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ANN COULTER: POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION or "HOW COULTER'S PROPAGANDIST TRIED TO DESTROY A GOOD CHRISTIAN" HUMAN EVENTS COVER-UP OF COULTER'S PLAIGIARISM "No longer will we be defensive with the Ann Coulters and the smear and fear crowd, we will take the fight to them, on our terms, and win the fight, our way." - Brent Budowsky

I realize Ann Coulter is distracting us from real news, but she is to blame for the hate-speak and annihilation prevalent today and must be called on it. Obviously her defenders on this blog are here to spread even more "politics of personal destruction." My Christian conservative friend went through hell with Coulter's propaganda team, and with Coulter herself. Her slander, lies and criminally threatening behavior has to be stopped. I too suffered death threats and a man coming right up to my front door as a result of Ann Coulter. (Read more by clicking articles in the sidebar.) Here on this website and in the press I have suffered from very similar "swiftboating" tactics. I have just found out that the people who committed slander in the tabloid got PAID to do so. I pray for Ed and send him love and forgiveness. He is a gifted artist and a man I once thought was very spiritual. But he has sold his soul. He knows that what he is doing is wrong; he KNOWS THE TRUTH.

I have the profound sense that we can touch God everyday when we are loving to others, especially those who offend us and disturb us, and especially those less fortunate.

BREAKING STORY! NEW EVIDENCE OF THE TACTICS OF PROPAGANDA FROM RIGHT-WING COULTER SMEAR MACHINE. The online "news" journal HUMAN EVENTS recently published a "hit-piece" written by Lisa De Pasquale (Coulter's publicist) assassinating the character of a lifelong conservative Christian in order to quell rising interest in Ann Coulter’s current plagiarism problems. At COULTERKAMPF you will find links to a 5-part series of essays by CoulterWatch on their mind-bending adventures trying to expose the truth about HUMAN EVENTS, one of the "news" journals that supports and enables Ann Coulter's crimes.

Note: the ads for Ann Coulter at the top of this page are not affiliated with this website. Coulter is morally handicapped and HAS CRACKS IN HER FOUNDATION. These ads are put there by the opposition.

AND FINALLY the Republican propagandists are seeing the light about the Bush dictatorship and his illegal, un-Christian, IRAQ WAR! John McCain, Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews all spoke out against Bush's war and asked the tough questions for once. Why is it taking so long for Americans to see how Bush is harming them? How can we allow this one man to ruin our country? More Americans have died because of Bush than in 911.

"... Every Democratic progressive, liberal, moderate and centrist can quote Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men and make it "crystal clear" that never again in America should we tolerate politicians who never served in the military who question the patriotism of war heroes in either party, who disrespect the advice of commanders, who send our troops to war without proper planning and equipment, and who shortchange programs for vets and troops…

Contemplate this photo of Sedona: it does wonders to bring down stress levels.

Our primary purpose is to transcend self-centeredness and extend love and acceptance to our fellow man. It's to learn that we are all ONE.

Redux: Christ told us to take care of the poor. I am opening this forum to hear from Recovering Republicans. I used to be a Republican, then I got sober on September 11, 1994. It's as if I woke up. I started putting myself in others' shoes, and gaining compassion. Yes, COMPASSION, a word that Ann Coulter actually thinks is a dirty word! I did a turnaround on the death penalty, and stopped judging and fearing others. I also started being less self-centered. I started giving things away. If we all just took care of our own side of the street and started nurturing those less fortunate instead of judging them, we could build an amazing world. We're all the same color and the same tribe.

Stuart Smalley is right; "It's easier to wear slippers than to carpet the whole world.

"The Tsunami and the Tapestry" ... (an essay I wrote in a prior post)

Somehow in this day and age, we’ve seen too much, done too much, been too naked. There’s too much hard-core violence and porn in the airwaves. We can’t really take it back and become innocent again. But we really need a return to innocence. It would be nice to be a virgin again. There is nothing in the physical world left to want, do or imagine. I don’t want one more luxury gadget to make life easier except a bio-diesel car. I don’t think anything impresses anyone anymore except seeing, actually seeing God: that great mystical force of Love inside us all. Imagine if love were a tangible force you could physically touch.

I was thinking about the tragedies of Katrina, the tsunami, and the endless war -- and how many bodies have rotted and evaporated — how quickly human life is snuffed out. It proves to me what I’ve always known: that man is not made of matter, that rotting flesh has no essence in and of itself — no matter how real the illusion seems. We cannot store up treasures on earth. Man is spiritual; we are linked to the Divine Mind, and to each other by the fabric of Love.

Imagine if the human pageant were just a tapestry, and the Creator sees the complete picture on the finished side — but we only see dangling threads that keep disappearing as they are woven in and out. Certain threads vanish because they are part of a grand stitch that completes a beautiful landscape — a picture on the other side. We can’t see the whole picture. We don't know the reason for death and suffering; we don't know what's on the other side, but I'm sure there are many mansions and colors — and this weave creates a majestic tapestry.

This is a universe of thought. Thought is energy and it is swift (too bad those lying 'Boat Veterans' forever ruined the word 'swift' for me. Wait, that just proves I am a victim of my thoughts.) Where you put your thoughts, that is where your heart goes: what you focus on GROWS. So whatever good, pure and lovely things you can think about, think on these things and you will bring these into your life according to your thoughts. Do not give fear any room. Your thoughts create our reality, and as Shakespeare said, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." (Still, it's hard not to be horrified by the people who deliberately hurt others, and who deliberately lie to the American people in order to go to war. The lies they told, the Machiavellian way they operate is a crime, a travesty. And Democrat is not a dirty word: it's a great word. It means FREEDOM LOVING!

I lived in Holland and visited Anne Frank's hiding place; it is so eerie to think humans can do this to other humans -- disparage an entire group of people and actually get the masses to believe that one race of fellow humans were vermin. We have to be careful not to do this with any group - including extremist fundamentalists of any religion. The tendency in this divisive culture is to lash out at each other, and I have been guilty as well when I speak of the religious-right. But this new breed of militant "Christian" has completely missed the point of Christ's teachings and turned many people off to Christianity in the process. And I believe they are partly behind our foreign policy and this rush to war. Zionism is also a form of idolatry: breaking the first commandment of Moses: "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me." Obsession with land or property to the point you would kill for it, or end friendships is very wrong. It defeats the whole purpose of life: Love your neighbor as yourself."

I am deeply humbled by our men and women in the military, and in awe at their courage and sacrifice. These amazing people are true super-heroes -- along with fire fighters and police. God Bless those who died for our freedom. Found this photo of Johnny Grant, Kelly Patterson and myself with the troops in Beirut, Lebanon for USO tour.

God Bless the brave Marines of the 24th MAU, who died from a suicide truck bomb launched by Hezbollah shortly after we left Beirut. Years later I received fan mail from the 13-year-old son of one of these Marines. He asked me if I had ever met his father, and would I describe him to him. The boy was dying of cancer.

I went to Beirut for the USO on Christmas Eve 1982 -- visiting the Marines of the 24th MAU the "Beirut Bolts and Bombers", along with soldiers and sailors of the International Peacekeeping Force. I keep meaning to post parts of my Beirut Diary, which was published by US magazine, in the coming weeks. Audrey Meadows, who played my grandmother on Too Close For Comfort, was the one who encouraged me to go to a war zone on Christmas Eve, 1982. I will always be grateful to her for pushing me to go on this "trip of a lifetime." I was scared to death flying into Lebanon; have some hilarious stories about paranoia and mine fields in a blacked-out city.

There were so many wonderful Marines I met before the attack. I wonder if Col. Black Jack is still alive? Does anyone know Black Jack? He gave me a plaque with a gold Black Jack card engraved on it.

Went to underground artillery units where one light bulb illumined dark cave-like dungeon; we sang Christmas carols with the boys, then stayed up all night with Capt. Dale Dye, a flask and Johnny Grant in the Beirut Carlton. We were on the 14th floor. The first 13 floors were bombed out or was this my imagination? At dawn, they took us by chopper to the aircraft carriers USS Inchon and USS Shreveport. I lost my high-heel overboard. Kissed a lot of guys (on the cheek) and signed autographs. Later we went to a certain building for the changing of the guard. A short time after I left, the first suicide bomber drove a truck into the Marine barracks and blew up 251 of our best and brightest Marines while they slept. Years later I got a fan letter from the son of one of these heroes who died. He had never known his father, but knew I had met him before he died.

Just found this eye-opening post by JHBUCK at ThorninUrASSumptions

"There is no justification for the loss of 26 hundred of America's highest hopes for the future. Don't feed me this crap about possible adverse effects if we leave Iraq now. I can pull the same time machine out and predict that if we bring everyone home right now, someone whose life gets saved by the withdrawal will cure diabetes. Someone who gets saved by the withdrawal will adopt children who otherwise will be homeless. People can be heroic by living to their fullest potential. Yes, our soldiers are heroes. But so are loving parents. And so are generous friends. And so are honest business people. Why is it vogue right now to be a hero because you are dead? Because an insane "war room" (at the Pentagon) decided to sacrifice lives with no foreseeable end? Isn't this the time for Denzel or Tommy Lee Jones to come out of the background and relieve Mr. Bush of duty? Why is war policy even allowed to be controlled by such a measurable minority? What happened to the idea of politicians representing us in their mountaintop offices? Condi is a parrot. She is having the most brazen affair through sharing power with the man. She is smarter than him, but she says his words. What's wrong with this picture? It's disgusting, that's what!" - jhbuck