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Back during the late ‘60s, there was a series of missions that would lead up to a manned lunar landing of Apollo 8. It was going to take humans to the moon and back. And that mission took place about the same time that there was much upheaval in the world. Soviet tanks had rolled into Prague, in Czechoslovakia; Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy were assassinated; the Viet Nam war was escalating. And yet they went ahead with this mission to the moon.

And on that mission, one of the astronauts looked back at the earth. He saw this beautiful, vibrant orb floating in black space. And it suddenly dawned on him, “This is home. That is my home.”

So when we see pictures of earth from space, it looks so peaceful and beautiful, and as we get back down to street level, it can remain that way if we bring in the element of prayer—if we see each other and our earthly home as representing the spiritual idea of Truth and Love. And that becomes evident to the degree that we do that in our personal and collective experience.

I had to really stop watching the news. I was seriously in danger of apoplectic shock at Bush and all the bizarre news lately. But I have to tell you this: nothing is as it seems. As a person who has overcome unbelievable tragedy through prayer, and experienced absolute miracles in praying for others -- I know it's our job to "stand porter at the door of thought" and seek out the good no matter how much false evidence appears real, which spells FEAR. All we have to do is consciously overcome our fear with love, especially for those who offend us and look like crazy maniacs! Don't give these guys too much power by focusing on their wrongs too much. On that note, I have to at least point out the wrongs -- because "silence is complicity."

Remember: Every moment is a choice between LOVE AND FEAR.

Congresswoman Lynne Woolsey's fundraiser with the brilliant Ilene Proctor
photos by Margery Epstein

So, what has happened to our beautiful nation? How could one administration take away our freedom, destroy our precious constitution, be bribed by anyone and everyone, blatantly lie, not care at all about the poor or the Katrina victims, condone inhumane torture and detention of innocent people, put us into eternal debt, buy off the media, get drunk and shoot someone in the face and not file a police report, destroy medicare, sell our ports to the UAE -- never be challenged and not seem to care? But we cannot lose our minds, we have to actually do something! We have to stand up to these corrupt people in the White House. And the un-American, immoral, un-Christian forces behind these people -- as well as the propaganda media. How could this happen in America? Read about how the votes were stolen below. And Hurricane Katrina has scattered thousands of people to distant parts of the U.S. where they are not registered to vote. Plus no absentee ballots! I listened to AM talk radio the past 3 nights -- and was horrified: no wonder middle-Americans have the wrong concept of Democrats/liberals! Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush, Al Rantell -- their sole purpose on earth is to "eradicate liberals"; every other word out of their mouths is about how horrible liberals are. At least some of them have lost faith in Bush, but that doesn't make up for their campaign against their fellow citizens. You can always tell who the good guys are though. Instead of discussing their corrupt president, they bash the other party! And they constantly talk about "killing" people who distrub them; Michael Savage actually said criminals should be rounded up, stripped naked and forced to run in the hot sun, chased by something...Isn't it perverse? The only real Christians I recognize have distinctly liberal values: tolerance, caring for the poor, equal rights, liberty, generosity, caring for the earth. LIberal means "progressive or enlightened." We must rise above this state of affairs, and it's time to take action!! We have to stop them from getting away with this. First we have to change our thought about the essence of evil; we have to stop the hatred in our own hearts, and then IMPEACH BUSH NOW!! He is not a republican, not a conservative, what on earth is he?

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308,000 cancelled registrations put Bush back in the White House? by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
February 28, 2006

While life goes on during the Bush2 nightmare, so does the research on what really happened here in 2004 to give George W. Bush a second term.

Pundits throughout the state and nation---many of them alleged Democrats---continue to tell those of us who question Bush's second coming that we should "get over it," that the election is old news.

But things get curiouser and curiouser. In our 2005 compendium HOW THE GOP STOLE OHIO'S 2004 ELECTION & IS RIGGING 2008 (, we list more than a hundred different ways the Republican Party denied the democratic process in the Buckeye State. For a book of documents to be published September 11 by the New Press entitled WHAT HAPPENED IN OHIO?, we are continuing to dig.

It turns out, we missed more than a few of the dirty tricks Karl Rove, Ken Blackwell and their GOP used to get themselves four more years. In an election won with death by a thousand cuts, some that are still hidden go very deep. Over the next few weeks we will list them as they are verified.

All this, however, pales before a new revelation just released by the Board of Elections in Cuyahoga County, the heavily Democratic county surrounding Cleveland.

Robert J. Bennett, the Republican chair of the Cuyahoga Board of Elections, and the Chair of the Ohio Republican Party, has confirmed that prior to the 2004 election, his BOE eliminated---with no public notice---a staggering 175,414 voters from the Cleveland-area registration rolls. He has not explained why the revelation of this massive registration purge has been kept secret for so long. Virtually no Ohio or national media has bothered to report on this story.

Many of the affected precincts in Cuyahoga County went 90% and more for John Kerry. The county overall went more than 60% for Kerry.

The eliminations have been given credence by repeated sworn testimony and affidavits from long-time Cleveland voters that they came to their usual polling stations only to be told that they were not registered. When they could get them, many were forced to cast provisional ballots which were highly likely to be pitched in the trash, or which remain uncounted.

Ohio election history would indicate that the elimination of 175,000 voters in heavily Democratic Cleveland must almost certainly spell doom for any state-wide Democratic campaign. These 175,000 pre-2004 election eliminations must now be added to the 105,000 from Cincinnati and the 28,000 from Toledo.

Therefore, to put it simply: at least 308,000 voters, most of them likely Democrats, were eliminated from the registration rolls prior to an election allegedly won by less than 119,000 votes, where more than 106,000 votes still remain uncounted, and where the GOP Secretary of State continues to successfully fight off a meaningful recount.
The rest of the above is a long post, I will post a link to this instead of keeping it here.

** In addition, it seems evident that the Democratic Party will now enter Ohio's 2006 gubernatorial and US Senate races, and its 2008 presidential contest, with close to a half-million voters having been eliminated from the registration rolls, the vast majority of them from traditional Democratic strongholds, and with serious legislative barriers having been erected against new voter registration drives.

Here's a pic of Warren Beatty and me at Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey fundraiser 3 weeks ago, at the Sheinbaums. I admire Warren's work and have known him for years. He went to Northwestern with Nancy Dussault, who played my mother on Too Close for Comfort.