Monday, October 01, 2012

The Artist's Struggle

THE STRUGGLE TO BE AN ARTIST while believing your only worth is in how you look. Strange conundrum in America.

For a long time I've wanted to write about teenagers, materialism, looksism, sexism and depression in America. It's far beyond a teenage problem. Now it seems to affect all age groups.

What is it about our country, that remains so primitive and unawakened? We almost seem to thumb our nose at higher ideas. And how can a country thrive or survive on the archaic model of cut-throat competition?  If you win, I lose?  We should be cooperative not competitive.

The 80s, when my show (Too Close for Comfort) came on the air, are now known as the "greed era."  But when I was a young girl, all I dreamed about was being a movie star or model. My favorites were Hayley Mills, Colleen Corby, Rene Russo, Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs.

But what I really wanted to be was Walt Disney. Or Thomas Edison. Or Albert Einstein. If only our country and our society valued intelligence in young women.

Then, when I was on my first cover of a magazine, next to these icons on the newstand, I had to pinch myself.

But there is something wrong with a society that values only the material picture.

When will we grow up?

To be continued...

This weekend I did a charity event for AVCOA: Antelope Valley Community on Aging. (The Greek Chronicles) as well. Your participation will mean that literall
y dozens of elders in our community will receive hot meals and other forms of assistance that otherwise would not have been possible. - received this note from Linda Vasquez. Thank you to everyone involved. Had a BLAST in Lancaster where I filmed "Quantum Leap" pilot years ago.  STayed at Embassy Suites in Palmdale - an amazing hotel! THANK YOU BRAD BERENS and LINDA VASQUEZ and many more.