALLY : No one knows where this number came from. It appears to be a fabrication. - Bloomberg

FactCheck.org Agrees with Us
ACTUALLY : FactCheck.org disagrees, particularly about this lie. - factcheck.org

Palin Fired Trooper for Performance Reasons
ACTUALLY : Palin's story keeps changing, lying about her previous lies. - ABC News

Obama is part of the corrupt Chicago establishment
ACTUALLY : McCain's assertions make mountains out of molehills. - factcheck.org