Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Warning: This is a mock photo of Rove being taken to jail. In a legitimate government, war criminals should be put into prison. So why are Cheney, Rove and Bush allowed to roam free? Good Christians should know how corrupt their leaders are. It is immoral to support these people. Wake up.

Last night went to Teddi and Marci Winograd's Progressive Democrats event for James Moore, and heard him speak on his new book "The Architect" about Karl Rove. Bush is a puppet of Rove and Cheney, but Rove is the mastermind of manipulation. He was behind the amoral swiftboating of John Kerry. Imagine attacking a war hero for his strengths. Rove uses incredibly corrupt and devious tactics to win power. You won't believe some of the things he has done — and continues to do in the name of "democracy."

Also, the release of the National Intelligence Estimate, a compiled report from all 16 US intelligence agencies, states that the war in Iraq has increased terrorism around the world, against our trooops and against the U.S.

But WE KNEW THAT. Anyone who had a brain, knew that a military invasion of Iraq would create more terrorists, and actually create a hotbed of terrorists, inflaming more and more people against us.

First it was Weapons of Mass Destruction and that has been proven wrong. Then it was Iraq\Al Queada ties, and thats been also proven wrong. Finally, it was "to fight em there so we don't have to fight em here". And now, a report prepared by every US intelligence agency says thats a crock, and that the war in Iraq is actually increasing the number of terrorists instead of reducing it, something most of us knew and have been articulating for about a year now.

It's clear that no amount of clarity and no measure of facts will help this poor President come to grips with the reality of his failed policies and failed strategies. Only removal from office will help him to see it, and its time to talk impeachment. Mr Bush. Your 15 minutes are up.