Wednesday, June 14, 2006


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  • Please forgive the delay in posting the guest blogger. Have an emergency this week, and it will have to wait until next week. I know I have been strangely quiet regarding Ann Coulter, but we have our reasons. More will be revealed. Whatever happened to the MONROE DOCTRINE and the GENEVA CONVENTION?? Meanwhile, I would like your input on our troops in Iraq. I met a Westpoint graduate Friday night, who served with the elite Rangers serving a few years ago in Afghanistan, and he confided something he found suspicious. READ MORE BELOW...

    L to R: Ex-CIA agent LARRY, DOUG BASHAM and AMBASSADOR JOE WILSON (Valerie Plame's husband) at Basham's Progressive Talk fundraiser in Vegas, which honored Spc. Douglas Barber, who took his life earlier this year. He had PTSD. The military trains our soldiers, but does not prepare them for the aftermath of war. God Rest his soul. Basham is the best interviewer I've ever had. He is amazingly generous, quick-witted, knows everything, and he's "tight" too. "Tight:" that's the annoying new word for "cool" according to my 12-year-old.

    Before 911, this elite Ranger and his unit were asked to clear a huge Airforce landing strip in Afghanistan, but did not know the location they were in. So they cleared the landing strip. RIGHT BEFORE 911 happened. Strange, eh? Also, does anyone know the status of the soldier who refused to go to Iraq? Is he being court martialed? I think his defense should be this: he signed on to defend America before he discovered that Bush lied about the reason for going to war. At this point, his Commander-in-Chief turns out to be a liar; our troops are suffering from PTSD and committing crimes comparable to the My Lai massacre.

    VEGAS Pix of Bloggers: Lyd, RENE, Destiny; MIKE, Lyd; Lyd with Jack Benny & George Burns in photo at 50th anniversary of Riviera gallery

    Had a great time in Vegas with the incredible Doug Basham and his PROGRESSIVE TALK show. Got to meet Jack Carter, Jimmy Carter's son, who is running for Congress. Ambassador Joe Wilson and ex-Cia agent Larry J. were at Basham's radio fundraiser for his Progressive Talk station. Basham is one of the best voices for the progressive cause IN AMERICA!! Also met some wonderful people at the fundraiser at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
    Daily KOS, THINK PROGRESS AND ESCHATON were at the Riviera having the Yearly Kos convention.

    IT IS VITAL TO keep in mind that if, instead of siding with Hitler, the Christians of Germany - who represented some 96% of the population - had joined with the Jews, handicaps, homosexuals and the "Liberals", there would have been no war and no holocaust! But Hitler responded: "I have the churches in my back pocket." He then proceeded to arrange for the Nazi government to pay for the support of the clergy, their churches and their schools, so long as they didn't get in his way. That is just one of the many reasons why so few of the Christian clergy dared to speak out against Hitler, no matter how heinous his policies became! (From