Monday, August 22, 2011


I looked out the window and saw a woman, a neighbor who had just lost her husband to a younger woman, walking to work, trying so hard just to hold her head up in spite of broken dreams. We are such a desperate species. 

All these years, the only way women could cope with the competition of so many beautiful women thrown at us on billboards, in advertising, in magazines and on TV is to become gay. The only way to deal with our defeat and low self-worth in the light of Victoria's Secret supermodels and spectacular female beauty is to embrace the enemy and make out with her!

It sure beats wallowing in envy and resentment that she has a hit series... and that any woman over 40 (who was ever considered beautiful) was not allowed to work in Hollywood. Up until recently, this was actually true. Helen Mirren aside.  

On that note, I think Piper Perabo is stunning and cool. She plays a spy and is not afraid to break a fingernail. 

I'm not gay, by the way. Not that there's anything wrong with that. My beautiful sister is gay and has written one of the most poignant "in defense of gay marriage" essays I've ever read. She describes how she has often felt "half a human" and not worthy of real love in her life, because of the way society classifies her as a second class citizen. Simply because she found her soul mate in another woman, she is not granted the freedom or rights or pursuit of happiness that other humans are granted without question. How can this even be possible after the Civil Rights Act? 

Lydia Cornell during Too Close for Comfort ABC