Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Think about this tomorrow as you sit down to your Thanksgiving Feast! And remember your local Food Bank!

If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of this world.

If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish, you are among the top 8% of the worlds wealthy.

And if you get this on your own computer, you are part of the 1% in the world who has that opportunity.

If you woke up this morning with more health than illness .... you are more blessed than the many who will not even survive this day.

If you have never experienced the fear in battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation .... you are ahead of over 700 million people in the world.

If you can attend a church without the fear of harassment, arrest, torture or death you are envied by, and more blessed than, three billion people in the world.

If your parents are still alive and still married are very rare.

If you can hold your head up and smile, you are not the norm, you're unique to all those in doubt and despair.

And if you can't seem to rev yourself up and out of depression, just quietly say "thank you." Just find ONE SMALL THING to be grateful for. Then go outside, look up and breathe. The more you are grateful, the more you get out of yourself. "It's by self-forgetting that we find..." - Lydia

If you can read this you are very special and you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world who cannot read at all.

Have a good day, and count your blessings!!- Anonymous


Obama: 'HELP IS ON THE WAY' .... and 'Change will come from me' (despite keeping Gates on as Secretary of Defense)

Designates Former Fed Chair Volcker As Head Of New "President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board"... Third Straight Economic Conference This Week...

President-elect Barack Obama said today that "people should understand that help is on the way" for the nation's ailing economy. Obama held his third press conference in three days on the economy. He named former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker to lead a new economic recovery board. developing story... Obama stresses patience


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Monday, November 24, 2008


I have to admit I'm obsessed with "Twilight," which I saw this weekend. Maybe I'm 14 years old — oh yeah, that's right I am. I'm very interested in vampires that hold back, and in the erotics of abstinence. Teenage girls are my cause lately. Girls are in a lot of pain, with the highest suicide rate of any other group. I blame a culture of materialism, but it's an "inside job" and we each have to work out our own dark forces. According to the CDC, suicide attempts tripled in the past three years for girls ages 10-14. I really want to help them navigate life better than I did.

As a Harry Potter freak, Lord of the Rings fanatic and a lifelong Trekkie, I think films like this are great for girls. We need our own Harry Potter.

"We are in the business of love. Put "love" into what you do for a living."

By 2010 the number two form of disability will be depression. What goes on inside you is the cause of your outside experience."

"No one can be successful alone."

"The purpose of marriage is to learn how to be a compassionate human being." - Bob Lancer

Remember, if the time should come, when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory.* - Albus Dumbledore
The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. — Samuel Johnson, lexicographer (1709-1784)


TWILIGHT CULT PHENOMENON (The Christian Science Monitor)
Tween bibliophiles are armed with antecedent knowledge of the storyline, courtesy of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling 2005 novel. It was the first of a tetralogy, which has been translated into 37 languages and collectively sold 25 million copies worldwide.

Excited fan girls queued up for sold out Thursday midnight showings, generating a $70 million gross. Made on a modest budget of $37 million, Twilight swept into the number one box office spot for the weekend, playing on 6,000 screens and pulling in $70 million.

You have to hear Carter Burwell's haunting score, especially, "How Will I Die?"
Go to and click on the movie trailers, but if you want to hear the score, go to Soundtrack and pause the songs, but listen to what plays automatically.