Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Just discovered these from Getty Images from an event for the Amanda Foundation. They can be purchased here but this is probably for editorial use. What makes me mad is that certain photographers choose the worst photos ever on purpose so TMZ can condemn you and destroy you. This has happened to me many times. TMZ posted the worst pic of me during the most scary time of my life, when the stalker was threatening to 'bash my face in.' It was a a pic taken while I was blinking or moving my mouth or something mistaken. People wrote that I was 'so ugly I deserved to have my face bashed in." That's what being famous gets you. #LydiaCornell Ruben Mazariegos #TMZ

And now photographer Phil Archuleta is doing the same thing. Posting the worst photo possible of me from a side angle that had me in the midst of blinking - that doesn't even look like me. Why would he do this? What is the point of trying to destroy a career?