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(Political Animal) FEIN: IMPEACH CHENEY....As part of the Washington Post's multi-part profile on Dick Cheney, Bruce Fein, an associate deputy attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, accused the Vice President of having made "monarchical claims" on power.

In an interesting Slate piece, Fein, a self-identified conservative, follows up on these concerns and explicitly calls for Cheney's impeachment.

In grasping and exercising presidential powers, Cheney has dulled political accountability and concocted theories for evading the law and Constitution that would have embarrassed King George III. The most recent invention we know of is the vice president's insistence that an executive order governing the handling of classified information in the executive branch does not reach his office because he also serves as president of the Senate. In other words, the vice president is a unique legislative-executive creature standing above and beyond the Constitution. The House judiciary committee should commence an impeachment inquiry. As Alexander Hamilton advised in the Federalist Papers, an impeachable offense is a political crime against the nation. Cheney's multiple crimes against the Constitution clearly qualify. (CBS News)

cartoon by Stephen Pitt

cartoon by Sack

I do not believe in an anthropomorphic God nor do I believe in a physical anti-Christ — but I believe that fundamentalism itself, the kind Ann Coulter practices, is un-Christian. This is anti-Christ thought.

And Elizabeth Ewards is my hero.

Ann Coulter was on Chris Matthews today, and Elizabeth Edwards called in to ask her to stop making personal, hateful attacks against her husband, John Edwards (yesterday on GMA, Coulter said she will not call Edwards the "f" word anymore, but she will say she wishes he was killed in a terrorist attack... and it doesn't matter that she was trying to make fun of Bill Maher in this, her words are those of a corrupt, evil, low life who cannot use her brain for anything productive.

I am so sick of this monster getting attention for her extermination speak.

Ann Coulter is the exact opposite of a true Christian, and is actually one of the reasons our society is falling apart. She supports the war in Iraq and couldn't care less about civilian casualties, but loathes Bush now because of his "amnesty" bill. Christ, if he were alive today, would have supported the exact reverse of Coulter's position.

"I had a very happy childhood – nothing conflicted, lots of friends, lots of boyfriends, athletic," she said. In the seventh grade her beagle, Tiger, died. "That was the only bad thing that ever happened to me."

Wow! This explains it all. This makes the case for Democrats. If not having suffered in life makes one as brittle and spiteful as Ann Coulter, a “Republican,” then it stands to reason that suffering in life makes one more compassionate, more empathetic and hence more connected to the human race! Hence, a Democrat.

I think I detect “suffering envy” in Coulter. She is actually jealous of those who have loved and lost.

I have a solution: get married, have kids and get a family life. Care about someone other than yourself. Then you can join the human race and stop inflicting your heinously distorted views on others you have nothing in common with. Life is messy: people cry, make mistakes, act like jerks, care about each other. Not everyone is the enemy. In fact, even the enemy can become a friend. Take my husband for example.

Her premise is that it's wrong to use your suffering. My question to Coulter is, why are you so against understanding “the other” and personal history? Our suffering often deepens us, defines us, and helps us grow into truly empathetic souls. As a wise man once said, “pain is the touchstone of all spiritual progress.” Wouldn't it have been better for George Bush to have actually been through some tragedies in life, so he could relate to fellow human beings, instead of admittedly being so estranged from the tragedy in New Orleans? Bush admitted he has no idea how the poor of New Orleans felt, for he had never had a moment in his life when he was deprived. I would rather have a president who has actually been through personal trials, and was deepened by them.

Losing a child, as John Edwards did, often changes a person; it is the defining moment in a parent's life. Nothing is ever the same after losing a child.

So tell us Ann, what childhood abuse are you hiding? Why have you so little empathy and “compassion” – that corney, hokey quality you revile in Democrats? I’m sorry, but “compassion” is not a dirty word. Caring about your fellow man is not a wimpy quality unveiled just to get votes. I know you and Glen Beck have a special hatred for people who have lost loved ones, especially 911 widows and Katrina victims.

You cringe when Angelina Jolie or Miss Universe sounds sappy, but there is something refreshing about people stating out loud that they want to change the world by helping others. Maybe it doesn't sound “cool” to your brand of SS Storm Trooper, but it is exactly what American kids need to hear: beautiful women pleading for charitable causes, instead of scarecrows chortling about killing 'rag heads!'

On behalf of Democrats, I will say this: we are interested in understanding the enemy in order to solve problems. This does not make us unpatriotic or treasonous! I believe that once you understand people's motivations, you can enter into diplomacy. “Keep your enemies close” is smart behavior, especially in time of war. I keep getting comments on my blog from people who twist my words and call me a traitor simply because I do not love the bomb.

Coulter's pathological hatred qualifies her for a mental institution, not the top of the bestseller list. What I'd like to know is how did America get to the point where a sociopath can become a best-selling author? Calling for the killing of a Supreme Court Justice or former president — isn't this criminal intent, and shouldn't this woman be in jail? Ann Coulter is about to blow, and I hope she doesn't own a gun.

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cagle.com/news/ AnnCoulter/images/sack.jpg

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A Soldiers Point of View

Please read the following letter I received from a soldier who is on his third tour of Iraq. He is scheduled to return back home in August. I'm praying he will make it back safely. This is from a soldier who knows the truth of what is happening in Iraq.I am not including his name for his protection.



I read your blog of the ten service members that were killed in country.
The one that stood out was the mention of the one that was on his third
tour. This is my third tour here as well. I came back from a injury that
had me unable to walk for 90 days. I had my tendon repaired and my nerve
dissected and repaired on my left foot. I came back to Iraq after

If I can try to explain why...

1. We don't have to believe our leaders but we have to believe in our
Country. Our love for our Country and our service is something we take
pride in. Whether Foreign Policy is screwed up or not we have to protect
our Country for whatever threat. Now, this comment can raise a few
arguments I know BUT if I believe in my Country then I am willing to
defend my Country. Notice, I believe in my Country even if my leaders
are slightly off center.
Being in the military we are not allowed to discuss our political views
and I will respect that and I don't think it's important on whether I am
a Republican or Democrat (even though I am sure you know which I am). I
am paid to be a medic, to save lives, not to get into a political debate
with my Commander-In-Chief.

2. We continue to come over because we know others wont. This is an
ongoing situation. We have folks that go AWOL and vanish on their units,
we have folks that claim "conscientious objector" status after they
somehow woke up one day and said "hey, I'm not going to war", and then
we have the National Guard men and women who claim the "I only joined
for college". We also have entire Guard units that for some reason are
able to jockey their way out of deployments, but they and their
personnel are able to remain in the Guard.

3. With being here three times you have experience. You want to share
this experience with the younger soldiers or the "virgins to war". At 35
years of age I see it as my part to help those here and to ease their
worries and to help them relax know that at any moment thing can and
will go down hill fast. If you can learn from those who have been here
before and if it helps you to stay alive and to do you mission then that
is a success.

4. For some of us, like myself, being here is being able to support our
families. Thanks to a poor job market or a job that only pays the status
quo, by coming over here with the extra pay and the like we can keep our
heads above water and make sure our families can survive. I am married
with 3 beautiful children and I know that if anything does happen to me
then they will be taken care of. I hate to think of anything happening
but I am not the dictator of my time on earth. In the civilian side I
would not be able to give my wife of 13 years and my children as good a
life as they have now. Once I get back to Alabama after this tour, I
return to the job I have and take a huge cut in salary. And once again I
look forward to the prospect of having to work two or possibly three
jobs just to stay afloat and to continue to provide for my family.

5. Family history. I come from a long line of military blood. I have had
family in every major conflict since the Civil War. And due to my German
heritage, I have had family on two fronts in two World Wars. Our
dedication to Country and service is a way of my family saying "Thank
You" to a Country that allowed us to cross the water and enter and to
allow us the chance to make our lives better, brand new. From
Grandfather to father to brother to sister and uncles and cousins (one
cousin - William Wayne Seay gave the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam and
was awarded the Medal Of Honor) we have all given our time to our
Country. At one time over here my sister, my cousin and I were all in
theatre together. Some were raised to be actors, doctors and lawyers and
these are noble professions. My family - Deane's and Steiner's - see our
calling differently. Some 44 years ago a great man told us to ask not
our Country could do for us, but what we could do for our Country. I
have never nor will I ever ask of my Country to do for me, I simply give
to her without question.

6. Faith moves mountains. I have Faith in my God. And I know that if
anything should happen I will look forward to being in His arms and
standing with Him. There is a greater place and my Lord has a place for
me in it. My family will miss me, yes, BUT what a glorious day when we
will be reunited in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Faith keeps me going.

7. My family trusts and believes in me and that is all that matters. As
long as I can look at my children and my wife when I get home and know I
did the best that I could do and they love me, then that is all that I
am after. I have nothing to prove to anyone but to my wife and babies.

This is my last tour. I will volunteer for no more. I once told my wife
one day that as long as I believe that we are helping these people and

SPC (name withheld)
(Operation withheld)

"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly" - John F.


If this e-mail is marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY it may be exempt from
mandatory disclosure under FOIA. DoD 5400.7R, "DoD Freedom of
Information Act Program", DoD Directive 5230.9, "Clearance of DoD
Information for Public Release", and DoD Instruction 5230.29, "Security
and Policy Review of DoD Information for Public Release" apply.

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Doomed To Repeat It

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Guest Post by Mike

I was always fascinated by Ancient Rome, a civilization to which we owe much of our current legal system and democracy, and that controlled much of the known world at the time. I wondered how a civilization that endured for almost 1000 years and was the envy of the ancient world and the preeminent world power could collapse and fall so low that its fall ushered in a dark age where knowledge, science, peoples standard of living and quality 
of life all declined substantially and chaos reigned.

Before we look at The reasons behind Rome's tragic fall and the fall of all civilizations that aspire to empire, lets first look at the fragility of civilization, particularly complex civilizations, since they are the easiest to destroy. The reasons for this are precisely the very factors that allow the civilization to attain its high level of complexity, such as a well developed division of labor with each job requiring highly specialized skills and knowledge. Think for a moment, if most of our civilization were wiped out except for a small portion of the population, would any of you be able to design and build an airplane, build your own house, make a computer, a 
TV, grow our own food or make our own clothes etc....

History and science support the conclusion that our civilization is far more fragile than we dare to think. Michael Shermer in Scientific American, Aug 2002 studied 60 civilizations, both ancient and modern in order to determine the average life span of civilizations, Shermer, discovered that the average civilization endured 421 years, he also concluded that modern civilizations do not last as long as ancient ones. Among the 28 most recent civilizations post Rome, the average life span was reduced to only 305 years. The main reason is likely that modern civilizations are far more complex. By complex I mean we have a well developed division of labor, with jobs requiring specialized skills, as well as complex distribution systems and a complex hierarchical government. In addition modern civilizations, particularly those whose existence are based on cheap energy and consistent economic growth are far more likely to be adversarial and in direct competition for the natural resources required to maintain and protect their way of life.

Lets examine why dominant civilizations that start out so good and become world powers eventually collapse. There are MANY factors as well as clear signs which constantly are associated with the fall of civilizations. First and foremost is the greedy desire for empire. Rome squandered and wasted its resources fighting petty wars to grow and later to merely maintain their empire. Initially the plan was, since they were a dominant world power they would conquer and take the resources and money they needed, this worked while they were growing and had the money and military power to sustain that growth, however once they became so big that they no longer had the military or economic power to maintain, control and defend what they had no less keep growing, the empire imploded. When this happens, civilizations either decrease in complexity and are replaced by another dominant civilization and world power or the civilization falls completely, followed by chaos and a power vacuum.........in other words a dark ages ensues.

There are many clear warning signs exhibited by empires in decline such as the Roman Empire, The British Empire, Spain, and arguably America today These include:

1) huge debt levels

2) political corruption

3) unsustainable wars and military occupations

4) inflation

5) inequitable distribution of wealth, with the rich and powerful becoming ever richer, while the middle class is destroyed and is relegated to a huge underclass of poor, much like the plebeians or serfs

6) a rigid caste or class system with little chance of bettering oneself and little class mobility

7) debasing of the currency, followed by a corresponding increase in the price of commodities

8) a depletion of vital natural resources

9) a clear economic shift away from being a manufacturing economy that makes and designs things, to being a finance or money changing economy that doesn't make anything and shifts money from the poor and middle class to the wealthy elite money changers

10) Disdain for and neglect of the poor by the wealthy elite leadership

11) a destruction of freedom and democracy and a move to a totalitarian form of rule, with power being concentrated almost exclusively in the hands of a king, emperor or a "Decider" who does not tolerate dissent and supports the same ideas Hitler and the Roman emperors or the current Neo Con/PNAC "Unitary Executive" concept embrace.

Lets move forward and examine PNAC's "Unitary Executive" theory which goes against everything our Founding Fathers as well as Jesus stood for. PNAC is obsessed with making America the Preeminent Superpower by bullying, holding down and exploiting other countries. This concept of bullying those weaker and preventing them from bettering themselves seems to be a timeless and classic core tenet of conservatism and is in direct opposition to the Golden Rule. The greedy wealthy elite have used these tactics to oppress the poor since before Ancient Rome, and it has NEVER worked, the result of sinfully inequitable distribution of wealth combined with authoritarianism is ultimately economic depressions, revolutions and misery.

Historically we have done much better economically under Democratic administrations where policies are designed to benefit the vast majority of citizens rather than a tiny minority of powerful wealthy elites. We need to have good healthy relationships with other countries, that include cooperation and goodwill rather adversarial destructive relations where we are so hated, feared and reviled that terrorists can easily recruit people so committed to destroying us that they are willing to sacrifice their lives to do so. GWB's inept and bellicose policies have certainly made us more of a target to terrorists and helped to create more terrorists, however I think the biggest threats to our civilization and prosperity as well as to our military and economic dominance is an an energy crisis and/or a debt implosion.

The British Empire also collapsed from an unsustainable empire and high debt levels, they moved from a manufacturing economy to a finance/money changing economy and were replaced by the United States, both militarily and economically as the World power in the 20th century. The reasons for their decline were similar to Ancient Rome's decline and mirror our own decline in the 21st century. Our primary dangers today are unsustainable debt levels and a lack of energy resources. Great Britain faced a similar problem to the one America faces today in the 16th century, when they too were faced with an energy crisis, at that time their economy was based on wood, much as ours today is based on oil, wood was used as energy for heating homes and manufacturing as well as ship building. Britain's forests were rapidly depleted, much as our domestic oil reserves are today, wood prices rose eightfold and Britain began importing wood at great cost, echoing what we are doing today with oil, what saved Britain from collapsing as a civilization was not ignoring the problem and denying it, but taking action and changing the economy to one based on a new more readily available source of energy. Britain progressed to a coal based economy which helped them become the most productive economy of the time, and ushered in the Industrial Revolution that made them a world power and brought much of the prosperity the West has enjoyed since then.

To avert a collapse similar to Rome's, we need progressive leaders who think of the future and are willing to break from the preconceived group think of the past and take us in a new direction. I'd like to hear your opinions on who those leaders are that can take us in that new direction and ensure our continued prosperity and fix our tarnished image as a symbol of justice and freedom for all.

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The Bush Presidency: Number by Number

As reported in the Blue Herald News the Bush Presidency has many accomplishments that often go unreported. These accomplishments are not necessarily good for Americans. In fact the Bush administration would like nothing better than for the eyes of the public to focus elsewhere.

Below will find a breakdown number by number of some of the "secret" things the Bush administration has been doing. Number by number, many secrets are revealed. Number by number shows they have a lot they need to answer for.

Number by Number;

The Courts

2,072 Orders of the Secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.While the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court does not reveal much about its activities, the Department of Justice reported that the FISC approved 2,072 orders — rejecting none — in 2005 but does not identify the activities being investigated or provide basic information about how the orders are used.

National Security Letters:

9,254 National Security Letters Issued A Justice Department report on secret wiretap warrants indicated that the government issued 9,254 National Security Letters during 2005. These letters can be used to obtain information about individuals without the government applying for a court-reviewed warrant.

Private Enterprise:

106 New Patents Kept Secret, 4,915 “Secrecy Orders” in effect in 2005, the federal government closed the lid on 106 patents. Overall, that brings the total number of inventions kept under “secrecy orders” to 4,915.

Classified Documents:

$134 Spent Creating New Secrets for Every $1 Spent Releasing Old Secrets.For every $1 the federal government spent in 2005 releasing old secrets, it spent $134 creating new secrets. The good news is that is a $14 drop from 2004. To put this slight drop in context—from 1997 to 2001, the government spent less than $20 per year keeping secrets for every dollar spent declassifying them.

17% of DOD FY 2006 Budget Is Classified or “Black”

“Black” programs accounted for 17 percent of the (FY) 2006 Department of Defense (DoD) budget of $315.5 billion, requested in 2005. Classified acquisition funding has nearly doubled in real terms since FY 1995, when funding for these programs reached its post:Cold War low.

Freedom of Information Act:

FOIA Requests Continue to Rise; Agencies can’t keep up adjusted for an abnormal increase in Social Security Administration numbers, the number of FOIA requests has increased by 65,543 requests since 2004. Agencies overall have been unable to keep up with the number of requests, with 43 percent more pending requests this year than in 2002.Used rarely in the Cold War, “State Secrets” Privilege Used at least 22 times since 2001 reported invocations continue to rise. The “state secrets” privilege allows the sitting U.S. president to nearly unilaterally withhold documents from the courts, Congress and the public. At the height of the Cold War, the administration used the privilege only 6 times between 1953 and 1976. Since 2001, it has been invoked a reported 22 times—an average in 5.5 years (4) that is close to twice as high as the previous 24 years (2.46).

Presidential Signing Statements:

132 Signing Statements challenging over 810 Federal Laws in George W. Bush’s Presidency. In the 211 years of our Republic to 2000, Presidents had issued fewer than 600 signing statements that took issue with the bills they signed. Among recent Presidents, President Reagan issued 71 statements challenging provisions of the laws before him, and President George Herbert Walker Bush issued 146. President Clinton issued 105. George W. Bush has issued at least 132 to date.

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How much is your life worth? How about the life of a spouse, a child or a parent? Have you ever wondered what your hearing or the ability to walk is worth? These questions and many more like them are being asked everyday as Americans face the price of health care.

Many economists are studying the price of a person's health to determine just how much the average person will pay for the use of dominant body parts. These studies will determine whether or not a new medicine or treatment is worth the cost.
Health care technology and health care treatment in general continues to become more and more expensive. These skyrocketing costs have become an unbearable burden on patients, taxpayers and employers.

Many countries such as Britain and France use the method of cost-effectiveness of treatments to determine which drugs and methods to cover. The U.S has been hesitant to limit health care due to the cost and benefits of each treatment. That decision may be quickly changing.

Studies have shown that Americans place the value of a year of their lives between $100,000 and $300,000, according to research at Tufts-New England Medical Center, that has measured the cost-effectiveness of treatments.

It typically costs $70,000 a year to keep a patient alive with dialysis. Dialysis directly saves lives but many other treatments lessen pain, ease depression and enable mobility of limbs, which improve the quality of live, not necessarily lengthen it.

Several tests are being developed to determine whether or not treatments should be used or allow the patient to risk suffering and death. Since patients typically adjust to their present conditions, this ensuring that they will be more tolerant of their diseases and less likely to be given treatment to lessen the severity of the illness.

Once the ranking is established on the costs of different diseases, a determination will be made as to the worthiness of a certain treatment. If the treatment is not cost-effective in comparison to the quality of the life, that treatment will not be used.

As the Bush administration continues to allow insurance companies to dictate the spiraling costs of health care, and the drug companies to have free reign over prescription costs, health care rationing is the next step in eliminating the rights of a patient.

Once again ask yourselves the simple question, how much is the life, the mobility, the ability to hear or see worth to you or your spouse, child or parent? If something isn't done about the rising cost of health care, that is a decision we all will face sooner than we think.

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Brandi Carlile
My son turned me onto "Smallville," and the opening theme song is beautiful. GREAT MUSIC is one version of love in action. The current top 20 is surprisingly good. Linkin Park ("What I've Done!") Snow Patrol ("Chasing Cars"); Plain White Ts ("Hey There Delilah"), The Fray, Maroon, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, and my current fave artist today is Brandi Carlile. Her second album, The Story, was released in April 2007. It was produced by T Bone Burnett and includes a collaboration with the Indigo Girls on "Cannonball." The album was recorded in an eleven-day-long session with Carlile , the twins (Tim and Phil Hanseroth) and drummer Matt Chamberlain to capture the raw intensity of Carlile's live performances.

What you resist persists; what you fear is what you draw to you. Whatever you fight, fights back at you. If you fear growing up, if you are afraid of evolving, you are doomed to be an immature adult. There is nothing more unattractive than an immature adult. These are the people whose lives have gone off track because they are foolishly chasing their youth instead of accepting change. But life is a flow, and we must follow it wherever it leads us. The happiest people are those who can put this into a positive perspective. Everything you think you have lost is really your opportunity to gain. It's looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty.

GOOD is the underlying, invisible, spiritual language of the universe. Harmony, good is the underlying structure of all things. It's the genetic code of the universe. All things work toward good, toward the light when you are in faith. In other words, when you activate your "faith" in the goodness of people and the universe, that's when people and events respond accordingly. That's when things go your way. You are in the divine flow, working together with good.

Another word for good is God. Another word for love is God.

I know one thing for a fact that prayer actually changes things in the physical universe. But prayer is not what religion teaches it is: it's not begging some anthropomorphic God for favors. It's acknowledging the good already there. Underlying everything are the laws of the universe and you cannot really break these laws: truth, honesty, goodness, right action, principle, order, harmony, love, liberty, equal rights, etc

Prayer is holding to the GOOD so solidly, holding good in your thoughts so powerfully, evil has no room to grow; it is drowned out, extinguished by our lack of attention to it. That's what Christ meant when he said: bless your enemies, resist NOT evil. Evil cannot thrive in an atmosphere that doesn't acknowledge it. When you think constructive thoughts about someone, and direct the highest good toward your fellow man, his behavior can change.

What does love look like?
Eric Nelson

It looked like a pack of sweaty bike riders, appearing out of nowhere, speeding down a lonesome road in 100-degree heat. At least that’s what it looked like to me. But there was more to it.

I was perhaps 130 miles into an all-day 200-mile bike ride through the foothills of California’s Eastern Sierra when I began to run out of steam. Not having much else to think about, I wondered why I was feeling this way.

Had I eaten the right food last night? Had I gotten enough sleep? Was I taking in plenty of fluids? Had I trained hard enough? Even though the answer to all these questions was an unequivocal “Yes,” I still felt pretty exhausted.

The only answer I could think of was love.

This led me to ask a different question: “If it’s not food and water, not the amount of rest or training, then what is it that propels me forward? What is the source of my strength?” The only answer I could think of was love. My love for the spectacular scenery surrounding me. My love for biking. My love for the freedom, flexibility, harmony, and joy I experience each time I ride.

“That’s nice,” I thought. “But what does love have to do with strength? What does love feel like? What does love look like?” You’ve guessed it. As if on cue, there appeared, almost out of nowhere, a pack of sweaty bike riders, speeding down this lonesome road in 100-degree heat.

One of these bikers invited me to join his pace line. (This is when riders line up directly behind one another as closely as possible so as to take advantage of the lead rider’s wind break or “draft,” with each rider taking a turn “pulling” the line.) The effect was a decrease in the amount of energy I had to expend while, at the same time, increasing my speed. Not a bad deal!

This sense of the sustaining power of love stayed right with me.

A few miles down the road, feeling refreshed, I broke away from the pack. But this sense of the sustaining power of love stayed right with me. At one stage this love looked like another solo rider and me keeping one another company on a long uphill stretch.

Later on it looked like a gloriously long downhill with nary a car in sight. And for the last 30 miles or so, love looked (and felt) like a steady tailwind gently pushing me across the finish line.

So what exactly was this “love” that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, this love that looked like many different things? Was it simply positive thinking, some happy thought that had the effect of taking my mind off my body just long enough to finish the ride? No. As I see it, each instance described was confirmation of the love of God, the love of Love itself.

The strength I experienced that day didn’t come from my body.

The strength I experienced that day didn’t come from my body. It didn’t come from the pace line or the tailwind. It came from my acknowledgment of the presence of God, the presence—and power —of divine Love.

“‘God is Love.’ More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go,” said Mary Baker Eddy. While everything about my ride — the scenery, the camaraderie, the sense of accomplishment — was great, it was this enlarged understanding of Love as the very source of my strength that really put the icing on the cake. As it says in the book of Psalms, “It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.”

I realized that if God is Love and God is infinite, then the expressions or proofs of Love’s presence must be infinite as well. God’s wisdom and health and supply and compassion—and, yes, strength—must be reflected everywhere, in everything, and in everyone.

It’s nice to know that when you are in need of strength, encouragement, inspiration, you can acknowledge God’s presence, the presence of Love, and ask yourself, What does Love look like?

The mental picture you hold of someone is the picture you create. We are all according to the law of the universe -- that what you picture in your mind, that what you hold in your thoughts becomes your reality.


Promise Yourself....
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.

To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to every living creature you meet.

To give so much time to improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud word, but in great deeds.

To live in the faith that the whole world is on your side, so long as you are true to the best that is in you.

A somewhat different and shortened version of this was adopted by Optimist International, which publishes it on the Web, with the following statement:

Many have found inspiration in The Optimist Creed. In hospitals, the creed has been used to help patients recover from illness. In locker rooms, coaches have used it to motivate their players.

Optimist International adopted this creed in 1922. It was originally published in 1912 in a book titled: "Your Forces and How to Use Them." The author was Christian D. Larson, a prolific writer and lecturer who believed that people have tremendous latent powers, which could be harnessed for success with the proper attitude.

Charles S. Braden, in his definitive history of New Thought, Spirits in Rebellion: The Rise and Development of New Thought (Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press, 1963)

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ARMED MADHOUSE Take Two ... NOW WE KNOW WHAT "CAGING VOTERS" MEANS... Greg Palast's bestseller is now out in paperback. It has vital new information and updates on the corruption in the administration.

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On Saturday June 9th, award-winning investigative journalist Greg Palast will be the guest on the Basham and Cornell Radio Show at 9 am PST on AM 1230 KLAV in Las Vegas.

Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestseller, “Armed Madhouse” (Penguin Paperback 2007). When Palast, an investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering, turned his skills to journalism, he was quickly recognized as, “The most important investigative reporter of our time” [Tribune Magazine] in Britain, where his first reports appeared on BBC television and in the Guardian newspapers.

Author of another New York Times bestseller, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” Palast is best known in his native USA as the journalist who, for the Observer (UK), broke the story of how Jeb Bush purged thousands of Black Florida citizens from voter rolls before the 2000 election, thereby handing the White House to his brother George.

His reports on the theft of election 2004, the spike of the FBI investigations of the bin Ladens before September 11, the secret State Department documents planning the seizure of Iraq’s oil fields have won him a record six “Project Censored” awards for reporting the news American media doesn’t want you to hear. “The top investigative journalist in the United States is persona non grata in his own country’s media.” He returned to America to report for Harper’s Magazine.

Palast’s Sam Spade style television and print exposes about elections manipulations, War on Terror and globalization, have been seen on BBC ’s Newsnight.

Of Greg Palast, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said “Greg Palast is one of my heroes. The last investigative reporter in America. In Armed Madhouse he has the best inside story of the war inside the White House over the war in Iraq, the battle between the neo-cons and Big Oil.” The Baltimore Chronicle said “Greg Palast is investigative journalism at its best. No one has exposed more truth about the Bush Cartel and lived to tell the story.”

U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin, right hand man to Karl Rove, resigned Thursday after BBC Television reported that Congressman John Conyers requested the network’s evidence on Griffin’s involvement in ‘caging voters.’ Griffin, a former protege of Karl Rove, was formerly research director of the Republican National Committee. In 2004, BBC News published a report showing that Griffin led a “caging” scheme to suppress the votes of African-American service members in Florida. Over 70,000 black soldiers were on the list.

Read the full story in Greg Palast’s Armed Madhouse: Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales from a White House Gone Wild. check out www.gregpalast.com

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Pink's new video is seductive but scary. I feel so sorry for young girls these days. I just watched the top 20 music videos on VH-1 where the message is, "It’s important to always look like a thin slut with big tits." No wonder ten-year-old girls are increasingly suffering from depression, eating disorders and suicide! Valued for nothing more than how "hot" they look, and how many pornographic poses they can strike, women today can't win.

Let me just get this out of the way: I’m in withdrawal from cleavage; it’s hard to quit cold turkey. I’m not spiritually evolved enough to stop dressing like a hooker, but at least I tried on a turtleneck the other day. Somehow wearing death-defying cleavage is supposed to make women more employable or marriageable. It’s hard to keep calm when you know there’s a government plot to keep us thin and insecure. Since the only valuable women in our society are teenage, wombless, buttless, mutants, you can’t get a job in Hollywood without “lap-dancer” on your resume. And I’m talking about the writers, nevermind the actors. So when the religious conservative movement wiped Howard Stern off the public airwaves, I was cheering.

I want to be a woman of substance — a deep intellectual like Ann Coulter — but I don't want to wear that black cocktail dress she always wears. But I might keep the cleavage awhile longer since the bigger the boobs look, the smaller the butt looks in proportion. Unless you’re completely buttless like Terry Hatcher.

Anyway, sex is sort of losing its appeal, don’t you think? I mean death is becoming sexier than sex lately. Not to be perverse, but there are a lot of things worse than death: — like performing standup comedy and forgetting all your jokes.

This is the hardest time for women. We’re supposed to casually accept multitudes of unfathomably gorgeous women everywhere, making out with each other, half-naked on TV and Yahoo and in magazines —and not feel inadequate. Women in a bikini lineup on a reality show smile as if nothing bothers them. If you leave them alone without the cameras on them, catfights would break out, men hope. What boggles the mind is the way women are letting themselves be depicted as money-grubbing gold diggers and shallow, slutty bitches. If I were one of preteen sons today, I’d run for the hills. I believe it’s a plot to distract us and dumb us down. Without trash-TV and porn, whom would religious right-wingers have to fight against? Nothing except liberal values like education, equal rights and health care. By the way, corporations are the ones who profit from all this soft-core mainstream porn. Not liberal intellectuals and environmentalists.

From the Christian Science Monitor: The religious right has long promoted criticism of "secular, liberal elites," whom they hold responsible for unbridled individualism and moral decline in schools and society. But there are critics who insist those positions hold dangerous contradictions. For example, while religious conservatives enthusiastically champion free-market capitalism and corporate tax cuts, such critics say, who is it that promotes the Hollywood values and pornography they so vehemently oppose? Not the liberal political leaders, but corporate interests most benefiting from those policies.

I shouldn’t complain; being a woman is wonderful if you’re lucky enough to thrive on humiliation. But it’s pretty hard to win a fight with your husband while he’s reading a Victoria’s Secret catalogue that pretends not to be soft porn! I was hoping we’d go back to covering up our ankles like Victorian piano legs.

Have you noticed more boobs in America lately? And I’m not just talking about our political leaders. But it does seem that the larger the boobs, the more narrow-minded the politicians. The two seem to go hand-in-hand. As the fixation with cartoon-blondes such as Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson proliferated — so did the number of conservatives in Washington. Could it be a plot to distract us?

I don’t mean to go on and on about this but the economics of the breast rules women today. Okay, so I may be able to give up under-wire bras, but the hardest thing to let go of is high-heels because they make you look taller and thinner. Do you know the historical purpose of high heels? To raise women up for easier insertion! It’s true. It started in the Middle Ages with Catherine de Medici. She was standing on a footstool on her wedding night, and as her husband was approaching her from behind, and she probably looked down and had an epiphany, "Hmm... this footstool would make a nice pair of shoes."

The world seems upside down, doesn’t it? I started dating this guy. We were on the couch kissing and suddenly he gropes my breast. He asks me: “Are your breasts real?”
I said proudly, “Yes.”
He gets this disappointed look on his face and says, “Oh. I like fake ones better, they feel more real.”

The other day I picked up a typical woman’s magazine with the headline: “How to get a smaller butt.” Another one had the title “Six Inspired Moves to a Better Butt.”

Would somebody tell me, whatever happened to the Feminist movement? You don’t see men’s magazines talking about their butts. My friend said to me, No, they’re talking about women’s butts.
No, actually they’re talking about little girl’s butts. Why can’t they fantasize about the butts we were born with?
Oh; those would be babies’ butts. Nevermind.

By the way, very intelligent people run this industry. If you give producers or casting directors an actor’s photograph, a “headshot”¬— and you are smiling in the photo, they usually think you can’t play a serious, dramatic role. If you give them a serious headshot, they think you can’t play comedy! That’s why whenever I go out in public, I wear the expression they are casting for. This makes for a very “other-centered” life.

I was on the set of Baywatch a few years ago. There was a beautiful girl in a bikini standing on the beach, looking out to sea, her back to the camera. She was built like a pencil. I could hear the producer screaming at the girl’s manager: “We can’t hire her unless she has a boob job!”

Then the manager screamed back: “But she’s only nine years old!”


From the Christian Science Monitor: "There are profoundly important and precious values that liberals stand for that are central to the founding of this country - liberty, human rights, and human dignity."

Any values debate, he says, must involve Americans considering more deeply how values are reflected in the country's actions. "Abu Ghraib is a deep moral crisis. Some 100,000 civilians have died in Iraq - that's a profound moral crisis involving religious values," Wolfe adds. "That this doesn't register with so many Americans is disturbing and difficult to understand."

While Americans greatly differ over which values deserve priority, it's also true that societal values are continually shifting. Despite the overwhelming approval of marriage amendments in the states, 63 percent of Americans now support either civil unions or legalized gay marriage. In a Gallup poll this summer, 58 percent of conservatives said divorce is "morally acceptable." Divorce is as common among Evangelical Christians as among other faith groups.
In my view, without often knowing it, Liberals actually advocate for all the things Christ cared about: peace, diplomacy, caring for the poor, tolerance for others, creating equitable solutions, caring for the environment. The religious right often talks non-stop about Christian values, but do not act on the values of Christ. - Lydia

Note: In her videos, Pink borrows heavily from the work of well-known New Zealand artist Martin Emond.

The single “U + Ur Hand”, to be released in Europe at the end of August, features Pink wearing clothing and posing as several of Emond’s characters, including BabyRedKnuckles, RockerBikergirl and HardCandy.

Friday, June 01, 2007


NOW WE KNOW WHAT "CAGING VOTERS" MEANS.... read the story below, but first this message from Basham & Cornell Progressive Talk:

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U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin, right hand man to Karl Rove, resigned Thursday after BBC Television reported that Congressman John Conyers requested the network’s evidence on Griffin’s involvement in ‘caging voters.’

BBC Television had exposed 2004 voter attack scheme by appointee Tim Griffin, a Rove aide. Black soldiers and the homeless targeted.
by Greg Palast

There’s only one thing worse than sacking an honest prosecutor. That’s replacing an honest prosecutor with a criminal.

There was one big hoohah in Washington yesterday as House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers pulled down the pants on George Bush’s firing of US Attorneys to expose a scheme to punish prosecutors who wouldn’t bend to political pressure.

But the Committee missed a big one: Timothy Griffin, Karl Rove’s assistant, the President’s pick as US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. Griffin, according to BBC Television, was the hidden hand behind a scheme to wipe out the voting rights of 70,000 citizens prior to the 2004 election.

Key voters on Griffin’s hit list: Black soldiers and homeless men and women. Nice guy, eh? Naughty or nice, however, is not the issue. Targeting voters where race is a factor is a felony crime under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

In October 2004, our investigations team at BBC Newsnight received a series of astonishing emails from Mr. Griffin, then Research Director for the Republican National Committee. He didn’t mean to send them to us. They were highly confidential memos meant only for RNC honchos.

However, Griffin made a wee mistake. Instead of sending the emails — potential evidence of a crime — to email addresses ending with the domain name “@GeorgeWBush.com” he sent them to “@GeorgeWBush.ORG.” A website run by prankster John Wooden who owns “GeorgeWBush.org.” When Wooden got the treasure trove of Rove-ian ravings, he sent them to us.

And we dug in, decoding, and mapping the voters on what Griffin called, “Caging” lists, spreadsheets with 70,000 names of voters marked for challenge. Overwhelmingly, these were Black and Hispanic voters from Democratic precincts.

The Griffin scheme was sickly brilliant. We learned that the RNC sent first-class letters to new voters in minority precincts marked, “Do not forward.” Several sheets contained nothing but soldiers, other sheets, homeless shelters. Targets included the Jacksonville Naval Air Station in Florida and that city’s State Street Rescue Mission. Another target, Edward Waters College, a school for African-Americans.

If these voters were not currently at their home voting address, they were tagged as “suspect” and their registration wiped out or their ballot challenged and not counted. Of course, these ‘cages’ captured thousands of students, the homeless and those in the military though they are legitimate voters.

We telephoned those on the hit list, including one Randall Prausa. His wife admitted he wasn’t living at his voting address: Randall was a soldier shipped overseas.

Randall and other soldiers like him who sent in absentee ballots, when challenged, would lose their vote. And they wouldn’t even know it.

And by the way, it’s not illegal for soldiers to vote from overseas — even if they’re Black.

But it is illegal to challenge voters en masse where race is an element in the targeting. So several lawyers told us, including Ralph Neas, famed civil rights attorney with People for the American Way.

Griffin himself ducked our cameras, but his RNC team tried to sell us the notion that the caging sheets were, in fact, not illegal voter hit lists, but a roster of donors to the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign. Republican donors at homeless shelters?

Over the past weeks, Griffin has said he would step down if he had to face Congressional confirmation. However, the President appointed Griffin to the law enforcement post using an odd little provision of the USA Patriot Act that could allow Griffin to skip Congressional questioning altogether.

Therefore, I have a suggestion for Judiciary members. Voting law expert Neas will be testifying today before Conyers’ Committee on the topic of illegal voter “disenfranchisement” — the fancy word for stealing elections by denying voters’ civil rights.

Maybe Conyers should hold a line-up of suspected vote thieves and let Neas identify the perpetrators. That should be easy in the case of the Caging List Criminal. He’d only have to look for the guy wearing a new shiny lawman’s badge.

Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee investigating the firing of US Attorneys, met Thursday evening in New York with Palast.Rove-Protege Tim Griffin Resigns As U.S. Attorney

The U.S. Justice Department has notified Arkansas’s congressional delegation that Interim Eastern District U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin is resigning effective Friday, June 1.

Griffin, a former protege of Karl Rove, was formerly research director of the Republican National Committee. In 2004, BBC News published a report showing that Griffin led a “caging” scheme to suppress the votes of African-American service members in Florida.

OVER 70,000 black soldiers were on the list.

Griffin became the poster boy for the politicization of the U.S. attorney process. Former Justice official Kyle Sampson noted that getting Griffin into office “was important to Harriet [Miers], Karl, et cetera.” The traditional 120-day term for “interim” U.S. attorneys had expired for Griffin on April 20, yet the Justice Department continued to allow him to serve.

*** Read the full story, “Caging Lists: Great White Republicans Take Voters Captive” in Greg Palast’s Armed Madhouse: Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales from a White House Gone Wild. The new edition, with a new chapter on Theft of the Election, will be released April 24th (by Penguin/Plume in paperback).

Catch our original BBC Television story here - on Palast’s brand new YouTube channel