Monday, July 01, 2013


TEENAGERS ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE... but that doesn't justify lying, does it?  

Okay, so I dented my son's back fender on his brand new car. I was scared to tell him, so I called my bff James Hillis Ford, and whispered the news into the phone, and decided not to tell my son right away.

My plan was to sleep on it, and maybe even pretend that it happened another way — possibly at his own work parking lot — just maybe I could get away with it. Now I am someone who prides myself on being honest to a fault. (Pride always goes before the fall.)  But for some reason I just couldn't face my teenager's wrath. In case you haven't noticed, teenagers are not nice people. I had been trying to park it for him in the impossibly small spot given to us by a Good Samaritan -- because you can't park your own car in front of your own house at night in this town. Not a single car is allowed to be on the streets in our small prestigious Westside city; they love to give $100 parking tickets.

So anyway, I was doing a "no good deed goes unpunished" deed by parking it for him, since I pride myself on being an expert parker (pride always goes before the fall, or did I say this already?) and this way, he gets to stay home for the summer and go to work at his new job at Scopely everyday, and so every night I park it for him. This particular evening I misjudged the space size and angled it too close to a pole...

You won't believe what happened next. To be continued...

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On Saturday, June 29, 2013, I went to the private FoCA (Friends of CalArts) screening of MONSTERS UNIVERSITY on the Disney Studios lot

At the Monsters U red carpet Saturday, June 29, 2013
In front of the Seven Dwarves at Walt Disney Studios


By the way: great people work at Scopely, the new innovative mobile gaming company.

My son works there too :) But don't let him know I said that.