Tuesday, April 01, 2014



Join us and the #Go Pro Daredevils and Husker Helicopters, Men's Health Magazine in Lincoln April 26, 2014 for THE BIG RED CHALLENGE. Log on here and find out what it's all about:


#Be Somebody & the Nebraska girls! With stars Tommy "Tiny" Lister from the hit films "Friday", "The Dark Knight" "The Fifth Element", Richard Pryor Jr. from the hit film "The Color Purple" and film and TV star Lydia Cornell from HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and her hit TV show with Ted Knight "Too Close For Comfort!" 

Sign up now Huskers and join our race to help our veterans!!!! April 26th...in Lincoln Nebraska! See American Hitmen perform from the hit show (America's Got Talent) and meet stars Lydia Cornell and Richard Pryor Jr.! As well as watch the GoPro Daredevils jump from Husker Helicopter!!!!!!!! Sign up today and run the race, and chase the cause to help our veterans!!!

The World's Most Exciting Job: GoPro Bomb Squad Skydiving

Kim Wolfe, owner of Husker Helicopter, has graciously donated his time and helicopter to the cause. He will be soaring up in the skies with the GoPro Bombsquad and also a few fans! Kim is a veteran himself and served in the Marine Corps. Learn more about Husker Helicopter here.


Special Guests

Lydia Cornell will be attending the race on April 26th to meet & greet runners, sign autographs and will be going up in the Husker Helicopter to fly with a few fans! Check out her bio here.

Richard Pryor Jr. will also be in attendance meeting and greeting runners. See his bio here.

Godshot for the day: If all you did was just look for things to appreciate, you would live a joyous, spectacular life.

Miscellaneous Facts about Lydia Cornell

John Conley, a disabled Marine combat vet, sent Lydia his Purple Heart for her courage in standing up to Ann Coulter's 'extermination speak' in her article “Death is Sexier than Sex.”

Cornell is a Synesthete. Many artists, musicians and writers (including V. Nabokov, John Mayer and David Hockney) have synesthesia -- and see colors when hearing sounds, and see numbers and letters in color. The World Symposium on Synesthesia convened in Belgium last year.
She started experiencing 11:11 in 1994, when she got sober, and had a “catastrophic spiritual awakening and transformation.

Lydia is producing several new TV shows; has a book series coming out and stars in indie films “Damage Done; Happy Holidaze from the Joneses; Cats Dancing on Jupiter, Venus Conspiracy, Moon Over Atlantis, Thug in Love, and more upcoming films.